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A garage door, you once choose diligently and soundly, will in all likelihood, be your silent life partner. So it is but obvious that you will require expertise and specialized services that are offered by Phoenix Garage Doors. Choose from amongst our wide range of door material, window style, hardware, dimension, pattern, accessories and tints. With us you even get the option to design your own garage door if you do not find anything to your liking with us.

We Service Garage Doors

No one services your garage door like we do at Phoenix Garage Doors. It may be completely off track or may have got jammed, just a call to us and our experts will have set it right in no time at all.

Phoenix Garage Doors is known all over the area for its expert, reliable and efficient garage door services. Just call us and get a free quote for any of our services – installation, repair, maintenance or replacement. Check out our website or visit our store to know more about our varied products vis-à-vis models, substances, openers, rail systems, remotes, sensors etc. We value your privacy and safety as much as you do and that is why at Phoenix garage doors we offer you a variety of automated garage door with the latest security system, and in modern styles and designs. All this will be done only by our specialists.

You may need to change your door style or replace your rail system or door, or repair broken parts or accessories: here at Phoenix Garage Doors we will do it all.

The best part of Phoenix Garage Doors is that our customers get a complete service and do not have to knock on various doors for different services and requirements: from consultation and valuation to installation and maintenance. We do everything for your total satisfaction and satisfy even the most exigent requirements.

Phoenix Garage Doors provides only durable materials in the lowest price in the whole area so you take a reasoned decision in tandem with your budgetary and property needs.

All our services and products are fully insured and in the unlikely event of any fault once we have worked on it, we will set it right free of cost.

Whatever be your choice of material, we deal only with the best door manufacturers of this country so all our doors are quality assured. If you like the traditional patterns and carvings on your door, opt for wood. However if it is the modern look you desire choose steel or lightweight aluminum.

Our doors can also be made thermal resistant. We conform to the minimum insulation standards recommended for homes. Just give us a call and our experts will give you detailed information after inspecting the site where you wish to install the door, providing you with comprehensive closure and insulation needs, and the materials available for the same, as well as the cost. We will also tell you about the preventive services offered by us so that you take an informed decision.

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New Door Installation

Come to us, choose from our range of alternates and see your dream door coming to life.

New Opener Installation

Phoenix Garage Doors’ technicians will install the best and latest garage door opener for you. Depending on the type and purpose of your door, we will give you the chain driven, belt driven and shaft driven opener. We also provide remote systems and wireless access control system.

Garage Door Repair

Our repair service is available 24/7 in and around Phoenix area. Call us if you face any problem with your garage door, or its part or accessory.

Much more than just a door

Garage door is often thought of as just another gate whose purpose is to secure the privacy of your home to a greater extent. However garage doors also serve a practical purpose while adding elegance and style to your complex. Phoenix Garage Doors will be glad to update you about the benefits of our garage door models.

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Materials: The latest materials available in the market can be got from us – wood, steel, aluminum and fiber. Whatever your choice of substance, we will have it for you definitely.

Insulation: When it comes to thermal insulation, we are your guys. Our doors can be fitted with insulation material guaranteeing maximum thermal containment in the garage.

Openers: We provide the widest choice in openers, from the strong chain driven openers to the sturdy belt driven openers. Moreover our openers can be fitted with power backup so that there is no problem in case of power shortage or failure.

About us and value of our service content

Who we are

Phoenix Garage Doors is a repertoire of expert knowledge and specialists who do the perfect job the first time itself. With us working on your garage door, you do not have to wait to get adjusted to the new door or fine tune the opener many times before using it.

  • Affordable: All our products and services are the most inexpensive and you only pay for what you use.
  • Reliable: Time is valued highly by us, and once you have called us, you will not have to call us again for the same work, nor cancel any prior appointments. Our services are never delayed.
  • Professional: Every job is performed by the specialist in that field.

Testimonial Content

1)            Paul Thompson

I needed a garage door for my commercial site but wanted a customized one. Thank you Phoenix Garage Door for providing me this freedom.

2)            Elizabeth Ludlow

My doors were off track and I didn’t know what to do. I called Phoenix Garage Door who technical team arrived quickly and repaired the door in no time at all. I have never seen a faster service.

3)            Arthur Durmstrang

Thank you Phoenix Garage door service for coming over just to deliver a new set of battery.

Our basic services

Basic services are offered by Phoenix Garage Doors for your home and business. We are known for our professionalism and high ethical standards maintained by us. Our main areas of work includes:

Installation: any door of any material, variety, size or system, we can install it for you. We also fix the ideal opener required by you.

Service: with our service you are assured of your doors never becoming dysfunctional. You also don’t have to bother about maintaining a schedule for the service of the door. We do that for you. You keep your peace of mind.

Repair: Our repair service is at your beck and call 24/7. We bring our world class tools as well as replacement parts in case they are required, and you will never have to call us twice for the same work.

Garage Door Repair

A garage door is not something you get every day or in a short span of time. Once installed you wish to maintain it so that it remains as good as new for longer time. That is why you need to contact the technicians of Garage Door Repair Phoenix who provide you the best service in the Phoenix area. Moreover, our services are coupled with a 90 day labor guarantee so in the unlikely and unfortunate event that something goes wrong within the stipulated time period, we will of course fix it but without charging anything. Phoenix Garage Door Repair also bids free written estimating services and any and every replacement.

We at Phoenix Garage Door Repair recognize the fact that garage doors can malfunction any time and for a variety of reasons: off track doors to broken hinge or spring, or torn and frayed cable. The problem may be big or small, but there is nothing that we cannot fix at Garage Door Repair. Call us before the dysfunctional garage door poses a danger to you, your loved ones or valuables. And contact only the professionals of Phoenix Garage Door Repair.

Garage Door Service Phoenix’s services are innumerable and our team repairs anything and everything – broken springs, frayed or torn cables, broken hinges, rollers, keypads, openers, and opener sensors. Garage Door Repair Phoenix also repairs broken torsion springs and cables, broken panels, jammed emergency release, dead openers, warping and worn out motors and gears.

Phoenix Garage Door Repair also offers replacements of a varied variety – pulleys, chains, hinges, springs, openers, rollers etc. We also offer spare parts and motors. In Phoenix, Garage Door Repair Phoenix is your perfect choice because our services include 24/7 emergency, same day repair, preventive maintenance program, and all these services are unbelievably cheap; not to forget 100% customer satisfaction and assured quality.

Meet with the Experts

Each and every technician working with Phoenix Garage Door Repair is an expert in the field of garage door repair. We provide the best service and satisfy our customers’ needs at affordable prices. We know very well about the requirements of your garage door fixing doors in a short period of time. Garage Door Repair Phoenix has earned your trust and aspire to maintain it with the help of our advanced tools and latest technologies.


Garage door springs are the smallest but the most important part of the garage door. If you are struggling to get in and out of your garage, and risk pinching your fingers, it definitely means the springs of your garage door need repair or replacing. Contact Phoenix Garage Door Repair and avail of our array of services. Moreover Phoenix Garage Door Repair has earned the reputation of specialists in spring repair. This is because Phoenix Garage Door Repair is just another name for assured quality with secured service.

While Phoenix Garage Door Repair offers the latest in spring repair, it is definitely not the case that we fix only minor spring damage. We can go up to refurnishing your garage completely. Nonetheless, please keep in mind that broken springs can cause further damage to your garage door such as bowed or broken rollers, and twisted, rusted or misaligned tracks. Therefore it is important that you repair it get the broken spring repaired soon through our expert technical team.

Torsion Springs

Torsion spring permits you to open the garage door while taking the whole weight of the door upon itself. Due to this, all torsion springs have a limited life cycle and tend to break in about two-three years depending on the usage.

If your door looks crooked or halts while going up, or the spring looks disjointed or you hear loud banging when opening the door, note that it is time to replace your spring. Maybe only one spring is broken but replace both because the other is bound to break soon. However, do not buy springs from anyone who say that they can provide torsion spring that would last forever because all torsion springs ever invented and manufactured have an expiry time period. On the other hand, at Phoenix Garage Doors Repair we offer the usual low cycle torsion spring that typically lasts 2-3 years; we also offer high cycle torsion spring that lasts a few more years, but irrespective of what you buy, the spring will break eventually.

Extension Spring

Extension springs are typically longer and more durable than torsion spring, but they also have a fixed cycle and cause the same problem as torsion spring when broken. If the spring looks elongated, you require to change the spring. Here too, even if only one spring is broken, replace both so that both the garage door may open and shut at the same time. The team at Phoenix Garage Door Repair knows all about broken spring. Call us and get tension-free.

Broken Remotes

Garage door openers are operated by remotes which signal the motor inside the door to open or shut the door. Remotes have made life easier for everyone as now no one has to leave their vehicle nor physically lift heavy garage doors. Garage Door Services Phoenix enables you with numerous garage door options, including remotes. Our technicians will help you with anything you need.

The Best Selection of Remotes for your Garage

Chamberlain, Insteon, SkyLink, Genie, Direct Drive are just some of the famous brands whose remotes are available with Phoenix Garage Door Services. We propose programming digital remote transmitters with internal set switches or programming multi-button digital remotes with internal set switches. If you have lost your remote, just send us a picture, and you will get the exact remote back. Call us nevertheless, even if all that you require are batteries.

Garage Door Services Phoenix’s prices are the cheapest in the area, when compared to the services we offer. Call us anytime, and we will answer. Bring your remote to us, and we will fix it in unbelievable short time.

Phoenix Garage Door Services will repair, replace or provide you with an additional remote. We also give universal remotes compatible with doors of varying brands. This is particularly useful for families that have large number of cars. All our remotes are compact in design, easy to operate and work with a simple coin cell battery.

Garage Door Services Phoenix offers innumerable solutions to all your garage door problems. When we deal with garage door remotes, we have everything in mind there is to consider regarding remotes. Amongst the options put up by Phoenix Garage Door Services, you can:

  • Fix your broken remote control
  • Replace it for a new one
  • Provide you with as many extra remotes as you wish
  • Provide you with different brands, models, colors and sizes
  • 24/7 emergency service

In addition, you can also:

  • Operate 1 or 2 garage doors/gates, (even if they belong to different brands)
  • Attach your remote to your visor
  • Obtain a long-life lithium battery
  • A 1-year limited warranty

Garage Door Services Phoenix has something for everything according to your need and budget. We will surely fix your remote. Just call us and relax.

New Openers

The garage door must open and shut smoothly while being strong to life the heavy door. For this you require one good garage door opener offered by Garage door Service Phoenix. The garage door opener is a motorized device which is controlled by switches or remotes. So now, instead of attempting to lift the garage door, call Phoenix Garage Door Service. We at Garage door Service Phoenix can install any garage door and/or accessory including openers. You are sure to find an opener at Phoenix Garage Door Service of your choice: DC chain or belt, shaft driven, chain driven or belt driven, screw, column-mounted swing gate, residential underground swing gate etc. We offer the greatest options in the area.

Chain drive garage door opener

The chain driven garage door opener are the sturdiest and most resilient amongst all the openers available in the market. They are noisy, but are ideal for those extra heavy wooden doors, usually installed for industrial or commercial purposes, and come packed with great features. This includes battery backups in case of power shortage or failure.

Belt drive garage door opener

These openers are quieter than the belt drive garage door opener but are equally robust and can lift really weighty doors with much ease. While these also come with power backup, the best part about these openers is that they can be controlled and accessed from your smartphone too.

Shaft drive garage door opener

If you have a smaller garage door, and need a reliable, compact opener, the shaft driven garage door opener is for you. It saves space and power too while being unbelievably quiet.

The technical team of Phoenix Garage Door Service is fully authorized and expert in what they do. Working efficiently and effectively is their aim and motto. Garage door Service Phoenix will enrich you with the perfect solution you desire. Send us an e-mail or give us a call. We will either schedule an appointment with you or in case of an exigent issue, send over a team immediately. Our priority are our customers. We offer them nothing short of best. Phoenix Garage Door Service’s includes installation, repair, service, maintenance and replacement of all accessories, offering the widest range of brands.


Garage doors can act weird any time and cause problems while opening or shutting. These problems can drive us nuts, and it will only get worse with time. That is why you got to get in touch with Phoenix Garage Door Repair and avail of their extensive arena of services. However our expertise in the field has led us to believe that the most common cause for malfunctioning of garage door is lack of proper, timely and effective maintenance. All this will change once you come in contact with Phoenix Garage Door Repair who can not only resolve minor damages like broken spring or remote replacement, but can also, with their state-of-the-art technology, restructure your entire garage. We can take care of everything from repairing broken links and springs, as well as rusted or misaligned tracks. You know work done by specialists is nothing short of perfection. So do not worry about getting through your door. You certainly will.

Commercial garage door opener or residential garage door service – it has always been Phoenix Garage Door Repair at the top of the lot. Meet the team at our Phoenix showroom, go through our brochures and ask for a free estimate.


Broken springs always cause the apprehension of hurt snagged fingers. And if you have to get down to fixing it yourself, it sends shivers down the spine bringing back horrific memories. But why do you want to do it yourself when you have the professional team of Phoenix Garage Door Repair to do it for you. We get to you quicker than you can think and work with great efficiency. We make your problem vanish in thin air. And when you step into the garage, you do not hear the creaking or squealing of doors. Instead you get to see a perfect garage door as good as new. There are no more those small holes as entry-exit points for those pesky rodents. And all that it took on your side was a call to Phoenix Garage Door Repair. In fact, once we are through with resolving your problem, you will wonder why you never called Phoenix Garage Door Repair earlier.

Everyone cannot be an expert on everything, but the team of Phoenix Garage Door Repair literally does know everything about garage door repairs. We Phoenix Garage Door Repair group are trained professionals and we must know everything about garage doors, repairs and replacements. We can repair as small a thing as remote or hinge, as well as completely revamp your garage door. Do not call your friend to fix your garage door. Instead call us over, and enjoy the sunset on the porch.

When it comes to commercial garage door opener installers, it is only Phoenix Garage Door Repair that you call. We have, through our work, come to be known amongst the best garage door manufacturers of the country.

New Garage Doors

Why is it that while Phoenix Garage Door Repair also embraces the same suppliers of commercial garage doors as other counterparts in the area, it is the work of Phoenix Garage Door Repair that is favoured over our older competitors? It is because we have the experience to design the perfect dream door and get to you exactly the door of your dream. We have a dedicated team of quality technicians, designers and manufacturers who ensure and combine their talents to give your garage door the perfect finish, be it through artistic welding or color matching. We do not do what everyone else does and that is why we are the best. We establish a personal relation with all our customers and are always eager and ready to travel that extra mile for our clients. This is what sets apart Phoenix Garage Door Repair from the others.

Materials for your garage doors

Garage Door Service Phoenix offers the following materials:

  • Wood – beautiful, attractive, versatile and easy to stain, wood is available in numerous shades.
  • Steel – robust, resilient and durable, steel is perfect for keeping those unwanted guests away.
  • Aluminum – light and resistant to dent and rust, this is a perfect choice for those wanting a light weight yet modern looking garage door.
  • Fiber – well-known for its durability and flexibility.
  • Plastic – lightest and the latest option available in the market.

Phoenix Garage Door installation has everything you need with the greatest options giving you the door and system of your choice in accordance with your requirement.


It would certainly not be nice to have a brand new garage door and not be able to operate it. After all it is not a mantel piece to be decorated and kept aside with a “touch me not” sign affixed to it, right? That is why it is mandatory that you contact Phoenix Garage Door Repair whose services you are assured of. We are not finished till you are happy. Irrespective of whether we have gone away a few feet or few years away from you, once you are our customer, you will always remain our customer.

Contact Us

The team at Phoenix Garage Door Repair are at your service 24/7. Call us at our 24/7 emergency number. You can also ask us about insurance claims and emergency garage door service – commercial or residential.

Phoenix Garage Door Repair contracts with residential, commercial, industrial venues, retail outlets, supermarkets and government agencies, providing the best garage door repair service in and around Phoenix area.

Our labor is the best for all our services from repairing doors to remotes, to installing commercial garage door openers, we always do our best and leave those handy easy-to-follow instructions for a quick maintenance from you. Phoenix Garage Door Repair provides full complete maintenance and we take care of your garage door throughout. Therefore our labor warranty remains intact as does your garage door, its parts and accessories. All services of Phoenix Garage Door Repair including the workmanship is 100% certified.

We are also a licensed Phoenix Garage Door Repair company and registered with the highest standards of Arizona State’s terms and guidelines. You can look us up with “Phoenix Garage Door Repair” at the Better Business Bureau Search Engine. The services we provide at Phoenix Garage Door Repair are unparalleled because we combine our services with ultimate customer satisfaction and stupendous service. Phoenix Garage Door Repair has, this is why, maintained its reputation steadily and our clientele is ever-growing. So what are you waiting for? Just give us a ring or e-mail us, now.

At Phoenix Garage Door Repair our client is our foremost priority. We care about your safety, security and privacy, and we always work for your satisfaction.

About Us

Phoenix Garage Door Repair brings to you 24/7 emergency service, and we are proud we are ever ready to go a bit further for our customers’ satisfaction.

Phoenix Garage Door Repair is committed to giving the best service and repair in and around the greater Phoenix area. We deal with home owners, industrial and commercial sites, insurance companies, government agencies, retail outlets, and supermarkets.

We perform better and have a better reputation compared to our larger competitors because of the nature of our service: we concentrate on one customer and one job at a time. However, we have found that the major reason for dysfunctional garage door faults is shoddy workmanship, poor installation practices and no communication from the installer. On the other hand, Phoenix Garage Door Repair maintains top most quality level, professionalism and communication. From installation to repair, Phoenix Garage Door Repair does it all. We also ensure timely service with 100% certified labor guarantee.

You can contact any of our commercial professional installer in Phoenix through our 24/7 emergency contact number. Besides this unique service, we repair broken springs, frayed or torn cables, rollers, opener sensor, off track door, damaged door panels, broken remotes etc. Phoenix Garage Door Repair is the first choice for residents and business doers because we are the best.

Moreover, our services in Phoenix Garage Door Repair for overhead and garage door repairs, installation, service, maintenance, broken spring and broken remote repair, new openers, new residential garage doors, and new commercial garage door openers is incomparable, and this is the cause for Phoenix Garage Door Repair to have maintained its high reputation and customers. At Phoenix Garage Door Repair we are waiting to help and get you the free quote you need to go forward with your repair, installation, or design needs. All that is required of you is to give us a call or drop in an e-mail.

Phoenix Garage Door Repair cares as much about your safety, security and privacy, and we know with our guaranteed service and customer service standards, you will definitely be satisfied. After all, we are the best!


Fixing the Problem before It’s Too Late

One of the major investments of our life is garage door. It provides us with security, safety and privacy fortifying our business, family, house and vehicle. It also acts as a great storage space. But it will continue to do so only if it is properly maintained. Therefore, to help you maintain your garage door, you need to call Phoenix Garage Door Repair.

The work of professionals at Phoenix Garage Door Repair is to resolve cropping issues before they grow to be a full-fledged plantation, or worse, become insoluble. You might be aware of the break ins that happen in Phoenix. But you might not be aware that a major reason for these break ins are faulty garage doors. So ensure the locks on your garage door are fully secured and in prime working condition. You would not know what to look for when you inspect your garage door as regards those small itty-witty problems. So just give us a call and our team will drop in. And remember our quotes are free.

However, if you do not do this, your garage door may soon begin to squeal and shriek, indicating that something has gone wrong or is about to. This is the time when you get those annoying looks from your neighbors. Even now if you do not call Phoenix Garage Door Repair for a tuning up, your entire system could get jammed. Our team at Phoenix Garage Door Repair will let you know if what’s required is a simple tuning up or a major overhaul. But be assured, whatever the problem, Phoenix Garage Door Repair will take that stress and embarrassment off your shoulders and fix it fast.

Phoenix Garage Door Repair is a one stop solution for all your garage door requirements, including repairs and replacements. Our expertise and quality service has earned us our reputation. And there is no need for us to advertise anymore.

Remote Issues

A broken or damaged remote can cause many problems, the first and major one being inability to operate your garage door. At Phoenix Garage Door Repair you are offered all types of broken remote repairs, service and replacement. We also show you how to replace batteries. So just stop by our location and let us take a look at remote before you are left stranded.

Nevertheless, whatever be the issue, you can be sure to find a solution at Phoenix Garage Door Repair. Any mechanical thing is bound to have some wear and tear over time. But that should not prevent you from carrying on with your daily routine. Do not wait for an opportune time to contact us. Just call Phoenix Garage Door Repair and we shall take care of everything for you.