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We install garage doors with such an ease!

You can visit the Garage Door Service Paradise Valley gallery in our website to look at the quantity of commercial, industrial, agricultural, and residential garage door varieties and complements. You can know this way all the models, as well as patterns, styles, and different colors we possess.

Garage Doors

Garage doors are expensive, no matter how you put it. This way, the decision to get a new door can become a difficulty to overcome. It’s important to choose a door that you will be able to utilize for a big time, and without the issue of having to change it later. Now here in Paradise Valley Garage Doors, you can choose between our large stocks of products. But if you can’t locate your desired door in our large stock of materials and components, you can choose the ideal door or window between all the different hardware, styles, models, accessories, and dimension.

We give maintenance to garage doors.

Even if the door got off its tracks, got jammed, or needs to substitute the opener, you can count on one of our trained employees at Paradise Valley Garage Doors and they can fix your damaged door. We can repair it as soon as we are able to.

If you are looking for the best garage door service in the Paradise Valley area that offers really good prices, you can easily get in contact with one of our specialists at Paradise Valley Garage Doors and to get a budget with no compromise for your new service, repair, garage door, or installation. We are specialized in servicing your new garage door systems rapidly with the help of our qualified employees. You can receive all the information we have to give you from our offices or website, regarding all aspects of your security. Our garage doors and openers can safeguard your security, safety and comfort. Paradise Valley Garage Doors provides the latest technologies on systems for garage doors opening, and includes all the solutions for problems you may present in the future. We only offer in our services products with the best quality.

If a door rail ever needs replacing or repairing, here at Paradise Valley Garage Doors, we can satisfactorily solve all the problems regarding your garage door. We have available any door spring repairs, remote servicing, replacements and many other services.

Paradise Valley Garage Doors assists you entirely, assessors and guides you through all your problems. We offer you a walkthrough of all of our services. We made a name for ourselves by fulfilling all the demands given to us. We can accomplish everything!

At Paradise Valley Garage Doors, we produce, and elaborate all kinds of materials of high quality that adapt to your finances, this will make you choose the best options for the you possess or may need.

With our services and products comes free of charge a warranty that covers all kinds of repairs and the installation, that you can request without a minimum elapsed time from the first install.

We work with outstanding manufacturers in the country that offer great quality material. You can choose from our stock of classic, desirable patterns and wooden doors. Our steel and aluminum doors are very light weighted offer great flexibility and are resistant.

Thermal resistant and insulated doors are also one of the services we offer, we excel at maintaining during the installations the minimum insulation requirements recommended for your home. Our qualified employee at garage door installation can service your residential or commercial and provide you a complex assessment with all kinds of useful information to inform you about garage doors and their requirements and needs

New Door Installation

 Install the ideal door. We can support you with all the information we possess on our different styles and patterns.

New Opener Installation

The qualified eemployees at Paradise Valley Garage Doors can provide you all kinds of  modern openers for the garage door or gate, from remotes, shafts  and chains, to systems which can be accessed wirelessly.

Garage Door Repair

We recently offered a 24/7 garage door upkeep service for all the area of Paradise Valley. If you happen to have problems with rails, openers, doors, access systems or remotes contact our experts.

Something greater than a Door

When you imagine a garage door, they think of it as an appendant, just a door that covers a part of the house used rarely. But, garage doors way more important than that. The rise the levels your house possesses in style, quality, comfort, and efficiency. In Paradise Valley Garage Doors, we can hand you all the offers and how our garage door will improve your lifestyle.

Show All, Materials, Insulation, Openers.

Materials: The latest and best materials available are the only ones we offer. All the weights, styles, and different kinds of doors can be offered.

Installation: We are well informed of all requirements of insulation materials and thermal insulation so that we perform the maximum thermal containment.

Openers: We possess many styles of garage doors openers, including sturdy and resistant chains to silent belts. The openers can do the lifting needed to operate but you would need a power supplier if an event were to cut your power supply.

About us and the value of our service content

Who we are

Paradise Valley Garage Door can handle perfectly every aspect regarding technologies for garage door. With our efficiency, you can be sure we will do the job. Its our promese as a company to make of Paradise Valley a safer and better place to live in.

  • Affordable: With our range of prices you can afford all of our services.
  • Reliable: We will solve your problems faster than scheduled so you can rely on us.
  • Professional: All of our employees are efficient and know how to do their job.


1)            Frank Sullivan

When I moved to another house I found it had a garage door in really bad shape. Luckily, there were no mice making a house of my garage. So I contacted your services and you came instantaneously. I cant thank you enough for leaving my garage brand new.

2)            Harry Levy

Paradise Valley offers such a great service in this area of the town. You guys came extremely fast, and fixed it since I didn’t know anything about springs. Since you guys came the horrible squeals disappeared and it never gets jammed.

3)            Damian Dick

With your services available my warehouse now works exactly like when I bought it. I only trust your services at Paradise Valley. They offer great prices and you can always rely on them.

The basic services we offer

Paradise Valley Garage Doors has for your home or business all kinds of services. The three main areas we excel at are:

Installation: Depending on your likes and what you may need we can install our garage door. You can choose between all of our styles, parts, and systems. Our garage doors can adjust to all your existing needs, as well as the control systems we also offer.

Service: Prevent your door from getting damaged. Our scheduled upkeeps will keep your garage door shining. We are compromised to make your life easier by saving you time and also money.

Repair: Our team of qualified employees can solve all the issues your garage door may present over time. Problems like broken springs, repairing openers, and off track doors is effeciently solved by us. We can also provide you with all the tools and replacements you will need.

Get Ready for Cutting Edge Garage Door Innovation

Don’t worry and call now! Contact our experienced team of employees and we will supply you an excellent service. And all your thought and doubts will be cleared once we provide you with all the information but you could also ask for a free budget.

Garage Door Repair

Garage Door Repair Paradise Valley possesses all kinds of styles and models for garage doors and the openers and has a team of qualified employees who know how to upkeep and install all of them. You should always hire skilled individuals if you plan to solve the problem just when the malfunctions start appearing. You need to trust the person that does the job and be sure he will do it properly and how it is supposed to be done. You want to have a qualified employee that is familiar with all the different specifications and requirements that are needed to perform the job correctly. The team we possess is capable of fulfilling every job possible. All the labors we perform come with a 90 day guarantee. No matter how complicated the situation turns out to be, we can happily solve it. Paradise Valley Garage Door Repair will provide you a free budget for services and many kinds of substitutions.

Paradise Valley Garage Door Repair will rapidly deliver you a service in which our teams will upkeep any of the different garage doors. We can fix your problems when you call us whether it is a door off its track or one that got jammed. Garage Door Repair Paradise Valley can give you a hand with that. Living with a malfunctioning door can be a serious treat for your safety, security and the goods you possess, but it shouldn’t. It is always needed a certified technician for the job. Paradise Valley Garage Door Repair can upkeep all doors, even if the mechanism are all already placed.

Garage Door Service Paradise Valley has many different forms of hardware, tools and opener you may need later on. Our qualified employees can fix all of your keypads and upkeep any kind of system. We can supply anyone with our services, whether home, commercial or industrial. Garage Door Repair Paradise Valley can upkeep or substitute your frayed cables, torsions and springs.

Paradise Valley Garage Door Repair can replace and upkeep all of our products with our services. We possess many openers, hinges, rollers, chains, and pretty much anything our employees have knowledge of. Garage Door Repair Paradise Valley can supply you with the best service in the Paradise Valley area. We have same day repair services; scheduled upkeeps of garage doors, a 24/7 express emergency contact service, and lowest prices in the area. We assure you will be 100% satisfied on service and quality.


Are you having difficulties with the spring door? Are your springs making you go through a hard time? Paradise Valley Garage Door Repair can offer your garage door a big amount of services so you can choose one to treat your damaged springs. At Paradise Valley Garage Door Repair, you can associate our service with quality and responsibility.

Paradise Valley Garage Door Repair has in stock and in all of ours storages all kinds of parts and components, so it’s a fact that most of the time, we will be able to provide what you are looking for. Our employees have gone under training in spring upkeep, installation and replacing, that is the reason our employees are the most capacitated individuals in performing these kinds of jobs, and not a poorly prepared worker.

Torsion Springs

In the industry we are, some producers tend to reduce the quality of the products to increase the profit. Which leads to garage doors installed using cheap materials and not the ones with the proper specifications. One part that gets its budget reduced is the torsion spring. This spring consists on the part of the door that has to lift the whole weight. And it could wear out, ranging from two to three years after installation.

Then the next time you look at your garage door, suddenly its separated or crooked, or makes loud noises, it’s now the moment to substitute springs. Even if just only one is damaged both springs would need to be repaired since they have the same size. Paradise Valley Garage Doors Repair is confident in solving all of the problems your spring could have since we fix hundreds of them daily. Springs need at some point replacements and maintenance. Never try on your own to replace or fix the damaged spring since it’s a dangerous task. This will prevent you waste money, time or even risk an injury to your body.

Extension Spring

Extension springs are a different kind of spring that contrarily to the torsion springs possess a longer lifespan but it is used for smaller doors mostly. When the extension gets damaged it can produce the same problems as the torsion spring. A sign they give when they are damaged is when they snap at the moment you start the mechanism. Over time they could over stretch and then cause it to break. It is important to replace and calibrate at the same time in order to provide it a service. Contact our experts at Paradise Valley Garage Door Repair when you feel your spring have a broken. They are specialists in garage doors in repairing and servicing them in the Paradise Valley area.

Broken Remotes

Remotes are capable of emitting signal to the inside of the garage door in order to activate the mechanism. You won’t have to go back to those days of manual opening and old, since with our solutions you will move to the technology of distant opening and save time and money.  Garage Door Service Paradise Valley give you all the customization options and accessories for your remote that you ask.

The Best Selection of Remotes for your Garage

In our online gallery and our offices you can find all the options of remotes we have. We have available Genie, Skylink, Direct Drive, Defiant, Chamberlain, Insteon, and others in stock. Paradise Valley Garage Door Services can offer you a brand new remote if you like changing your old one or can’t find the one you used to possess. We can also provide a battery with an outstanding life if you are ever in need of one.

We possess the highest quality service in Paradise Valley. Garage Door Services Paradise Valley gives you a 24/7 express Emergency Service, that way our experts can support you whenever you need it

Paradise Valley Garage Door Services is the only reliable choice when you are looking for a service with this quality. Most of our remotes can support all kinds of families that own a few cars. We will supply an outstanding service and they will be happy once they see the results. With our qualified employees we can easily install and rapidly finish the set up while showing you how we perform the job.

With Garage Door Services Paradise Valley, you can now sleep calm knowing that with our expertise in the subject the employees we possess will rapidly solve any kind of problem you might present. Damaged controls? Paradise Valley Garage Door Services can offer you all kinds of different options like:

  • Upkeep of broken controls
  • Controls substitution
  • Extra remotes supply
  • All kinds of models, colors, brands, and sizes to choose from
  • A 24/7 Express Emergency Service

With the upkeep of remote controls, you can:

  • Use the control for 2 different brands of garage doors
  • Attach the remote to your visor for better maneuverability
  • A long-life lithium battery to replace your old one
  • A complete year warranty

We can always find options and ranges of prices for all of our products and services that will adapt to all the financial situations you might possess and different kinds of styles and colors that will suit your home and your family. Call us now at Garage Door Services Paradise Valley and we will provide you will all the remotes and services you might need.

New Openers

We will help you choose the best Garage door openers that will suit your home since it’s a really important part of the mechanism; it’s the one that does the heavy duty by lifting all the weight of the door when you start it and it’s a motorized system mostly controlled by remotes and switches. If you want a well done service in your house call us at Paradise Valley. Paradise Valley Garage Door Service possesses a team of qualified employees that will help you solve all the problems you might experience. If your garage door or opener is causing all kinds of problems we can solve them for you. Garage Door Service Paradise Valley can provide you with all the accessories and complements you might need for your door. We provide many services just like calibration, adjusting, tuning, repairing, and replacing of your garage door opener when you need it. Paradise Valley Garage Door Service will fulfill all your needs and demands just like you requested them. We possess a big amount of chains, door drives, belts, directs, racks, screws, and many other in stock. We have all different kinds of options, styles and accessories to please all that you might ever request.

Chain drive garage door opener

If you want a garage door opener that possesses all types of solutions for the reliability, durability and lasting performance don’t look elsewhere since Paradise Valley has in stock the perfect opener to fulfill all of these needs. The only disadvantage is that the chain drivers tend to make a louder noise than the other openers when you start the mechanism, but are the most efficient opener for heavier steel and wooden doors.

Belt drive garage door opener

Belt drive garage doors are one of the most silent kinds of openers in the whole market. They are the most reliable ones and it’s why we offer a full time warranty on their installation. They are perfectly suited for small and high spaces.

Shaft drive garage door opener

Shaft drive doors are made to be installed in small spaces, since they are compact and relatively quiet. The shaft drivers are installed into the wall and that gives away extra space to store all your goods and that represents a positive aspect.

We possess a team conformed of highly talented employees, and at Paradise Valley Garage Door Service we think that it represents our best quality. Our qualified employees use only the newest tools available on the market. Garage Door Service Paradise Valley will provide you all of the options and services your garage door opener may need to solve the problems. We can schedule an appointment or make a visit, if you contact us via e-mail or by passing by our offices. We think that satisfying your demands is the top priority so we always look up to you. We have in stock a large amount of garage door services, some of them are accessories, repairs, installation, etc. Paradise Valley Garage Door Service is your most reliable choice.

Garage Door Service Paradise Valley

Its probably time to request for an upkeep service if your garage door is squealing, slows down, squeaks, or gets stuck so we can handle that for you. Taking into account that Garage Door Repair Paradise Valley will assist you with all the repair needs you may have. We are more than willing to help you solve all of those problems that complicate your life

Paradise Valley Garage Door Repair has always lead commercial and residential garage door installation and service. You will see what’s in store at Paradise Valley showroom and all their offers; you can browse through all of our new garage door booklets and ask for a budget of any of our services.

Repairs Done Right

Do you want to avoid all of the rodents that plan on invading your house and making a home there? Wouldn’t it be great to finally get back on track that garage door? We can avoid for you having you go through all that trouble of the upkeep, that’s why you should hire or contact one of the qualified employees that conform our team at Paradise Valley Garage Door Repair. The employees we have will make sure that the problem gets resolved in less time than you might imagine. You will be amazed when you walk through your garage door and encounter for the first time in years a whole new system and brand new equipment.. With just a simple call to Paradise Valley Garage Door Repair you can get to feel that in less than you would expect. After we get the job done you will be left wondering why you didn’t call us first or a long time ago, here at Paradise Valley Garage Door Repair we´ll amaze you.

Most of the people that claim to be experts in the subject don’t even know the proper requirements for installation that’s why you should always be sure that you are getting work done by a qualified and responsible person. Paradise Valley Garage Door Repair team only consists on the most capacitated individuals and qualified experts in the market. We are specialists in servicing our clients and delivering a top-quality service.

Paradise Valley Garage Door Repair reputation in the city is rising high because we provide our customers with a service that will be hard to forget, since it comes with excellence. We are making a name for our company as the favorite in Paradise Valley, one repair by one.

New Garage Doors

Paradise Valley Garage Door Repair can custom all of its products and services if a client ever requests it. We can create from scratch all kinds of doors, windows, openers designed individually with top-quality materials framed for you house specifications. We have the best designers available that will create a masterpiece that will cover all aspects you demand and will later be brought into life by our qualified workmanship. No matter if it is a wooden frame that gives your house that classic feel you have been craving for the last few years, or a steel or aluminum carriage door that will give you the flexible and resistant aspect you may need to have, we can make that dream of the perfect garage door a reality with the qualified employees and manufacturers we have at our disposition. Paradise Valley Garage Door Repair no matter how hard and demanding the request is will deliver everything that you’ve been looking for with a professional and reliable team capable of performing all kinds of jobs. The Paradise

Valley Garage Door Repair has as an objective creating the best garage doors to date and providing a service of excellence that way our customers will be satisfied and that’s what we focus on.

Materials for your garage door

Garage Door Service Paradise Valley possesses all kinds of different materials:

  • Wood: A very attractive material because of the classical feels it gives to the door. Can be stained to all kinds of different colors and it can be a beautiful decoration.
  • Steel: Is really sturdy and offers great protection and resistance
  • Aluminum: Is really resistant to rust, has great flexibility and is light weighted.
  • Fiber glass: One of the most durable and lightest options in the market
  • Plastic: Probably the lightest option available in the market and has been recently used in many of our doors

Paradise Valley Garage Door Installation has all the system and doors you can think off with also all the accessories and complements to ensure a great service.

Your New Look

Since we offer the best procedures during and after the installation process and provide a top-quality service we have dug our way as a leading industry in our area. No matter if it’s chains, frameworks, doors or new rollers, we can supply you all of them. Paradise Valley Garage Door Repair offers our services for all kinds of garage doors no matter how old it is. We base our reputation in the outstanding service we supply to all and each one of our clients. Contact Paradise Valley Garage Door Repair for an upkeep or a free budget.

Contact Us

Here our qualified employees at Paradise Valley Garage Door Repair are available to assist you every time you are in need of our services. That is the reason we provide all kinds of services like insurance filing, the 24/7 express emergency service, and same day services.

Paradise Valley Garage Door Repair qualified employees overcome a special training so they are capable of properly responding and actively solve any problem presented. Our qualified employees are always here to cover you back no matter what the problem is. To make sure that we deliver a perfect service, we have developed a 25 point safety inspection so this way during our assessments and diagnostics we can be sure that we don’t have a missing screw or skip a crack or crevice in your door. At Paradise Valley Garage Door Repair, we compromised to deliver to all of our clients the best high quality service in the Paradise Valley area. Our customers can vary from industrial and commercial sites, government agencies, insurance companies, homeowners, supermarkets and retail outlets.

Our qualified and certified employees can assure you a 100% efficient and reliable service. We service the entirety of the Paradise Valley Garage Door Repair doors for industries, domestic properties, and commerce not damaging the warranty they possess since our employees know all the procedures, we will leave it like brand new. All of the Paradise Valley Garage Door Repairs are ensured a 100% guarantee certify.

Paradise Valley Garage Door Repair has all its licenses to date, and is properly insured as a business and fulfills Arizona State highest and most difficult standards. You can look if you desire “Paradise Valley Garage Door Repair” on Angie’s List, Yelp, or the Better Business Bureau. Paradise Valley Garage Door Repair provides a service unmatchable at garage door service, garage door and overhead repairs, upkeep, and installations besides our other services that we possess. At Paradise Valley Garage Door Repair, we can do all your repairs rapidly. We can offer you an immediate service if you contact by phone or via e-mail one of our employees.

Paradise Valley Garage Door Repair is your number one option in the area Paradise Valley for all of our services of garage door repairs. We have for all of the problems you might experience all different kinds of solutions so they are no longer a problem for you.

About Us

Paradise Valley Garage Door Repair possesses a 24/7 Express Emergency Service for all of Paradise Valley residents and its surroundings. We offer only the best garage door services that you can get with incredibly affordable prices and top quality materials. We are confident that we can supply all of the Paradise Valley customers solutions that are affordable, prompt, and of high quality.

At Paradise Valley Garage Door Repair, we have a long list of insurance companies, homeowners, government agencies, retail outlets, supermarkets, industrial and commercial sites that were incredible pleased by the efficient, reliable and rapid service in which all of their problems got resolved instantaneously. We providing our customers top-notch services and products so that way we keep them happy and worriless and this is how we get our recommendations since our products speak for themselves.

We outperform our larger competitors as we have discovered recently, even though we are small. We deliver our services significantly faster than most of the other companies since we don’t possess a crazy overhead this way the details usually passed away can be given full attention. Distraction is not a problem when you hire our services. When you hire our services, you will be able to rest thinking of how the problem will be easily solved by our technicians. Poor installation is the main cause of malfunctions in the components. Paradise Valley Garage Door Repair maintains the highest level of quality, professionalism, and communication throughout the installation. From upkeeps to installations, we can assure you will be having the best workmanship available. We offer scheduled upkeep of all Paradise Valley Garage Door Repair doors. We can guarantee you satisfaction in all of Paradise Valley Garage Door Repair services and that our employees will fulfill all your demands.

Paradise Valley qualified employees can be contacted by phone or via e-mail. If you would like to schedule an appointment or budget, or you wants us to clear some doubts or concerns you might have, you can just give us a call or send us an email. Paradise Valley Garage Door Repair is your only choice when looking for a reliable service with ensured results.

Paradise Valley Garage Door Repair provides the best garage door servicing in the whole Paradise Valley area. When you contact a Paradise Valley Garage Door Repair qualified employee, you can be sure that your problem will be left with an individual capable of resolving all your problems.

At Paradise Valley Garage Door Repair, we enlarge our reputation with all of our satisfied customers one garage door at a time.


Fixing the Problem Before It’s Too Late

Garage doors can offer better protection for your home, as well as increasing its value, but like you should know already garage doors tend to be a little pricy. But it all depends on the process of installation which determines when your door will start to malfunction. When you start to present these malfunctions you will need someone who you can rely on to solve all of your garage door needs so it can go back to work like when it was recently bought.

We have always believed that the key behind the prevention of the malfunction is regular upkeep of the whole mechanism. This is to help reduce the problems when they are still minor before they can get out of our hands. Our objective is to ensure the safety and security of your property and also providing you a range of smart prices so you can choose which one is the most convenient. This way criminal activity is reduced since they have a more difficult job at accessing your property. If you can’t decide for one, contact us at Paradise Valley Garage Door Repair and you will be informed by one of our experts of all the different options and styles we possess. We have free budgets.

A garage door can be very demanding that’s why you got to make sure you can count on a professional to give you advice. Call Paradise Valley Garage Door Repair to obtain an efficacious, efficient and quick service. At Paradise Valley Garage Door Repair, we can solve all your problems by determining their causes. No matter what the situation is, Paradise Valley Garage Door Repair can alleviate the stress you might possess from having to deal with these problems.

Our years of experience and workmanship have paid off  on all of our repairs, maintenances and services, providing in each one of them quality, with exceptional results in advertising, that made it able to spend more time on our customers and satisfying them.

Remote Issues

You should instantly get your remote control look at if you see it starts to malfunction. Paradise Valley Garage Door Repair supplies all kind of services for damaged remotes, like replacement and recalibration.

Paradise Valley Garage Door Repair team of qualified employees will make sure your problems are solved by delivering our services instantaneously. Scheduled upkeep will relieve you from your stress by maintaining the correctly functioning of your door. We will hand out to you the highest quality service in Paradise Valley, so contact us now!