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San Tan Valley invites you to have a look through its online gallery in order to watch our great variety of garage doors, elements and components for residential, commercial, industrial and agricultural settings. You can find a vast catalog of view doors and window models, styles, designs and colors under that section.

Garage Doors

We at San Tan Valley know that having a new garage door set up can be difficult, as it may be expensive, even if it will become a steady asset in your home. So, before making a choice, you should think twice, so it will fit your needs. We offer you a wide variety of services for you to decide and pick from. Take a look at our vast range of products, and if you don’t find anything that fits your needs, we can design any type of garage door you wish, based on the great diversity of accessories that we have in storage, including but not limited to doors and window models, styles, colors, sizes, designs and hardware.

We Service Garage Doors

If your garage door is malfunctioning, the door went off its tracks, or the lock got stuck, There’s no need to be worried! Give us a call at San Tan Valley and we will check, fix and service it. We always have you covered; our skilled team of experts is waiting to fix that for you. Your garage door will be working as good as a brand new one when they have finished!

If you are searching for greatly experienced personnel with specialized training, look no more! At San Tan Valley, we have the best team of expert technicians in the area. Call us at San Tan Valley and ask to talk with one of our experts, and they’ll give you a special quote, once they know everything related to your needs. Brand new garage doors, installation of their parts, service and repair are only a few of the great selection of services that we have. Our staff is formed only by the most skilled professionals. They are highly capacitated to service and/or repair your garage door and also to install a brand new garage door system in no time. Come by our offices or take a look at our online website so you can learn more about our wide array of garage door styles, models, materials, rail systems, garage door openers, locks, remote controls, as well as our commercial or industrial systems. Security, privacy and comfort are of maximum importance for you and your family. Therefore, we are extremely careful and thorough when it comes to safety procedures. You will feel secure with our completely automatic, reliable garage doors. San Tan Valley has a complete and the biggest stock in front-line automated garage door opener systems and circuits in the area, and we are the best decision you can make in order to protect your garage and belongings, along with a large number of styles and materials.

If you mind making changes to your current garage door, or maybe the door continues to go off track, San Tan Valley, is just the company you need to call: Your home or business can get a new look, just by giving your garage door a full facelift. Also, we can get your doors back on track immediately and fix any type of springs, rewire or replace worn cables. We have a variety of brand new remote controls in stock at our warehouse.

San Tan Valley is being molded accordingly to your exact requirements. Garage door production and regular maintenance is just a tiny part of the assortment of services that we provide. We are sure that our experience speaks for us, when we see only happy faces on our customers at the end of every work we do. Client satisfaction is by far our best reward.

Our services have an extensive variety of options for every budget: From the simplest and most elementary adjustments to the most complicated and elaborate work. Only Unnamed gives you a window of so many choices to pick what fits your needs, with our varied selection of durable materials with the most accessible pricing in the region!

We offer a free of charge, full warranty that covers all services delivered by us, and for any component or part bought at our store, in the case of a repair or replacement of any defective parts being necessary

We own high-standard parts on stock for garage doors and we only deal with the most outstanding garage door makers in America. If you are worried about quality and style, we have a great assortment of high quality wooden doors which embody that traditional, classic look, as well as a large variety of exciting patterns, even for boldest taste. If you are more concerned about the durability/safety side, it is safe to say that our garage doors are both long-lasting and weight-safe. Our steel and aluminum doors give you an extense diversity of options. They can be as light and small as you need while being resistant enough to provide toughness and last for a very long time, making them efficient garage door openers.

In addition, we own doors that give your garage thermal resistance and insulation. Our work observes the minimum insulation standards suggested for most homes. Our experts will come by your home or business building to examine the zone, so as to give you a competent and insightful information so you can make the best choices about your lock and insulation needs, material availability, opener systems, mounting  fees, and preventive assistance, including maintenance. Speaking to any of our skillful employees about your garage door adjustment will make you take the best decisions and saving money while you are at it, when buying components or fixing your garage door.

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New Door Installation

Have a look at our stores and discover our wide collection of materials and assortment of styles. Once you have chosen what you want, you only have to take one more step to have a brand new garage door installed. With your help, we can make the garage door of your dreams come true!

New Opener Installation

Our team of skilled experts at San Tan Valley has the necessary competences to install any type of garage door openers, including chain driven, belt driven or shaft driven openers. We also carry wireless access control systems in stock.

Garage Door Repair

Anytime you require garage door repair service, contact us at San Tan Valley 24/7. Whenever you are having issues with your garage gate, whether is a trouble with rail tracks, remote or wireless access control systems door opener or lock system, don’t think twice to call us – we’ve got them all covered!

Not just a door!

Nowadays garage doors aren’t just doors. Even though their main target– keeping people’s homes within a certain range of privacy – remains, they also provide you with a diversity of options, for example thermal resistance, insulation, energy efficiency, safety and styling. San Tan Valley welcomes you and motivates you to ask for any information you need, regarding your garage door needs.

Show All, Materials, Insulation, Openers

Materials: We own only the absolutely finest materials in the area. Also, we offer our wide level of experience towards the proper setup of both the good looking and stunning yet traditional wooden doors or the robust and durable yet low weight choices of steel. We also carry light materials like aluminum and fiber.

Insulation: Our staff is also expert in thermal insulation. Our doors can be custom-made with insulation materials to give you the maximum thermal containment.

Openers:  We carry the widest stock in the market, including all kinds of different garage door openers, among smooth belt driven ones, to tougher chain driven ones. All of them are strong enough to raise even the heaviest garage doors. If the electrical service fails in one way or another, you will need of a power supplier, which we also have in storage.

About us and value of our service content

Who we are

San Tan Valley’s professionals always have knowledge about the latest garage door technologies and systems. Our team of specialists is efficient and experienced no matter what kind of garage door installment you might need. Our community’s peace of mind is our first dedication, for which we intend to make San Tan Valley a much more secure and better place to live in.

  • Inexpensive: We do our best in every job we do and we also have guaranteed reasonable prices. So you will only pay for what you’ve asked!
  • Trustworthy: We know how important your time is, that is why we will respond to your request then help you to solve your problems as soon as possible.
  • Professional: Our team of specialists is highly trained, experienced and skilled for any kind of job regarding garage doors.

Testimonial Content

1)            Christian Reynolds

My family and I are very pleased with San Tan Valley, they’ve done a beautiful and effective job, according to my needs, taking care of how vital my time is and the price they gave me is totally accessible, now I can enjoy some privacy thanks to my brand new garage door, installed by the experts from San Tan Valley

2)            Danielle McGowan

I had no idea how easy was to get a new garage door, until I called San Tan Valley. They offered me 100% trust-worthy service, and finished installing in record time. Highly recommended experts!

3)            Adam Banister

I didn’t trust any companies to come to my home to install a garage door, as soon as I called San Tan Valley and heard their expert workers speak with knowledge, I knew I could trust them. Fair prices, quick but efficient job and highly qualified specialist, you can’t ask for more.

Our basic services

San Tan Valley provides support for any garage door in your home or company. Our experts work 24/7, under the strictest standards of quality, work ethics and professionalism. We manage to keep close business relations with our customers, so they don’t constantly call to get help. Our three main fields are:

Installation: We count with the skills to complete any mounting of any kind of garage door, no matter its shape or size. Learn more about the materials, diversities of styles and systems we use by making all the questions you need! Tell us which kind of openers fit you best, and we will mount it! This includes: access control systems, remote controls, photocells and more, which we offer for purchase and set up.

Service: We have maintenance plans for your gates, so you can avoid any damage or jam to them; this will prevent any defects and also keep your gate working smoothly. Because we don’t want our clients to waste time and money, our customers’ satisfaction is of utmost importance in our business and it’s what keeps us working.

Repair: Don’t wait long periods of time to have your garage door serviced and fixed; instead try our innovative express services. No matter what your situation is; repairing openers, stretched springs, frayed cables or getting doors back on their rail tracks, we’ve got your back covered with our services that are provided by a team of professional workers! We labor only with the latest tools and spare parts, which make us able to perform the best work possible.

Get Ready for Cutting Edge Garage Door Innovation

Don’t waste your time anymore! Go ahead and fill in our form shown above, or contact our phone number to get in touch with our crew, our team of specialists will be happy to answer all your inquiries and will get back to you as quick as possible. Finally, as soon as we know everything we need to know about your needs, we will send you a transparent quote that includes all the details of your requests.

Garage Door Repair

Having trouble with your garage doors? Do not think twice about calling us! We specialize in trustworthy business, with many years of experience. When it comes to affordable pricing and giving our clients the best attention, our reputation precedes us. San Tan Valley is more than pleased to assist you in any issues regarding garage doors. Our skillful associates are experts in repairing any type of garage doors related issues, regardless of how difficult the situation may be. Every service provided by us comes with a 90-day warranty. We are interested in assuring that all you need is done, so as to reach one of our targets: full customer satisfaction. At San Tan Valley we provide, free of charge, written quotes for every single component and replacement, respectively valued.


At San Tan Valley, we are fully conscious of how defective garage doors can be a recurring problem if it isn’t handled correctly. Among the many possibilities for failure that, in uncountable occasions we have come across, the most recurring are: doors going off rails, malfunctioning springs or hinges, torn or worn cables, etc. It doesn’t matter whatever the reason for your gate’s problem may be, San Tan Valley will take care of it as soon as possible, just after you communicate with us. We are concerned about how risky it can be to have a malfunctioning garage door; it can affect the integrity of your valuable assets. So don’t make any mistakes that might reduce or put in danger the safety of you and your family or your appreciated personal effects. It is of vital importance to hire the most efficient personnel, so you can enjoy a gate working as a brand new one, while you stay in the safety and coziness of your home.

At San Tan Valley we have all the necessary abilities and qualifications to repair any garage door; that is swinging up, swinging out, rolling up, or sliding to the side.

San Tan Valley gives you abundant choices for repairs. Our group of skillful professionals have all the necessary equipment and knowledge to fix literally any garage door component or part, that being springs, cables, rollers, openers, hinges, opener sensors or all types of keypads. We would be glad to lend our services regarding garage doors. Our main objective is to come up with the most practical solution for your problems, at your residential, commercial or industrial building. San Tan Valley is more than pleased to help you with any of the following problems: broken panels, broken torsion springs and cables, dead openers, jammed emergency release, warping and worn out motors and gears.

San Tan Valley has in stock a whole lot of components and replacement items, for all your desires. Our lengthy catalog includes hinges, openers, chains, springs, rollers, pulleys as well as other garage-gate parts; we also have spare components and engines in stock. San Tan Valley must be your first choice when it comes to garage doors, as we give the finest service quality in all the San Tan Valley area. Our repair assistance will be provided on the same day you request it, also we offer a preventive maintenance program alongside an around the clock emergency attention and within the accessible prices in the area. We guarantee an over the top work quality, and client satisfaction.

Meet with the Experts

If you’re looking for a garage door repair service or a supplier of replacement components, San Tan Valley is just where you should go to. The answer to whatever the issue with your garage door might be will include the best customer service in the San Tan Valley area. Your requests will be fully completed within the most accesible prices. Let us know exactly what your conditions are and what your garage door issue is, and we will get to it as soon and proficiently as only we can assure, all at the best possible execution. Over the last few years, San Tan Valley have become the most trustworthy business in the area, with our skilled expert team, the members of which are always keen in obtaining the best alternative to your garage door requirements. We use only high-tech gear to get our job exceptionally done.


Are you actually having trouble with your commercial or residential garage door overhead springs? Or, maybe you are undergoing difficulties and probably running the risk of getting injured with the mechanism trying to get the carport out? If you find yourself getting inevitably frustrated over the same old challenges, San Tan Valley has a great variety of services at disposal, allowing you to solve your issue quickly, whether the problem is happening in your home garage, warehouse or underground parking structure. Fixing broken springs are just minorities for San Tan Valley since San Tan Valley Is prepared to make a quality service, guaranteed maintenance in garage doors.

San Tan Valley is greatly experienced at repairing springs. Not only do we provide support for minor fixings, but we also can fully reconstruct the front gate in your garage. Our skill in spring repair has brought us to the top of the list between other businesses within the same field. As soon as you communicate with us, you will immediately be aware that we mean serious business, and that our work will be executed in the top standards of quality and by trained experts. So, when it comes to either spring repair or replacement of any spare part you shall neither panic nor have any further preoccupations.

Torsion Springs

Pitifully, the most frequent installations we’ve seen in garage doors premises have been done using cheap materials and components. These low-cost torsion springs that are in charge of opening and closing the gates, by lifting its entire weight, have a very short duration. Therefore, they can only open and close a door a limited amount of times. This causes them to fail, break, jam or crack when they reach the two to three years limit, depending on how frequently they are used.

The sooner the better!  If you notice that your garage door is getting distorted when in use, or it jams halfway through, or maybe it has begun making loud noises while opening, or even if the springs seem to be a split up; those are signals for you to consider repairing or replacing your springs. Even if only one of the springs is malfunctioning, it is still highly recommended to fix or change both, as they have gone through the exact same wear and tear.  At San Tan Valley we set you up with either low cycle springs, which last up to three years, or you can opt for a smarter alternative, like the high cycle springs, which will guarantee that your gate will be smoothly working for several years of continual use. Life-long springs do not exist, so do not trust any company announcing such a thing.  All springs have a limited – either short or long – lifespan.  Now, if the springs of your garage door are weathered, avoid using them at all, since doing so might be dangerous. Our highly trained professionals can keep you safe from doing it yourself, as they have enough expertise for tasks like changing or fixing the springs.

Extension Spring

In the above photo, we show you some springs, bigger than the normal springs, used commonly on small garage doors. They are capable of providing a longer lifespan than regular torsion springs. Broken extension springs and broken torsion springs can produce all sorts of issues, so as soon as they start making heavy noises like cracking or snapping sounds as it opens or closes, that can only mean one thing, we need to fix them. As the time passes, this can turn into utter issues, it won’t be only stretches; they will sooner or later collapse. It is vital to keep in mind that the springs need to get under maintenance or replacement as a pair, as well as be carefully calibrated at the exact same time, in order for an excellent performance. Call our team of specialists at San Tan Valley straightaway after you notice an able sign of a San Tan Valley. Our capable experts are always keen to assist you around the clock, should you have any information question, service request, replacement order, or repair requisite about your garage doors, covering the whole area of San Tan Valley.

Broken Remotes

A garage door opener is an engine controlled piece of equipment, which works with a remote controller or a switch. The advantages that remote controls and switches give are many; as they emit a signal to

the motor located on the inside of your garage, so prompting a command to open or close the gate. The technologies to open garage doors have become more proficient as well as more suitable over the past few years, so you don’t even have to get out of your car to open or close garage doors, since an in-car switch keeps us from the annoying task of lifting those heavy garage doors. San Tan Valley can provide you with the peace you need, keeping you away from any garage door malfunctions, as well as remote control issues. Our tech team is greatly trained to support you with any situation you may find yourself in, in relation with remote controllers or switches.

The Best Selection of Remotes for your Garage

Take a look at our item catalog online! So you can perceive our wide stock of selected remote control brands, which includes but is not limited to: SkyLink, Direct Drive, Chamberlain, Genie, Insteon, Defiant, and more! San Tan Valley wants to provide you an appropriate service so you can have your new remote controller properly programmed. We can either restore your broken or lost remote control, or supply you with any extra ones if needed. Our team of professionals can program digital multi-button remote controls with internal set switches or digital remote transmitters with internal set switches; it’s just a snap for our team! We possess a huge stock of switches and remote controllers; just like that we have a brand new replacement ready for your lost or broken ones at whenever you might need them. If you have a photo of your remote control, let us take a look at it, or send it to us via e-mail, this way we would be allowed to identify its model, therefore we can access to its corresponding specifications. You can also take advantage of our delivery express system! Special for those occasions when you only require a spare part, just like a battery!

We have without equal prices! Our company is known for making the most affordable prices in the area. Additionally, at San Tan Valley  we offer a 24/7 emergency assistance, you are just a call away from finding the most practical solution to your issue, which will be supplied by us in no time.

San Tan Valley stays at the top on the list of businesses of our kind in the region. So every time you need fixing services or substitution of your garage door remote control or the switch, consult our wide diversity of universal controllers, entirely compatible with most garage door openers available in stores. Besides, if you need to open/close 2 different brands of garage door at the same time, we can help you with that as well. Our remote controls and switches grant practical solutions for households with a few vehicles as well as more than one garage. The remote controllers that we provide let everyone in your family move in and out of the building safe. The only thing you need for your remotes to operate is a common coin cell battery. In just a few minutes we will set up and program your remote control for an excellent performance. They are incredibly easy to control and they come in a broad range of compact designs.

With San Tan Valley you can feel calmed, as we’re here to help you, whenever you might need supply with any remote control problems. We know everything about garage door remote controllers. If your remotes stops functioning or presents any kind of malfunction, San Tan Valley has a complete list of alternatives carefully designed to fit your every need, such as:

  • 24/7 emergency attention
  • We carry any number of controllers you need
  • Provision of a large variety of brands, models, colors and sizes
  • Repairing your broken remotes
  • Substitution of your old controller, with a brand new one

With the purchase of our remote control you get:

  • 1 year limited warranty
  • The choice of the utilization of 2 garage doors, no matter if they are from different brands!
  • Linkage of your controller to your car windshield
  • A lithium battery, with utter lifespan

The best choice for your total coziness and convenience! We have the best solution available in the region, adapted to your budget and your specific requirements. Do not wait to communicate with San Tan Valley, then just sit back and relax while as we deal with your remote control problems for you!

New Openers

Anytime you need of a garage door opener that runs smoothly, yet it is sturdy enough to lift your gate, San Tan Valley supplies you a wide range choices. We know that you would be happy to obtain the best device in the world; one having the best quality and technology in the market. The garage door openers are motor-operated machines; allowing them to open and close the gates on demand, operated by the easy and convenient use of a remote controller or a switch. San Tan Valley will assist you with anything you require regarding openers. If you’re having difficulties with your garage door opener at any time, we’ll be more than pleased to help you cope with your issues and set you on the right way towards a viable solution. San Tan Valley takes pride in its specialization of the mounting of any type of garage door opener or part existing in the market. Besides, we have the suitable technology to tune, adjust, repair and/or replace your garage door opener at any time. San Tan Valley will be happy to find the garage door opener that best fits your house, needs and that will be appropriate for you as well as accessible for your pocket. We own a wide selection of garage door drives; including: direct, chain, belt, screw, chain, column-mounted swing gate, residential underground swing gate, rack and pinion, DC chain or belt, and more. We always use cutting-edge technology, so we can supply our customers with all the modern choices available in the market, our goal main purpose being to guarantee a complete client satisfaction.

Chain drive garage door opener

This garage door opener introduced in the photo above is the strongest, most confident and durable opener you can find in the market nowadays, giving you that extra robust performance required to last for decades.

Even if they might be a bit noisy sometimes, that extra power needed to raise heavy wooden or steel doors, undeniably compensates it. Furthermore, they include first-class characteristics. Most high-safeness garage doors that are made nowadays are very heavy to be lifted with bare hands. Besides, to pick up and operate them, a chain drive opener is needed. We incorporate battery backups, in case of an electric failure.

Belt drive garage door opener

This garage door opener shown above is in particular quiet without being sturdy. It can raise gates that are very heavy, quietly enough as never to bother anyone surrounding your garage. They include a set of battery backups as well, so you will always be ready for any situation such as an electrical issue. One of their best characteristics is the entire control from your tablet or smartphone.

Shaft drive garage door opener

These shaft driven openers depictured above are the most silent, most durable and most dependable alternative created to cover for a broader demographic. Don’t waste more space or power space! Just hurry to change towards one of these great shaft drive openers

Between the most positive characteristics of San Tan Valley is our highly prepared team of skillful experts, who will, above any eventuality, assure that all the chores they’ve mounted for, gets effortlessly and brilliantly done. Equipped with knowledge, experience and the required tools, they are able to perform any garage door opener drive installation competently and in no time. At San Tan Valley we like outclassing ourselves, becoming only better after every job we finish, in order to always find the best answer for any problem you may have. Your satisfaction is our best reward.

Contact us, via phone or e-mail and we will quickly agree for a meeting or have any member of our specialized crew will solve your issues. We take our customers very seriously as they are our number one priority. That’s why we always put our best in any job we do, as we are committed to grant full client satisfaction. We offer a broad variety of garage door assistance, such as: set up, repair and variety of accessories, parts, elements and complements as well as a vast selection of top quality brands, in order to satisfy all your desires. San Tan Valley wants to become your number one choice regarding garage-door supply and gate service ally.


If you’re now having issues with your warehouse overhead gate or your residence garage door, or it fails to do a smoothly work as it opens or closes, then we are sure that these problems are starting to bother you. We hate to tell you such bad news, but from this point on, it’s just destined to get worse with time. However, do not panic! At San Tan Valley we got the right solution to your issue, as we provide a huge variety of alternatives of services, meaning we will help you get your garage door back to its days! San Tan Valley delivers only high quality services; we don’t only take care of minor repairs like as broken remotes or spring replacements, but also with total renovations and reconstructions of your garage gate from scratch. We perform any type of setting-up related to your commercial garage door and its opener as well. Fixing of issues like: Broken springs and links, bent or malfunctioning rollers, and rusted, twisted or incorrectly aligned rails, are just a tiny part of the services supplied by us. So when it comes to problems with your garage gate, just leave it in the hands of our team of experts, professionals and skilled workers and you’ll soon acknowledge that you’ve made the right choice by hiring our service.

Unnamed has been at the top of commercial garage door opener and residential garage door service since its beginning. Come see the team at our San Tan Valley showroom! Browse our new garage door brochures and ask for a special price!


If you’re particularly concerned about the springs, specifically split or broken ones, you might have already experienced the tedious and painful case of having your fingers stuck. The simple idea of trying to repair them yourself, can give you the chills as it reminds scenarios of torn fingers, along with the inflammation and bruising from previous shots, or a bad feeling in your stomach just by remembering it, or even worse, perceiving that it has to be done again. How about if you let us give you a hand? We’ll be pleased to have a team of our skillful specialists stop by immediately. Contact us at San Tan Valley, and we will be at your total disposal to provide everything you desire, just as soon as you hang up the phone, in order to give a practical solution to any problem you may have, instead of dealing with squeaking, finger-ripping springs by yourself. As soon as you pass by your garage you will be aware of how shimmering your restored or replaced garage door looks, while being carefully and skillfully installed. Forget about further issues with your neighbors, caused by noisy hinges and sounds coming from the engine of your carport door. Say goodbye to the unwelcomed mice in your house and greet the tranquility of your sealed home. If you want to feel sure that this won’t happen again, call us at Unnamed, instead of calling an exterminator service to get rid mice and rodents once and for all. Soon after you notice how the look of your building has improved, you’ll begin asking yourself, why didn’t you call San Tan Valley before, in order to assist your commercial or residential garage door.

Not everyone can be successful in excelling at every single task, but at San Tan Valley we are professionals in everything related to garage doors.  Your handyman might have passed some of the less noticeable details, but not all service providers are totally aware of minor details or issues. However, at San Tan Valley we know that our obligation is to learn everything required for assisting garage doors, as well as its particular repair and part replacements, including those minor details not all service providers are totally aware of. Our highly trained crew can deal with any kind of repair, from a broken remote control to total installations of about any kind of residential, commercial or industrial garage door. Avoid

at all costs the bad feeling of trying to fix it yourself. You definitely want to hire the best service in the area to get the job done, and done right! San Tan Valley, give us a call at any time.

San Tan Valley has not only been one of the top commercial garage door opener installers and service providers in San Tan Valley but has actually begun to receive acknowledgment for their work from producers of new garage doors in the world! Making a name for ourselves through quality and client satisfaction, one garage door opener at a time.

New Garage Doors

San Tan Valley takes pride of its customized work. Even when many other establishments in San Tan Valley share the providers with us, none of them have the skills or expertise required to design the doors that fits your requirements. Only the most virtuous designers and the best manufacturers form part of our personnel, meaning that you are actually granted to get exactly what you needed, and conveniently fit to meet your budget and desires. Only with the help of our highly qualified and skilled team of technicians, designers and makers, we are capable to develop and build whatever we set ourselves to do. All our doors and materials are totally tractable, whether it concerns steel, artistic welding, color matching, window fittings and master woodworker. Our San Tan Valley industry didn’t become the best in the field by doing only what other enterprises are doing. Instead, we’re continuously innovating; giving our customers something they can be happy of and would like everyone to see. From suiting the mechanisms and putting our best effort in styling and coloring, as well as supplying extra attention to minor issues, such as details related to shapes hardware choices, we will come up with a completed look that will become the envy of your neighbors, and subsequently please and satisfy your expectations, putting a visible and considerable step above between San Tan Valley and our competitors.

Materials for your garage doors

San Tan Valley offers the following materials:

  • Wood, this is an attractive and versatile material that is capable to offer your house a vintage look, with all the classic style that it requires! You can find this in different colors and can be dyed easily
  • Steel, which represents a much safer alternative and also gives your doors an enduring feature. It’s also solid enough to keep those unwelcomed guests far from your premises, like rodents and their likes
  • Aluminum, being a lighter option than steel, can still be capable of keeping rodents far enough. Also, this is an easy material to repair, and has more dust proof than other materials.
  • Fiber glass, this is widely popular for its durability characteristics and also for its flexibility.
  • Plastic garage doors, which had become an attractive alternative nowadays, because it’s the lightest option on the market.
  • San Tan Valley has many options for you to choose from, supplying you with the best and most varied affordable alternatives.

We will not stop until we please your needs with an excellent setting-up that meets our clients’ satisfaction


We are confident that your garage door can make the difference in terms of appearance. However, in certain cases, some people have the inclination to focus on looks rather than functionality, forgetting about the importance of its lifespan. It’s totally pointless designing the “Mona Lisa” of garage gates; if it is unpractical or even terribly flawed so it will start malfunctioning.  How immensely would affect our reputation if as soon as we’ve completed the job, it just doesn’t seem to operate as it is expected to? Or even worse, what if after we left your premises, it starts failing and finally stops running? With our full-covered warranty and 100% satisfaction rate, we can definitely assure that it won’t matter how long we’ve been gone, because every single client will be immediately taken care of, regardless of the situation. At San Tan Valley we are very proud to say that our reputation talks for us, as we’ve fairly earned it for treating our customers much better than other enterprises in the same field. We essentially do not consider that our work is done, until our clients are completely pleased. So stop delaying it any further and get in contact with us today at San Tan Valley, to get a special quote of commercial and/or residential garage door setting up, repair, garage door opener service, or garage door service plan.

Contact Us

San Tan Valley’s technicians are always waiting for a call. 24/7 emergency calls or contacts and round the clock garage door repair teams are here to give you a hand. Ask us about helping you with insurance claims and emergency commercial or residential garage door service.

At San Tan Valley, we are committed to supply the absolute best garage door assistance and repair alternatives in the entire area of San Tan Valley. Our clients come from a wide demographic range; frequently residential owners, commercial and industrial businesspersons, insurance companies, retail outlets, supermarkets and even government agencies.

Whether we are to fix a broken remote control or switch, install garage door openers, repair malfunctioning springs, deliver full residential, commercial or industrial garage gate maintenance, or even create and set up a brand new garage door; it is vital for us to effectively carry it out with the best craftsmanship, within a short range of time, while giving our clients easy paths for the appropriate service, care and best use of their investment. We provide frequent service for all our San Tan Valley  gates, including: residential, commercial or domestic settings, assuring the precise functionality of your doors remain unharmed, and most important, all of our garage door services and repairs, are covered by  the San Tan Valley  warranty for workmanship, which is 100% certified. So you won’t have to be worried about it.

We are also a certified San Tan Valley company, achieved with the highest credentials by San Tan Valley terms and guidelines. If you’d like to know more about us and our business, look us up as “San Tan Valley” at the Better Business Bureau Search Engine, if you haven’t  yet marked for us. San Tan Valley offers, among others, overhead attention, garage door fix and maintenance, installation and service of new commercial, residential and industrial garage gates and their openers, split or broken springs, remote control substitutions. Equally, our customer service policy and our concern for full client satisfaction are our main purpose and evidence of the remarkable success of our business, that has helped us here at San Tan Valley  keep our reputation intact, as we develop an ever growing customer list, since our doors opened for the first time. Give a call now or contact us online. At San Tan Valley we are always enthusiastic to attend all the issues you might have about the services we provide, including replacement of components or faulty parts, maintenance of your gates, reparations and installations. We also offer designing options for you to choose from. Do not forget to request your special quote! Chat with one of our well trained experts on our online site or call us to receive a complimentary quote covering any of the services we provide.

San Tan Valley is the first choice for all residential garage door service jobs in San Tan Valley  and the surrounding areas. Your safety, security and most important, your satisfaction, is our highest priority. As San Tan Valley premiere garage door repair company, you know we always work for your pleasure.

About Us

San Tan Valley provides 24/7 emergency assistance all over San Tan Valley and the surrounding areas. We are above all the businesses in our area because we go the extra mile for our clients and can assure you that the prompt and professional garage door repair and new garage door installation service we offer is unmatched in Seattle.

At San Tan Valley, we are committed to supply the best garage door services and repair options in the entire region of San Tan Valley. Our clients come from a wide demographic range; from residential owners to government agencies.

We always focus at one task at the time, we have already shown that our performance is much more satisfactory than the one supplied by other companies. We grant our clients total immersion and dedicated service from our skilled and professional team of experts at any time, in order to accomplish their job in the shortest period of time possible but also guarantee that our job is done the best way. Our past experiences have proven that most of the malfunctioning doors we’ve seen are so because of poor setting up techniques and ordinary workmanship. Other possible causes can account for poor instructions or even the bad training and short experience from the previous installers, and failed communication is very influential in this job as well. San Tan Valley keeps the highest rank of expertise, quality of attention and communication skills with its customers regarding to all their garage-door reparation and mounting services. Every service that we provide, including the installation of new garage doors, to the fix of faulty remote controls, and even the residential, commercial and industrial garage gate services, are all guaranteed with an excellent workmanship, prompt service, repair and installation, vast instructions for proper care, usage and maintenance of your garage door installations and a regular successive service is offered for all the San Tan Valley   gate types. It doesn’t matter if they are on industrial, commercial or domestic establishments. We want to make sure that you receive the

proper quality service and also to insure that the integrity of your doors remains in excellent conditions. All of the services we provide include our certified workmanship, 100% guaranteed warranty for any issues you may have!

Our competent installers at San Tan Valley are available for contact through our emergency call center that runs 24/7 or on our website, this being one of the many services provided by us. We’re efficient in every job regarding garage door maintenance or installation, from damaged door panels to any issue your controller may present.

San Tan Valley accounts for the highest quality residential garage door service business in the area, as well as first choice in commercial establishments and domestic premises garage door opener setting-up and repair services

Not yet decided to hire us? San Tan Valley offers overhead services, garage door repair, garage door services, including maintenance, installation of your gate and its parts, independently whether they are used, our skillful team got your commerce, residence or house covered. Besides, our customer service policy and full client pleasure, are our main purposes and is also supplying evidence of the success of our business, which has helped us here at San Tan Valley  keep our reputation safe, as we have been developing an ever growing client agenda, since our doors first opened. Call us now or contact us online. At San Tan Valley we are always enthusiastic to attend all your issues about the services, installations, reparations, replacements, maintenance plans and designing alternatives we supply. In our website, our team of well trained professionals is waiting for you! Get in touch with us as soon as possible and receive a complimentary quote, including any of the services that we provide, and do not forget to ask for a free quote!

At San Tan Valley we do our best to keep your security and our quality jobs at top, so when we leave, you have nothing to be worried about. Between our excellent warranty and client service standards we know you will be satisfied. We are the best in all San Tan Valley area.


Fixing the Problem before It’s Too Late

A garage door is one of the most vital assets in terms of appearance, safety and value of your home or business, consequently a fitting maintenance is required at all times. Whenever the maintenance is finished, it will provide your establishments with the necessary security for your vehicles, belongings and storage space respectively. Yet, what would happen if you would not perform the obligatory periodical upkeep on your garage gate? What if the lock or garage door opener stops working as supposed? What to do if your remote controls, switches or springs begin to fail? Just call us at San Tan Valley, as we’re always enthusiastic to help you cope your affliction, providing our team of experts to solve your requests and find a solution that best suits your budget and requirements.

Our team of specialists is highly trained with problem-solving know-how so they quickly identify and find the handiest alternative for your specific situation, to avoid your problems to become any worse. Lately, due to cheap, faulty parts or improper garage door assembly, the rate of break-ins in San Tan Valley has considerably increased. Sadly, this situation has made break-ins easier, as burglars have noticed this issue and have been taking full advantage of this situation, resulting in bad losses of citizens’ valuable belongings. If you want to feel completely safe that your locks are working as they should, and that your garage door won’t be easy to  manually force-open without its appropriate remotes or switches, call us at San Tan Valley, and we’ll assist you with our most efficient personnel member, well trained on security measures as they’ll make use of their capability and expertise in safety procedures, as well as familiarize you to our broad variety of products and services, in order to find the best practical solution for your specific case, taking care of your garage door and parts integrity. They’ll provide an experts’ recommendation for you, so listen carefully in order to keep you and your assets safe from burglars or any jam or jam against it. And don’t forget to ask for a special quote!

Another common problem these days is your garage door starting to make loud noises as it opens or closes. As soon as you notice this irritating grinding squeak which makes you wince every single time you operate the garage door opener, this will be reflected your patience. It can even bother your neighbors, causing further problems with them, as they hear those squeaks while your door opens or closes.  As said, that can become a daily awkward trouble. If you want to evade this uncomfortable scenario, you need to act as soon as you can, before it’s too late and the whole system begins to malfunction, get worse and finally collapse. Do not leave it for later, but call San Tan Valley to get instant assistance from our express service center. At San Tan Valley we are able to identify whether it is a matter of lubing the mechanisms or it’s a sign of deterioration that would need a garage door to be fixed. In any case, San Tan Valley will lift all the burden of concerns off your shoulders and get your gates back to its days, just like when it was installed!

From fixes to replacements to whole commercial garage door set-ups, San Tan Valley is on the top of the pyramid. Our years of experience and high quality workmanship have paid off with monumental word of mouth advertising, making us able to stop focusing on sales and do what we do best, and that’s qualified and acknowledged garage door service.

Remote Issues

Have you become aware of that your remote control isn’t operating as it should? The real question is whether it is completely broken or is it just a temporary failure? Right now is the time to have a closer look at it. San Tan Valley offers a wide variety of remote controls, repair options, services, replacements and re-calibration; even we can coach customers to replace old batteries for a new ones by themselves. Come by our buildings and let us help you. We’d be satisfied to do so, in order guarantee you won’t get stuck in your house with a closed garage door!

Independently the problem regarding to your garage door, San Tan Valley and their garage opener team of experts, can check it out for you and fix it for you before you even be aware of it. The corresponding maintenance and our professional garage door service, provided by any member of our crew can significantly extend the durability and lifespan of your door. Please communicate with us at any time through our 24/7 assistance, and we’ll give you a special quote. Your garage gates are never safe from troubles. That are why we are here for you! It doesn’t matter which of your garage doors are failing, just leave it to us, as we are the unsurpassed garage door service in all the San Tan Valley area. Here at San Tan Valley our competent professional team of skillful experts is waiting for your call. Please call now!