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We are capable of installing your garage doors with ease

Garage door Service Maricopa has a wide variety of garage doors with a variety of colors, models, styles and patterns. We also have doors for every purpose households, business, agricultural or even industrial. Visit our online gallery glance selection.

Garage Doors

A new garage door is a difficult decision, it is a big investment that you will have to see every time you arrive at your house, and that you trust to keep you safe at night. You need the job well done, and that’s why you need Maricopa Garage Doors, whatever you need, you will find it in our catalogue, and even if you don’t, our skilled labor force will take pleasure in building the garage door you design from our wide selection of models, size, window styles, material, patterns, and colors.

We Service Garage Doors

Garage Doors can malfunction with time, they can get jammed or off its tracks. Luckily Maricopa Garage Doors has a skilled workforce that can get any door working just like new in a record time.

Maricopa Garage Doors has a skilled labor force specialized in garage door services in the area of Maricopa, and will gladly give you a free quote as soon as you give them the details. Reparations installation and service are our area of expertise. Our team is conformed by highly trained individuals that will install, or repair any gate in little time. In our website and commercial offices you will get to know anything you need about our variety in garage door materials, styles, models rail systems, window styles, openers, remotes and our special systems designed for special needs of industrials or commercial buildings. We know the security, calm, and privacy for you and your family are among your principal concerns; exiting your car every night (probably leaving  your car running) to open your garage door, get back in your car in and later close the door is an unnecessary risky and irritating process. For that reason we would like to make your life a little easier by offering our completely automated and reliable garage doors. Maricopa garage doors is the business with largest inventory in the market, we will always have in stock a modern garage door automated opener system adaptable to your garage door needs, as well as excellent security options for your garage.

If you door is completely damaged, need restructuring or you simply feel it’s time for a change call Maricopa Garage Doors, our company can replace or repurpose any garage door. But big projects are not our only service, we are more than willing to repair springs, wiring, put doors back on its track or simply deliver a new remotes controller.

Maricopa Garage Doors will gladly adjust to your individuals needs. Building, installing and professional maintenance of garage doors are only few of the different services we provide. Our employees are devoted to guarantee the satisfaction of even the most demanding clients. Customer satisfaction is our foundation of our values.

The wide variety of resistant materials, offered by Maricopa Garage Doors are presented at reasonable prices so you can make the best choice according to your financial situation.

Maricopa Garage Doors  always include a, free of charge, full warranty for any product or service provided by our company, we promise a full repair in the case you garage door present any problem once we finish installing or servicing it.

We deal only with recognized garage doors produces in the country to ensure we offer only high-quality materials. So you don’t have to worry about style and quality, you can browse our online gallery appreciate our selection of wooden doors, beautifully carved and stained in different tones to give any house a classic look, but with modern automatic openers. We also have a selection of light aluminum and resistant steel doors both with great flexibility and adaptable to function with a small and efficient garage door opener.

All our doors are adjusted to guarantee the insulation standard recommended for most homes, but we also provide doors with different levels of thermal insulation and resistance that goes from enough to aid a common household reduce its energy cost, to special doors that would be able to satisfy special industrial needs. Maricopa Garage Doors’s experts will gladly go and examine your house or business and advise you with the specifics to suit your closure and insulation needs.

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New Door Installation

Our large selection in styles and materials for automatic doors and gates is at your disposition, so whatever entrance you desire, we will be able to design, build and install it.

New Opener Installation

Maricopa Garage Doors’s have a wide selection of modern garage door openers, and the experts needed to install them in any door. Whatever opener you need belt driven chain driven or shaft driven we will have it available, all adaptable with remote systems also in our inventory .

Garage Door Repair

We provide for the area of Maricopa a 24/7 emergency repair service.  Just in case you experience any difficulty with your garage door, opener, remote, rails or springs, just give us a call and we will take care of it, any day, anytime.

Much more than just a door

Garage doors is important asset of any house, apart from the vital safety and privacy they provide, the proper door also offer additional features, for example, improving the house façade and energy efficiency are a couple of advantage that just any door won’t offer. At Maricopa Garage Doors we are more than willing to give you all the information you need about the different door models we offer and every feature they provide.

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Materials: The quality job we make is only possible using the best materials available in the market. And our employees are trained to deal with all of them; they will install beautiful wooden doors or light aluminum doors with the same swiftness and expertise.

Insulation: We are far from being stranger to thermal insulation. All of our doors cover residential insulation standards, but we can adapt them for special thermal containment needs.

Openers:  We only offer openers from recognized brands, with every type of drive, strong chain driven, compact shaft driven or quiet belt driven openers, we have them all in stock. All capable of lifting heavy doors.  If you feel they are needed, you may also acquire power suppliers so your garage door may open automatically even without power.

About us and value of our service content

Who we are

Maricopa Garage Doors’s employees are trained to work with all the newest types of garage door equipment and technology available. Every member of our team is provided with professional tools and has the expertise and knowledge to deal with every job. We make sure of this because we have a commitment with our city, our goal is to make Maricopa the safer city to live in the whole state.

  • Affordable: Our experts will advise you to install you only the components you need, and always offering you a fair price.
  • Reliable: Your time is valuable to us, and we don’t want to waste a second of it, our experts are trained to diagnose, service, repair and install in a record time.
  • Professional: Our reputation and good name is based on customer satisfaction, only possible doing great work with a great attitude.

Testimonial Content

1)            Paul Johnson

Maricopa Garage Doors came to my house and installed my new garage door opener before we even noticed. We were really impressed with their great job! And we couldn’t be happier with our now automatic garage door.

2)            Chris Smith

I was afraid installing a garage door from zero in my new garage would take an eternity, but Maricopa Garage Doors came and did the job in less time that I thought possible. A company full of professionals, would recommend them to anyone.

3)            Lisa Bryton

My old garage door opener was driving me crazy, and I believe the only solution was buying an expensive new one, but the Maricopa Garage Doors expert advised otherwise, they sent a team, tuned a few components and got it working like new, saving me a lot of money, I couldn’t be more thankful.

Our basic services

Whatever service related to garage door you need, Maricopa Garage Doors provides it. Our experts will always work in a swiftly, efficient and professional way, assuring you will only have to call once to fix any problem. Our three main domains are:

Installation: We have installed all kinds and sizes of garage doors in our history as a company. So experience and training guarantee you will get the door you want. Our website details the styles, materials and systems we use, you may also acquire any additional information you may need by just giving is a call. We also provide an opener for you new door or install the best option for an already existing one, and accessories including: remote controls, access control systems, and photocells, and many more.

Service: To avoid your garage doors gets broken, jammed or get out of its tracks it needs proper maintenance. The best option to avoid headaches, wasting time and money in complicated reparations is with periodical garage door service. Call our experts and they will gladly suggest you an appropriate service schedule.

Repair: If your garage door breaks it leaves at risk and most companies make you wait days to get your door repaired. Fortunately we are capable of repairing any component and always ready with the proper tools and replacement parts to get your door opening and closing just like new.

Get Ready for Cutting Edge Garage Door Innovation

Maricopa Garage Doors’s staff is always at your disposition so just call the phone number at your right or fill form below to contact us, our experts will answer all your questions. And as soon as we understand the details of whatever job you need, we will gladly give you a free quote covering the products and services you require.

Garage Door Repair

If your garage door needs repair or replacement you need to contact a reliable company with experienced employees, one that’s known for offering its customers with a great service and the best price. Garage Door Repair Maricopa will gladly help you with whatever difficulty your garage door is showing. Our technicians can deal with any problem. With every job we do it comes included a 90 day guarantee. Whatever circumstances your gate is in, we know you will be pleased with our work.  By company policy Maricopa Garage Door Repair will always offer a written free quote estimating the cost of whatever services or replacements you need.

Maricopa Garage Door Repair malfunctioning garage doors are an ordinary problem, for different reasons: a broken spring, a rusted hinge or the door went off its tacks. But the cause of the problem, doesn’t really matter, the employees of Maricopa Garage Door Repair are more than prepared to deal with all faults in a record time. A improperly locked garage door represents a risk to your safety and the security of your possessions; a correctly working garage door is not an amenity, it’s a necessity. For that reason you need a company with the enough skill to get your gate smoothly running through its tracks just as new. And Maricopa Garage Door Repair is that company.

Garage Door Service Maricopa offers many service and repairing alternatives. Our experts can fix any garage door or automatic gate component such as rollers, springs, openers, cables, hinges, or keypads; whatever part is giving you a headache we can fix it or replace it. We will find a way to fix your problem whatever is it industrial, commercial or residential nature. Garage Door Repair Maricopa is more than able of aiding you in any situation: unresponsive openers, stuck release, broken panels, damaged cables, rusted or dented gears and many more.

Maricopa Garage Door Repair has in stock all the replacements you will need. We have a large supply of pulleys, rollers, springs, hinges and openers at your disposition. A wide variety of motors from different brands are also ready to install if you decide so. Your number one garage door repair service in Garage Harbor area is Garage Door Repair Maricopa, we achieve this by providing unique services, for example: 24/7 emergency service, preventive maintenance, same day repair service, and plenty more all this at  the best price in the area. Your satisfaction is guarantee.

Meet with the Experts

When looking for repairs services you need to find a reliable supplier of spare parts and high-quality service and installation, we know is hard, that’s why Maricopa Garage Door Repair offer you both at a reasonable price while also providing you with expert advice all at. Our experts will always know what your garage door needs, and they will be able to repair it quickly and effectively. Garage Door Repair Maricopa has gained in the last years the trust of their customers by building a highly trained workforce, who will gladly find you options and solutions to whatever situation your garage door presents. The best workers with the best equipment will get the work done.


The spring in your garage door are designed to absorb the stress produced from the work of opening and closing. That’s why they are the most likely part to broke, trying to fix or replace them without proper tools and training leaves most homeowners only with stress and scratched fingers. Fortunately Maricopa Garage Door Repair is at your disposition, with a large variety of services to make sure your warehouse, garage or closed parking lot door is running like new, usually with just one visit. Maricopa Garage Door Repair is proud to say that our employees are experts at repairing broken springs. And for that and many others well delivered services Maricopa Garage Door Repair name is now recognized as equal to quality, safety  and outstanding functional garage doors.

For Maricopa Garage Door Repair a broken spring is an opportunity for swift quality work, but is not limited to minor repairs, a complete makeover of your garage door will be dealt with the same enthusiasm. But our swiftness and professionalism is the reason why we are the first option for spring repairs in Maricopa. When you call us the work will done by a specialist exactly as it should be done.

Torsion Springs

  Trying to save a few dollars most suppliers offer aggressively the lowest quality materials and parts, so is more than common to find them installed in garage doors for residences, leaving only headache and the extra cost of replacing them to soon. Your springs will lift and hold your gate and this means you can only open and close your gate before one cracks or break, depending in the usage a good quality spring should last two or three years .

Spring failure show up in different ways depending of the type of garage door, the spring can start to contort, the door can stop while opening, or you may even hear loud bangs operating the gate. However the problem manifest, you will now when is time to change or fix your springs. Usually just in one of them is broken, but both have to be replaced since they both have already suffered the same decay. Maricopa Garage Doors Repair only deals quality parts, our low cycle springs can last up to three years, or you may choose an even superior alternative such as our high cycle springs that will last for many years of standard use. Springs are designed to be flexible yet hold a lot of tension, they can’t be eternal and you shouldn’t trust companies that advertise theirs as everlasting. Eventually they will burst or broke, and you must not operate your garage door until you fix your spring or you run the risk of damaging a make the damage even greater. So now you know the moment you notice your springs starting to deteriorate, they need to be repaired immediately, and you can chose between the dangerous and tedious task of doing it yourself without professional tools, or just call us and relax while professionals take care of it for you.

Extension Spring

 Here is our model of extension spring is larger and tougher than the usual torsion springs, they are usually used for smaller garage doors. But extension as torsion springs will cause you problems either way if damaged. If you hear a snap while opening your automatic gate it usually means is too late for fix the spring and a replacement is needed. They will elongate with time, and after some time, they will burst. You must replace and calibrate both springs at the same time to make sure it open and close simultaneously, and stays that way.  Maricopa Garage Door Repair will respond as soon as you call us for that snap sound of a broken spring, we are your best choice to repair and service your garage door in any area of Maricopa.

Broken Remotes

Garage door openers are motors attached to an entrance gate usually with a chain or a belt; they are activated by switches or remote controllers. Remote controllers tend to be a better choice; they function sending a signal to receptor connected to the motor inside the garage to set in motion the opening or closing of the garage door. Entering your garage will be literally as easy as moving a finger, inside your car, releasing you of the nuisance of lifting that heavy garage door every time. Garage Door Services Maricopa is used to dealing with all sorts of garage door openers malfunctions, including remote problems. Our technicians will happily help you with everything you need.

The Best Selection of Remotes for your Garage

In our online catalogue you will find our selection of the most recognized brands remote control openers: Chamberlain, Genie, SkyLink, Insteon, Drirect Drive and many more. Maricopa Garage Door Services will take care of the installation and programming of your new opener. We may also assist you in acquiring and programming new remotes to replace a lost one or that extra one we know you need just in case. More elaborated installations that include for example: set switches, multi-button remotes or multiple gates are not a problem for us. And you don’t even need to get out of your house; we can send you a controller or a battery with just a picture of what you need.

The best prices in the market are offered by Garage Door Services Maricopa, besides we offer exclusives services for our clients, for example our 24/7 emergency service, just call us explaining your situation and the solution will reach you in a record time.

If you want your remote control replaced or repaired, Maricopa Garage Door Services is your best choice. Our wide variety of remotes are compatible with almost every brand of receptors for garage door openers, you could even open  different brand garage doors at the same time. Our remote controls are ideal for households with more than one car; every member of your family will be able to access the house safe and easy. Only a coin cell battery is needed to program the remotes and set them up. They come in numerous designs, all of them easy to operate.

Garage Door Services Maricopa will find a solution to your problem. Our technicians had studied there all common problems regarding garage door remote controls and are more than ready to solve them. Maricopa Garage Door Services is proud to have customers as a priority, because of that we make an effort to provide thoughtful services like:

  • Emergency service available to you 24 hours a day, every day.
  • A large inventory of remote controls so you may acquire as many as you need.
  • Different brands, sizes, models and colors.
  • Technical service for your broken remote controller.
  • Replace your irreparable or lost controller.

Our remote control reparation also provide you with:

  • 1-year warranty (limited)
  • Program it work with 2 doors/gates, (even with different brands)
  • A holder for you to attach your controller to your visor
  • A life-long lithium battery

Garage Door Services Maricopa will build a solution adjusted to your needs and budget. Getting in contact is equal to getting your remote repaired.

New Openers

You need a garage door opener precise enough to keep your door on its tracks, but strong enough to lift entire weight of your garage door. The specifics of course will vary for every type of automatic gate, but whatever you need Garage door Service Maricopa will have a high-quality opener that satisfies your needs. Garage door openers are the machines that open and close an automatic gate, they can be controlled by switches or remote controllers. Maricopa Garage Door Service have all the components related to garage door openers at your disposal, and more than capable employees to aid you in the installation and programming.  Garage door Service Maricopa is ready to install any type of garage door opener or accessory you need and of course give service, tune or replace an already existing garage door opener. Maricopa Garage Door Service will find the garage door opener your need. We always have in inventory a wide variety of openers of all kinds; chain, rack, belt, pinion and even underground swing gates or column-mounted ones. We want our customers to have as many options as possible in order to satisfy whatever needs they have.

Chain drive garage door opener

The strongest and most reliable type of opener in the market is the chain drive opener. Its extra precise movement allows it to last for decades.

Although their extra power make them a little noisy, but is needed to lift a heavy gate, for example a wooden door or a security gate impossible to lift by human effort. A battery backup is included, so you are able to open your door in case of a power shortage.

Belt drive garage door opener

The Belt drive garage door is an extremely quiet option, but also strong enough, to lift heavy doors, carefully and quietly enough it wouldn’t disturb even a room right next to the garage. A battery backup is also included so you are able to smoothly open your gate even in a power shortage. Is also possible for most of our models to download an app to have complete control form your tablet or smartphone.

Shaft drive garage door opener

Sometimes high lifting becomes difficult in small garage spaces, unless you have a shaft driven opener. This model of opener is reliable, resistant and quiet, a practical solution that will save you time and space.

Maricopa Garage Door Service prepared technicians will make sure every single job is done in an elegant, functional and professional way, as it always should be done. To guarantee this they have only the most advanced equipment, and are trained to work effectively and efficiently. Garage door Service Maricopa will give you the solution you need, schedule a meeting by just calling or sending an e-mail. Our clients are our priority, for that reason since we focus on providing them the best products and service, including but not limited to: repairing, maintenance, advising and installation all sorts products of accessories, from a different selection of brands to satisfy your specific needs. Maricopa Garage Door Service is your best choice.


A bad installation, or lack maintenance can make an automatic door to jam, close inappropriately or fail in some other way, sometimes even with a properly installed and serviced door, time will take its toll. Whatever the cause a malfunctioning garage door is a nuisance you don’t have to tolerate, especially because with time the problem will only get worse. Maricopa Garage Door Repair offers a wide selection of services to make sure regardless of the trouble your garage door is presenting, after out visit it will be smoothly running. Maricopa Garage Door Repair offers the best; there is no work too big or small for us, from minor repairs like lost remote or a broken spring, to completely rebuilding the structure of your garage or even automate an industrial warehouse door, it doesn’t matter what job you need, we are just best choice . When our technicians take care of the job you will know it’s done properly. After you call us, you would never have to worry about getting through your garage door.

Maricopa Garage Door Repair has maintained the vanguard of commercial and residential garage door service and automation since its start .Watch our team at the Maricopa showroom! Browse our brochure to get any information you need, you may also ask for a free quote!


Broken springs are difficult or even dangerous to fix without proper tools and training, as many house owner’s fingers would tell you if they could; scratches, bruises, and headache are common and the worst part is that is the most usual part to broke. Fortunately the trained technicians from Maricopa Garage Door Repair are at your disposition. They will come to your house almost as soon as you hang up the phone, and will have your garage door smoothly running before you even notice; saving you all the trouble of replacing those rusty, finger cutting springs for brand new equipment. A quiet and safety running garage door will be the result, closing tight to make sure to maintain isolate the desire temperature of your house and pest like mice away, Prevention is the best medicine, so it’s better to keep mice out that having to get an exterminator for those disgusting rodents.  Just a call to Maricopa Garage Door Repair will get you this safety comfort.  After the service is done you will wonder why you waited that long to call Maricopa Garage Door Repair to get the best commercial or residential garage door services.

As the old saying goes “Jack of all trades, master of none”, specialization is the key to true excellence. And with that aim in mid, Maricopa Garage Door Repair is a company exclusively focused in garage doors.  Maricopa Garage Door Repair can deal with all the specific details of garage doors installation, service and repairing, for that reason even contractors hire us. Our goal is to know everything about garage doors repairs, service, and replacements. Our experts are trained to deal with everything from repairing broken remotes to installing a complete industrial garage door, piece of cake. Save yourself the trouble of doing it yourself. For a job well done you need to hire the best, and that option is Maricopa Garage Door Repair.

Maricopa Garage Door Repair leads garage door opener installation in Maricopa, to the point it has actually began receiving credit for their great work from manufacturers of garage doors openers worldwide! Maricopa Garage Door Repair has gained a name for itself through customer satisfaction and quality service in every job it has done.

New Garage Doors

Maricopa Garage Door Repair is especially proud of the diverse and personalized customization work finalized. Although most of the competitors in the area of Maricopa have the same suppliers as Maricopa Garage Door Repair. There is no comparison in the skills or understanding of the creative process required for designing elegant and esthetic door to suit your needs, many companies can install

an acceptable functional garage door, but none other had made the effort of forming  the best team of designers and craftsmen, to guarantee that you will get exactly the door you imagine, adjusted to your specific needs. The talented team of designers, technicians and manufactures working for Maricopa Garage Door Repair will create any garage door you can imagine. From artistic welded steel gates, to masterly carved wood doors. Maricopa Garage Door Repair became the best in the trade by doing what no one else does; providing our customers with a perfectly functional automatic gate they can be proud of. A wide variety of materials, colors and styles are at your disposition to make sure, the final look once the job is done it’s what you need, that’s the great  difference between Maricopa Garage Door Repair and the rest of the market.

Materials for your garage doors

Garage Door Service Maricopa offers the following materials:

  • Wood: it can be carved in the designed you imagine and stained in almost every dolor for a classic and charming garage door.
  • Steel: it provides ageless quality. Solid enough to provide extra security where is needed
  • Aluminum: weight less than steel, but difficult to damage and easily fix, also very resistant to rust, quality needed in windy and dusty areas.
  • Fiber glass: especially flexible that guarantees a long durability.
  • Plastic garage doors: Economic, flexible and the lightless option in the market.

Maricopa Garage Door installation has a wide catalogue and always a vast diversity of materials in stock to provide you with the greatest options. You will get the door looking door possible that bests suits your needs.


 The look of the garage door matters, its part of the facade of your house so we understand you want it to look as esthetical as possible and Maricopa Garage Door Repair will achieve it without forgetting about functionality. Because it’s completely ridiculous to design a stunning looking door that doesn’t open, or worse, make you believes it works only to malfunction and leave unprotected the safety of your business or even your own wellbeing at your house. But you won’t have to worry, we offer a 100% satisfaction warranty, every customer is taken care of, it doesn’t matter the situation. Maricopa Garage Door Repair has earned its reputation by knowing every costumer is different and treats them that way, understanding and satisfying every specific need. Our work ends when you are completely satisfied. Contact Maricopa Garage Door Repair to get a free quote today for any commercial or residential garage door installation, service or repairing you need.

Contact Us

Maricopa Garage Door Repair technicians will be always ready to answer your call, 24 a day, 7 days per week our emergency contacts and garage door emergency repair teams are prepared to help you. We will gladly help you with any insurance claims or emergency garage door service you find yourself in need of requiring.

Maricopa Garage Door Repair has as its mission to deliver the best garage door maintenance and repairs service in the whole area of Maricopa. We serve all types of customers: businesses, industries, farms, insurance companies, homeowners, markets, even banking and government institutions.

Getting a door back on its tracks or replace a broken remote, garage door maintenance,  or a new door design and installation are works we guarantee will be done with the excellence only possible with the best trained workforce. We also provide advice and manuals for the routine maintenance, and proper use of your new asset, to make sure it delivers life-long service without giving you problems. It’s also offered standard service for all Maricopa Garage Door Repair garage doors, to make sure your warranty intact and more important your doors works as it should. All of our garage door installation, repair or garage door service comes with a 100% certified Maricopa Garage Door Repair guarantee of workmanship.

Maricopa Garage Door Repair is also company awarded with the highest standards of Arizona State’s terms and guidelines. If you wish to acquire more information about us, look for “Maricopa Garage Door Repair” at the Better Business Bureau Search Engine. If you need more persuasion, Maricopa Garage Door Repair provide also broken springs reparation, garage door service, garage door repair, installation and maintenance of garage door openers, and installation of any kind of garage doors. Our customer service policy is aimed to guarantee satisfaction. Maricopa Garage Door Repair has maintained prestige and a growing list of trusting clients since its beginnings. If you still need more information you are more than welcomed call us or contact us online. Maricopa Garage Door Repair is waiting for your call, so we can help you with any installation, designing, or repairing needs. Just by contacting us you will get a free quote of that you need!  You can either chat with one of our experts online in our website or you also call us to get a free quote for any of our products and services.

Maricopa Garage Door Repair is the best provider of parts and services for garage door residential or otherwise in Maricopa and the outlying areas. Your security, safety and satisfaction are our only goal. With Maricopa Garage Door Repair your satisfaction is guaranteed.

About Us

In Maricopa Garage Door Repair we are proud of always giving our best for our customers in Maricopa and the surrounding areas, we make sure a 24/7 emergency service is always at your disposition and can assure you a quick and professional garage door repair or installation our service is unmatchable in Arizona.

At Maricopa Garage Door Repair, we’re faithful in providing the best garage door service and repairing in the main Maricopa are. Our clients go from home owners to industrial and commercial sites, from retail outlets to supermarkets and from insurance companies to government agencies, As a company policy we focus on only one job at a time, because we know our performance and your satisfaction is improved in a way large companies simply can’t compare, because it provides our customers with the undisputed attention they deserve. We know from experience that most cases of doors malfunctioning are the consequence of poorly done installations and poor workmanship. Usually as a consequence of bad communication between installers. Maricopa Garage Door Repair is proud of maintains the communication, professionalism and quality to the highest standard in each and every one of the services we provide for any garage doors. It doesn’t matter how big or small is the task at hand we guaranteed a job well and quickly done and also complete and easy to follow instructions so you are able to take care of routine maintenance of your purchase. Regular service is offered to all doors regardless of type or purpose. Maricopa Garage Door Repair wants your warranty to remains intact and your door keep working  smoothly. Every job we make comes with Maricopa Garage Door Repair, 100% certified guaranteed of workmanship.

You may contact our experts in Maricopa by calling our 24/7 emergency number or connecting to our online webpage. Also among the services we provide we could include repairing: damaged door panels, rollers, cables (frayed or rusted), broken springs, broken remotes, opener sensor, door off track and many more, speaking generally whatever problem you are experiencing with your garage door, we can fix it. Maricopa Garage Door Repair is the best service provider for residential, commercial, agricultural and industrial garage doors, either for service or installation.

Maricopa Garage Door Repair also provides special services, for example: setting up and servicing, broken spring and broken remote repairing, garage door restructure, new openers installation with new remote controllers, and correspondent maintenance for any equipment. Our only goal is to achieve customer satisfaction; it’s the core and foundation of Maricopa Garage Door Repair good name.  So call or contact us through the webpage. At Maricopa Garage Door Repair we waiting for you call so we are able to help you. Don’t forget to ask for your free quote of any installation, repairing or designing job you needs.

At Maricopa Garage Door Repair your satisfaction and the quality of our work are ensured, we only depart after the job is finished. Our excellent warranty and great customer service are guided to ensure you are pleased, so don’t hesitate to demand whatever service you desire, focusing on your need is the reason Maricopa Garage Door Repair is the best option in Maricopa.


Fixing the Problem before It’s Too Late

A garage door is your main investments in the facade, security and value of any building, as with any investment, proper maintenance is always needed. Properly done maintenance will preserve your house or business garage doors and while doing so also guard your automobile or any good you intent to protect inside. When y regular maintenance is forgotten or stopped a door will eventually stop working as it should, receptors will stop receiving the remotes controllers signal and springs will sooner or later burst. Whatever the case, maintenance or emergency service just give a call to Maricopa Garage Door Repair, whenever you need us we will be there.

Maricopa Garage Door Repair’s employees are trained to identify all common problems garage door tend to present and solve them before they become bigger. A broken or not improperly adjusted garage’s door is an invitation for a break-in.  A thieve work consist in trying to take advantage of honest people carelessness. For yours and your family wellbeing and safekeeping of your possessions, you need to make sure that your locks are working and your garage door won’t be opened any other mean different that your selected remote controls. If you feel in need of any kind of assistance in the topic feel free to call Maricopa Garage Door Repair and a security expert will gladly pay a small visit, give you great advice, and if you ask, a free quote!

Apart of improper locking another usual problem in garage doors is squealing. It stats as a small almost imperceptible grinding, and quickly develops to an unbearable screech you and your neighbour can’t tolerate. Even worse, if you don’t act quickly the whole system will stop working. Fortunately you have to only give a call to Maricopa Garage Door Repair for a swift service. At Maricopa Garage Door Repair our experts are trained to easily identify what’s the cause of the problem, it may be a matter of simply applying some lubricant or it could be a sign of serious tearing requiring your garage door to be fixed as soon as possible. Whatever the case may be, Maricopa Garage Door Repair will take care of it your door will be running smoothly without hurting your ears.

From parts replacement, to repairs service, to complete industrial garage door installations, Maricopa Garage Door Repair is your #1 choice. Our experience and quality work have provide us with greatly appreciated word of mouth promotion, allowing us to don’t worry about on sales and focusing in what we do best, providing quality garage door service.

Remote Issues

Your remote controller may stop working as it should with time. It could be a temporary failure, or it may be broken for good. To know for sure the easiest way is to bring it to Maricopa Garage Door Repair offices, so one of our experts may give it a closer look and offer our variety of remote controllers repair services, it may need recalibration or maybe you don’t know how to substitute the batteries (nothing to be ashamed of). With a small stop at our offices we will gladly test it for you, immediately, make sure what’s wrong and release you from the headache and risk it represents a gate without a properly working remote controller.

Whatever the problem may be, Maricopa Garage Door Repair and its team of experts will have it fixed in a record time. Proper maintenance and periodical professional service are crucial for preserving your garage door useful life. Call us any time for any information you need, and don’t forget to ask about your free quote. Of course a problem could always appear, but with our help you can be sure problems that are about your commercial or residential garage door won’t reappear. We are proud to be your best choice for best garage door service in the area of Maricopa, so fell free to call us at Maricopa Garage Door Repair.