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We are capable of installing your garage doors with ease

Garage door Service Cave Creek is happy to give you our special welcome to our stores and website in which you will encounter the best offers for your home, commercial, or workplace in the matter of garage doors. You will be able to check our wide varied catalogue full with the latest products of all brands and colors.

Garage Doors

Garage doors are known for being an expensive good, but because they mean protection and an extra feature to your place, it´s important for you to choose the one that better fits your needs and successfully gives you the result you want to get in style and security, we assure you that Cave Creek Garage Doors services will fit perfectly to your needs. You can take a quick look to our catalogues where you can find different brands, models, systems and more things based on your preferences, so you can

We Service Garage Doors

Our team at Cave Creek Garage Doors is waiting for you call. We are capable of repairing even the most damaged parts, engines, track, doors and more. We will make it work as if it were brand new. We work in record time.

Make yourself relaxed knowing that your garage door is in the best specialist’s hands in the area of   Cave Creek by calling our specialists at Cave Creek Garage Doors. As soon as you give us a call and explain your situation we will give you an advice so you can have a better experience and get better maintenance and usage of the garage door. From brand new garage door, special repairs, replacements and more, to simple advises, we will do our best for the satisfaction of our customers. We invite you to go to our place or maybe visit our website, a place where you will find a wide catalogue of products of any kind of brands, colors, models and patterns. We also provide many systems for different usages and places like workplace or homes. We guarantee security and satisfaction with our services and goods, we are known for doing an awesome, incomparable job. Cave Creek Garage Doors has the biggest inventory in this area, providing the best products that can be found in the market.

Cave Creek Garage Doors is the best choice you can make at the time of repairing and replacing doors, systems, engines, springs, rails, track, and any parts that may cause problems.

We focus in customer’s satisfaction, Cave Creek Garage Doors fits perfectly with your particularities and can offer you anything you require. We offer manufacturing and also regular maintenance service, to prevent issues with the functionality of your system.

Cave Creek Garage Doors is aware of your economic situation, so we adjust our services and products to your budget.

A free warranty without extra charges will be given as soon as the installation process or service is done, so you can enjoy when you notice any issue with your garage doors.

We look up to focus only in the best products and the best dealers so we can have a business with them, so consequently we will be able to give you the best options in the market and all by a reasonable price. We offer from classy wooden doors, to modern ones like fiberglass doors, also we offer much kind of openers to perform this job.

We offer the latest technology when talking about doors. Thermal doors are provided to our customers so they don´t have to worry about the issues the heat and weather in general could cause.

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New Door Installation

We offer the best installation process in the area, always giving the best products to fit your needs. We provide the best service and also the best time.

New Opener Installation

The latest garage doors systems can be found in our catalogues. With them and using our services we can install your opener.

Garage Door Repair

Our 24/7 service is waiting for your call with excitement. Cave Creek Garage Doors ´s Inventory is assorted with rails, openers, remote access systems and more. Pick your phone up and give us a call as soon as you have the chance.

Much more than just a door

With our products and services you´ll notice that you won´t have an ordinary door anymore, we look up to satisfy your needs with the best garage door experiences you can get. We provide great quality and efficiency at many levels, for example: Comfort, Design, Energy Saving, and At Cave Creek we are happy to receive a call from you, and we will do anything to make you happy with the results.

Show All, Materials, Insulation, Openers

Materials: we only use the best materials that can be found in the market, in all over the country. This initiative and more are done for the satisfaction of our customers. We manage to use all of the materials to manufacture any kind of doors.

Insulation: Consists in modifying your doors to be more resistant to the heat and any kind of weather there might be. We are capable of making doors for your specific weather and location.

Openers: we know how important garage doors openers are for you and your security. That´s the reason why we sell the best and more resistant openers in the market to make sure the functionality of the system is right and that you are 100% protected.

About us and value of our service content

Who we are

Cave Creek Garage Doors has professionals that are 100% compromised with the clients and their needs. We work to make them happy and secure. We only provide the best tools and products for your garage doors, and the best thing is that we have affordable prices to fit your budget.

  • Affordable: we have the best prices in the location, and we offer the best of the best with services included.
  • Reliable: we are compromised with a good work and your satisfaction, we are responsible and we have the best personal to make each work as it should be done.
  • Professional: In Cave Creek every person has their job. We manage to hire the best workers in the area to make sure the work is done well.

Testimonial Content

1)            Dave Hartmann

I recently moved to a new house, and called the experts from Cave Creek Garage Doors and they did a splendid work. I feel more secure than ever. And it gives my house the modern style I’ve been looking for.

2)            Charlie Smear

I was tired of wooden doors because I thought they were ugly and old until I noticed their online catalogue. I saw some really good wooden doors and they advised me to buy one. Now I don’t regret my choice at all.

3)            Taylor Sheffield

I never changed my springs until I noticed they got really rusty. I called some workers but they just made it worse. I finally called Cave Creek garage door service professionals and they replaced the springs in a really short time. Their work was awesome I totally recommend them.

Our basic services

Cave Creek Garage Doors offers you all the services you need to assure your garage door´s functionality and maintenance. From regular checks to repairs and replacements, we are capable of doing anything for our customers.

Installation: our professionals are well trained to so this work, they will have no trouble with the installation process. From the oldest system to the most modern one, it´s not a problem at all. We can install anything in record time.

Service: if you want to save money and have work done as it should be done, call us instantly. We know exactly what to do and how to prevent future inconveniences. Don’t take the risk with other inexperienced workers. Go and take the right choice with us by your side.

Repair: with our 24/7 service you can enjoy repairs and replacements of any kind. Form rusty springs, rails, tracks and engines to the whole restructuring of your garage door system, we are able to manage this work with no problem. We can do it in no time and with the best results is the area of Cave Creek.

Get Ready for Cutting Edge Garage Door Innovation

Use the information right below to contact us by phone number, e-mail or by visiting us in our commercial stores to have a better experience.

Garage Door Repair

If you notice any problem in your garage door system you should call us at Cave Creek Garage Door. We are the best workers in this area; we offer any kind of repairs and always with the best parts and tools. Cave Creek Garage Door Express Repair Service we always provide the best quotes for our clients.

Cave Creek Garage Door knows that not all the garage doors are made to work forever, some may break or have broken parts in them. Anyway Cave Creek Garage Door Express Repair Service will take care of any problem you might have with your garage door system, we will take care of it in no time. So don’t take the risk, we advise you to contact us quickly so the issue can be solved as soon as we get to your location.

Cave Creek Garage Door Express Repair Service is capable of fixing any kind of parts or components of your systems, form rails, tracks and springs to the whole engine and more. We offer this service to anyone who may need it; and always adjusting to your budget. Cave Creek Garage Door Express Repair Service is aware that some components are not able to be fixed so we offer replacements to you, so the system can work as a brand new one.

Cave Creek Garage Door Express Repair Service has all the necessary materials to fix and repair your garage doors. Variety of parts such as engines and hinges can be found in our stores. Cave Creek Garage Door Express Repair Service is the one you should deposit your trust in, because we are very responsible and generous with your pocket. We will always take care that the work is being done as it should and to do it like no other companies can do it. We will work fast and with the best results in this area.

Meet with the Experts

Cave Creek Garage Door Express Repair Service is the best choice in Cave Creek Location. You won´t find anyone else to do this job as good and fast as we do it. Don´t trust anyone else because they may not have the proper experience to do more complicated jobs like whole restructuration processes and more. Our results are the best because our workers are compromised with your satisfaction and our tools and material can´t be compared to others in the market.


If you are having troubles with the functionality of your garage door, noticing wired noises like “snaps” when it opens and closes and rusty parts that don´t work as they used to, you probably have to get it checked by professionals like us. Cave Creek Garage Door Express Repair Service is prepared for your call and to resolve any trouble you might have with parts like springs. These kind of jobs is now easy busy for us, because Cave Creek Garage Door Express Repair Service is well prepared for them with the best tools, materials and experts,

Cave Creek Garage Door Express Repair Service has a wide variety of experts that know exactly what to do in every situation related to this matter. They know when a spring is broken or just damaged, if it should be replaced or not. They work fast and always getting the best results in the area.

Torsion Springs

Many companies sell bad and low quality products and this can affect the functionality of your garage door system. When talking about springs you should know that they get damaged for the time they are being used. The number of times the doors open and closes affects the durability of the springs and they get damaged when you don take care of them properly.

When you notice the behaviour of your garage door is becoming slow, noisy and really different from brand new ones, you have to get the springs checked because they might be damaged or even broken. Cave Creek Garage Door Express Repair Service can install many different types of springs, form low cycle ones that last up to 3 years of usage, to more expensive ones like the high cycle ones that last longer, up to 10 years of usage. But in the end everything depends on the usage. If a company sells you the springs with phrases like, “they will last forever” they are lying, because all the springs eventually break down. As soon as you notice this problems call us and don´t use your garage door because it may cause more problems.

Extension Spring

In this picture you can see some a little bit larger and more durable than torsion springs. Even broken or just damaged torsion springs can cause problems to your garage door system. If when the door is opening you hear a snap, it’s time to replace the springs. They will just become elongated with time, and after a while, they will break. It’s necessary to replace them at the same time so the opening a closing can be calibrated and done at the same time. Call the experts at Cave Creek Garage Door Express Repair Service at the moment you notice the sound of the damaged or broken springs. Our team is the one to make repairs and services your garage doors in the whole area of Cave Creek.

Broken Remotes

Remotes are devices that work sending signals to a garage door engine with the purpose of make you inside your garage and close the door behind you. Garage access has now become a lot easier because of this. Now you can open and close your garage doors anywhere, in your car o in the comfort of your living room. Cave Creek Garage Door is able to solve any problem that you could have with your remote or even replace it for a new one.

The Best Selection of Remotes for your Garage

You can visit our website in which you will notice a variety of brands, but not limited to: SkyLink, Chamberlain, Genie, Drirect Drive, Insteon, defiant and more. Cave Creek Garage Door can help to set up any remote and repair it, even replace it if needed. Anything you need we can do it for you. We are able to repair the inner parts of the remote, change any damaged or missing buttons, configure many doors and even give you extra remotes for your family or partners. All the things related to remotes for garage doors are just a piece of cake for us.

Everyone knows we have the best prices in the zone. Besides, Cave Creek Garage Door provides a 24/7 emergency service, with just a simple call you can contact us to simplify your problem and when we get to your place it will be gone.

Cave Creek Garage Door is the one you should call at the time of thinking of getting a remote controller for your garage door because we have professionals dedicated to set up and programs as many garage doors you want in only one remote. We can repair your remote if needed and even give you extra batteries. A simple coin cell battery is all you are going to be needing. It will only take you a simple call and we can even send the remote to your place.

With Cave Creek Garage Door you can relax while we work because you know our work process is clean, fast and especially reliable we can manage to solve any problem. If they are broken, Cave Creek Garage Door has several alternatives for you, they can:

  • 24/7 service
  • Give you all the remotes you need
  • Provide you many brands
  • Fix your broken remote
  • Replace or substitute it for a brand new one

With our remote control reparation you can:

  • A 1-year limited warranty
  • Use 1 and up to 2 garage doors/gates, (even if they are different brands)
  • Attach your remote to your visor
  • Obtain a long-life lithium battery

We work to make you satisfied and to keep your comfort going. Get in contact Cave Creek Garage Door and relax.

New Openers

If you want a functional garage door without problems at all. Cave Creek Garage Door has the answer for you. We know that openers are important for garage door and as usual you want them to be high quality and reliable. Cave Creek Garage Door can help you with almost any situation you might be getting through. Cave Creek Garage Door Service has skills in repairs and replacements of openers and it´s parts, everything to make the garage door work as it should. Cave Creek Garage Door Service we will find what you need and want according to what your preferences are, in the ambit of style, color brand and model. We currently have a wide variety of garage door drives; direct, chain, belt, screw, chain or rack and pinion, column-mounted swing gate, residential underground swing gate, DC chain or belt, etc. we offer only the best products because we know our customers deserve the best as well.

Chain drive garage door opener

This is the perfect choice for those who want an extra smooth drive opener. It offers you years and years of usage with always the best performance and development. It might produce more noise than others but it doesn´t matter because it works perfectly.

There may be a little bit more noise than other kind of openers, but thinking about how much money you will save with this opener, it’s worth it. It comes with an extra life battery and it´s replacement so you won’t have to worry about energy for a long time. Talking about Security, this is the latest high security garage door, it´s heavy enough to prevent break-ins and it can be lifted by chain drive openers with ease.

Belt drive garage door opener

This one right here is super silent that your neighbors will never notice if it is working or not. It the perfect for heavy door lifting like old wooden doors. It comes with extra batteries just like the previous one. An attractive thing of these openers is that they can be controlled not only by remotes but by smartphones and tablets.

Shaft drive garage door opener

It is the most silent door opener and it is perfect for small garages.

A great think about Cave Creek Garage Door Service is that we manage to provide every kind of experts for any job, and they are all prepared for any situation you may have. Cave Creek Garage Door Service will make sure you get the solution you need. You are our priority and your needs is the reason of our work. You can contact us by e-mail or phone, and you can come to our offices to have a better word sharing. We have a wide list of garage doors and openers that can fit your need. Cave Creek Garage Door Service is your number 1 choice.


If you present any problems or issues with your garage doors, and you notice the functionality of it is not the same as when it was a brand new garage door, you should call Cave Creek Garage Door Repair which gives you a wide variety of services that surely will solve your problem. Cave Creek Garage Door Repair is up to repair and replace anything related to this matter, always taking care of your budget and using the best materials and tools in the market. You can ask any of our usual clients and you´ll see that our results are the best in this area, and we also beat the other companies in time and quality. Don´t give you a pain in the neck, just give us a call and we will solve your problems.

Cave Creek Door Repair is in the top of garage door selling since it started. Come see the team at our Cave Creek showroom! Browse our new garage door brochures and ask for a free estimate!


When you notice that your garage door is broken or maybe some inner part is damaged, broken or just working wrongly, causes stress on you and makes you feel sick of it. All you think about is that you have to take care of the situation and just to imagine doing it by yourself forms a knot in the pit of your stomach. How about we take care of that and get you a trained expert from Cave Creek Garage Door Repair, who answers quickly and locate you so you don´t have to wait for long. We will manage to solve the issue and make your door for as a new one. You won’t find old rusty and ugly springs, what you will find is a shiny and clean one that will work perfectly. No more annoying neighbours complaining for the noise of the garage door. Call us and the problem will just go away. Now you are done in no time, and just spend a few bucks in a call to Cave Creek Garage Door Repair. Avoid calling inexperienced workers that will mess up your garage door. Give us a call as soon as you notice a problem and we´ll be happy to help.

Remember when thinking about garage doors, Cave Creek Garage Door Repair has experts in them. Many people and specialized workers know a lot about their jobs but Cave Creek Garage Door Repair certainly we know everything we should know about garage doors, their repairing, replacement and how to make it work like new. Our professionals are prepared for easy jobs like setting up a remote to more complicated ones like restructuring your whole garage doors system. Don’t do it by yourself when you can call an expert like Cave Creek Garage Door Repair to solve the problem in record time. Give us a call!

Cave Creek Door Repair not only has been one of the leading commercial garage door opener installers Cave Creek but has actually begun to receive recognition for their work from manufacturers of new garage doors worldwide! Making a name for ourselves through quality and customer satisfaction, one garage door opener at a time.

New Garage Doors

Cave Creek Garage Door is really proud of their workers and their customization work, because they find exactly what the client needs and like according to their preferences, budget and specially what better fits them. We advise our customers so they can make the right decision. All of our professionals are prepared to give you the best option related to new garage doors in the market. From steel, artistic welding, color matching, window fittings and master woodworkers. We use any kind of materials. Our Cave Creek Garage Door is not another copy of the companies stereotypes on the industry, we work to make you satisfied in the best way, innovating and making your purchase and experience even better, with great results in no time and with the best goods in the market.

Materials for your garage doors

Garage Door Service Cave Creek offers the following materials:

  • Wood, is perfect for more security and to add a classy style to your home, it can be stained so it won’t be a problem to recover it.
  • Steel, is a really modern material it is really resistant and stylish.
  • Aluminum is lighter than steel, even though it is really resistant and pretty.
  • Fiber glass has a great flexibility and a long period of life.
  • Plastic garage doors, one of the latest materials added to this list, it is really flexible and easy to install. Cave Creek Garage Door installation has everything you need and want, always giving the best options for you.

We work to suit your need likes and preferences related to garage doors. Call us at any time or visit our online catalogue.


Style is a really important factor to take care of when getting a new garage door, but does it matter to have a good looking garage door if it doesn´t work at all? With our Cave Creek Garage Door Repair you don’t have to worry about anything because we will find exactly what you want and need, according to what your likes, needs and preferences are, in style and functionality, we know exactly what you need. Cave Creek Garage Door Repair is known because we treat our customers like they deserve and even better, we know how special this purchase is for you and we want to make you feel special either. Contact us today Cave Creek Garage Door Repair to get a free quote, garage door repairing, a garage doors system services. All included.

Contact Us

Cave Creek Door Repair technicians are always available for a call. 24/7 emergency contacts and round the clock garage door repair teams are there to help. Ask us anything you need, form a minor to a major trouble; it won’t be a problem for us to solve it.

At Cave Creek Garage Door Repair we proudly go the extra mile to give the citizens of this area the best products and garage doors. In Cave Creek we are up to deal with any kind of people from business men to family heads.

Doing works like repairing rusty springs, replacing dysfunctional pieces, fixing engines and restructuring whole garage doors is not a problem for our work team, because we are prepared for this jobs and many more related to this matter. We offer regular service for all Cave Creek Garage Door Repair doors, including: industrial, commercial, and domestic premises and always keeping your warranty unused and intact, with us your doors will work like they never did before. All of our garage door repair and garage door service work comes with a warranty of Cave Creek Garage Door Repair workmanship, which is 100% certified.

We are also licensed. Cave Creek Garage Door Repair company is granted with the highest standards of Arizona State’s terms and rules. If you are not sure of our work you can visit the rest of our website where you will find a really big and wide catalogue in which is included all our repair, replace and maintenance services, products such as springs, rails, track, and many parts, you will also be able to see garage doors of any kind, different materials and systems that will improve your experiences with these garage doors. So get on your phone and give us a call or contact us online by e-mail. At Cave Creek Garage Door Repair we are waiting with a smile in our face for your call, e-mail or visit, we will advise you with the best quotes to provide better option; we will take a tour through all of our products until you find what better suits you. Pick up your phone and make a smart decision.

Cave Creek Garage Door Repair is the first choice for all residential garage door service jobs in Gig Harbor and the outlying areas. Your safety, security and overall satisfaction is our number 1 priority. As Cave Creek´s premiere garage door repair company, you know we always work to your satisfaction.

About Us

Cave Creek Garage Door Repair supply 24/7 emergency service throughout Cave Creek and the surrounding areas. We are the best because we go the extra mile for our customers and can assure you the prompt and professional garage door repair and new garage door installation service we do is unmatched in Cave Creek.

At Cave Creek Garage Door Repair, we focus on the wellness of our area; we look up to make this a better place to live in. We work with any kind of person. Our clients come from large business like supermarkets or smaller ones like outlets.

We prepare our workers so they can provide a 100% of effort, passion and efficiency after all, so then we can assure that the services we offer are done as they are offered, with excellence and speed. After messing up the garage doors most of the people call us to solve the problem and fix everything up because they know we work fast and with the greater results in this Area. Cave Creek Garage Door Repair is always professional using the best tools and technology so the job is well done. From the essential works like installation to other more specific terms like broken remotes and damaged cabling, we are capable to solve anything and we are not limited to that, we will give advises to keep the maintenance of your garage door. A regular service is offered to all of the Cave Creek Garage Door Repair type’s doors, regardless if they are industrial, commercial or domestic premises. We want you to have your dreamed garage door with perfect functionality and smooth moves.

You can contact us by e-mail or just by a phone call; we will be waiting for it. We also offer a 24/7 emergency service in which we are able to fix and replace everything that you need to have working. It is not only Cave Creek Garage Door Repair the best option for residential places but also for commercial stores and many other places.

If you are not convinced yet, Cave Creek Garage Door Repair provides the best services in the area, always working with the best products and tools to repair your rusty damaged or broken springs, put your door back in the tracks or fix your remote controller. Our promise to customer service and satisfaction, it’s the base of Cave Creek Garage Door Repair reputation’s. At Cave Creek Garage Door Repair we are looking forward to help you. Get a free recommendation if you call us now and we will also help you to make the best choice you can get according to your needs.

At Cave Creek Garage Door Repair we do our best to insure the safety and quality of our work, so when we leave, you have nothing to worry about. Between our excellent warranty and customer service standards we know you will be happy. Cave Creek Garage Door Repair the best in Cave Creek.


Fixing the Problem before It’s Too Late

A garage door is really important for a house or workplace because it provides security style and value to your home, but in a certain period of time of not taking the proper care, they will present some issues and damages. These damages can put you and your family in danger and in a hard economic situation. Call Cave Creek Garage Door Repair, we’re here when you need us.

Experts and professionals are here to detect a problem and give a solution to it as soon as possible to prevent future inconveniences, nowadays the rate of break-ins in Cave Creek has increased. Unfortunately, this has become of break-ins a really easy job, robbers nowadays know what the disadvantages of having out-dated doors are and they do break-ins and rob using these details. But with us you can get safety and style in the same time, you will have the total control of your home or store and you´ll get the time to chill out more often. If you don’t know yet what you exactly want, call Cave Creek Garage Door Repair and one of our security experts will pay a small visit and give you the best advice. Ask for a free quote!

Another usual problem these days is that because of the missing maintenance of your garage doors, they start to work slower, squeal and make weird noises which annoy your neighbours causing them to complain about your system and how hard it is for them to sleep when your garage door is operating. It can be a pain in the neck to deal with these situations every day. So, stop waiting, and call Cave Creek Garage Door Repair for a rapid service. At Cave Creek Garage Door Repair we can tell when it’s a matter of lubing the works or it’s a sign of tearing that requires the garage door to be repaired. In any case, Cave Creek Garage Door Repair will take all the weight of worries off your shoulders and repair as soon as possible.

From repairs to replacements to complete commercial garage door installs, Cave Creek Garage Door Repair is on the top of the heap. Our years of experience and quality workmanship have paid off with monumental word of mouth advertising, allowing us to stop focussing on sales and do what we do best, and that’s quality garage door service.

Remote Issues

If you are noticing that your remote is taking long to respond and the pins don´t work like they used to work, it´s time to take a look at them with Cave Creek Garage Door Repair, whom offers a wide variety of broken remote repairs and services. We also sell batteries that can last for long and replacement and extra remotes for your family and beloved ones. Why don’t make a small stop at our offices and let us test it for you right here, right now? We´ll be very happy to give a look at your remote and give a solution to your problem, and remember our services are affordable and really fast.

Just tell our professionals what´s the issue you are having and we will give the solution to it in no time. The proper maintenance and an occasional professional garage door service can enlarge the useful life of your door. Contact us by e-mail or just by a phone call and we will locate you to make your life easier, have the problem solved faster and have the best results anyone can give in the area of Cave Creek.