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Santan Garage Door Service urges you to check its online gallery so you can have a look at our great variety of garage door options and components for any type of installation such as residence, commerce, industry and agriculture. On that section you can also find an extended catalog of door views, window models, fitting styles, patterns and colors.

Garage Doors

We are fully aware of how overwhelming having a brand new garage door set up can be, given the fact that it is a kind of investment, not to mention that it will become a steady asset in your house so the question of added value in the long run arises. Naturally one should think it twice before making a decision, in order to make the best fit. Santan Garage Door Services offers you an extensive list of services for you to choose from. Take your time and look through our vast selection of products, and if you don’t find exactly what you are looking for, call us to ask. If we still do not succeed to persuade you then we can make one for you! It is not a marketing trick we actually design any kind of garage door you desire, based on a great variety of doors and window models, styles, colors, sizes, patterns, hardware and accessories.

We Service Garage Doors

If your garage door is currently not working properly, call us at Santan Garage Door Services and we will either check, repair or service it. Often garage doors get off their track, or the lock gets jammed. There is nothing to worry about! We can assist you, we have a great team of experts waiting to fix any such problem. When they are gone, your garage door shall be as good as new in no time.

Look no further if you think that highly experienced personnel with specialized training is of some importance (actually it is greatly important). At Santan Garage Door Services, we are proud to have the best and most professional team of specialists in the area. Give us a call at Santan Garage Door Services and talk with one of our experts to check our expertise in person. They will kindly give you a complimentary quote, once they learn everything related to your needs. They have been extensively trained to both service and/or repair your current garage door as well as install a brand new garage door system from scratch in record timing. If you stop by our offices you may get a live demonstration of our team performing! Search on our online catalogues to learn more about our big selection of garage door styles, models, materials, rail systems, garage door openers, locks, remote controllers, apart from our ready-to-install systems targeted for commercial or industrial purposes. Safety, privacy and comfort are the most important criteria for your installation. We take this for granted when we design your customized solution. You can feel safe with our fully automatic, reliable garage doors. Santan Garage Door Services offers the largest selection in cutting-edge automated garage door opener systems in the region, being the best one-stop shop for your garage, along with a large number of styles and materials.

If you are thinking about making changes to your current garage door, or perhaps you noticed that the door keeps going off track, then you need to get in contact with a company that can make your house or business have a complete new look. You guessed correctly, we are talking about Santan Garage Door Services, that can offer your door a full state-of-the-art renovation. Besides, we are able to repair any type of springs, rewire or replace frayed cables and have your doors back on perfect condition at no time. A great variety of brand new remote controllers are also available at our warehouse.

Santan Garage Door Services adapts accordingly to your every need. Garage door installation and regular maintenance is just the two most popular services that we offer. We truly believe that our qualifications enable us to offer literally any service in the field. Our achievements speak for ourselves, when we see nothing but happy faces on our customers at the end of every service we provide. Client satisfaction is by far our best reward.

Our services are not limited to customers with deep pockets only. We can offer all the range from the simplest and most basic services to the most complicated and elaborated work in such a way so as to fit your budget. We always try to give our customers the greatest number of opportunities to choose what best suits their needs, taking advantage of our varied selection of durable materials with the most reasonable pricing in the region, only at Santan Garage Door Services.

We provide a free of charge, full warranty, which covers for every service provided by us, as well as for any item bought at our store. That shall give you the peace of mind over the corresponding repair or replacement of any defective part should there be such an incident, providing you with the best after sales support regardless of the amount of services you buy from us.

We rely on high-quality components for garage doors and we work only with the most prestigious garage door manufacturers in America. If you worry how to combine quality and style, we have the answer; just look at our selection of high quality wooden doors which cover the more traditional, classic tastes, as well as a great variety of exciting modern patterns covering even for the most out-of-the-box taste. If your worries are more on the endurance/safety side, it is useful to say that our garage doors are both weight-safe and resistant. Our steel and aluminum doors display a wide range of nice characteristics. They can be as lightweight and compact as you need while being sturdy enough to provide resistance and endure for a very long time. That is good explanation why the can make efficient garage door openers.

Additionally, we design doors that provide your garage with thermal resistance and insulation. Our design team follows the recommended insulation standards, which are applied to most homes. If your case is not very straightforward our group of experts can come by your premises to inspect the area, in order to provide you with accurate and insightful information to decide over your lock and insulation needs, material availability, opener systems, installation prices, and security services. Discussing with any of our trained employees about your garage door settings, will result into making the best possible offer from our part and you then may take the wisest decision (and save some bills actually!) when purchasing or servicing your garage door.

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New Door Installation

Come by our headquarters and find out more about our large selection of materials and variety of styles to choose from. Once you have carefully decided what you desire, you are only few steps away from having your garage door set up. Give us the opportunity to please you, by letting us make your inspired garage door a reality.

New Opener Installation

When it comes to home gate openers, our team of skilled professionals at Santan Garage Door Services possesses all the necessary capabilities to install any kind of garage door openers. No matter if it is a chain driven, belt driven or shaft driven opener, we can attach additionally a remote and wireless access control systems in our stock and deliver a great new door to you.

Garage Door Repair

At Santan we have a 24/7 garage door repair service. Do not hesitate to give us a call if anything should come up regarding your garage gate. Whether it is a problem with the rail tracks, remote or wireless access control system, door opener mechanism or the lock system wecan manage to solve all kinds of issues!

Much more than just a door

Nowadays garage doors are more than simple gates. Even though their principal usefulness remains, which is to keep people’s homes within a certain range of privacy, currently they also have to meet other requirements as well. Some of them would be: thermal resistance, insulation, energy efficiency, endurance, security, ease of use and styling. The more sophisticated installations could add up to those features. Santan Garage Door Services welcomes you and invites you to request any information you require related to your garage door needs.

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Materials: We offer only the absolutely best materials available in the area. We combine these with our extensive level of experience towards the proper set up of either the classy and traditional yet appealing wooden doors or the sturdy and resistant yet light steel alternatives. Lightweight materials such as aluminum and fiber are also part of our vast stock and are used accoordingly.

Insulation: We take thermal insulation very seriously. Our doors can be customized and adapted with insulation materials to ensure their maximum thermal containment.

Openers:  We offer the biggest selection in the market regarding all sorts of different openers for your garage door ranging from the smooth belt driven openers to the tougher chain driven openers. All of them have the necessary strength to lift even the heaviest garage doors. All of them are (or can be) equipped with an extra power supplier, which is available at our store, should there be instability in the electrical service or the power interruption.

About us and value of our service content

Who we are

We at Santan Garage Door Services are always aware of the latest cutting-edge technologies related to garage doors. Our team of experts is fully trained as well as experienced in any kind of garage door installation. We feel committed to our customers’ satisfaction and peace of mind, therefore we intend to make Santan a much safer and better city to live in.

  • Affordable: We put our absolute best effort in every work we perform and ensure you pay only for what you requested, at the most affordable price possible.
  • Reliable: We know how valuable your time is. So we respond quickly to your requests and subsequently assist you into solving your problems as soon as possible.
  • Professional: We come with a team of excessively-trained employees which are experienced and skilled enough for any kind of garage doors related job.

Testimonial Content

1)            Jack Nickols

We had our garage door serviced about a couple of years ago and from day one we had some problems, which grew bigger and bigger. Our calls to the company had no result so this is when a neighbor suggested to talk with Santan Garage Door Services. Although time will tell if our decision was right we feel that our money for once have been spent wisely. We have come across passionate but highly professional people and had our garage door serviced at almost no time! The overall experience has been great!

2)            Meyra Collins

Santan Garage Door Services rocks! They have an immense catalogue and even though my budget was tight they managed to offer me 10 solutions, from which I chose the best one available. The end result made me really happy and everything ran out smoothly.  Highly recommended!

3)            Downing Family

We always wanted to replace the old and defective garage door opener at home. Fortunately we visited the offices of Santan Garage Door Services  and the guys convinced us that a better alternative existed.

The redesigned part of it using some new spare parts and the door looks so fabulous right now! Somehow they managed to combine the old beauty with the modern functionality creating something that no other has. Thank you people!

Our basic services

Santan Garage Door Services offers any garage door related service for your household, business or any other place you have a garage door. We have experts working around the clock, under the highest standards of reliability, work ethics and professionalism, maintaining an open ear to our customers’ needs, working efficiently to provide the best result. These are our three main service categories:

Installation: We come with the capabilities to accomplish any installation of any kind of garage door, no matter its shape or size. We study every day about the materials, styles and systems that are out in the market and we use only the best. Ask about anything you want! We will install the type of openers that fit you the most, including, but not limited to: access control systems, remote controls and photocells, which are all available for purchase and set up.

Service: Do not put your gates at risk. Avoid any damage or jam due to poor maintenance. Make use of our garage door services and schedule an inspection from our team to your gate. Our maintenance program will avoid any further malfunction as well as keep your gate healthy for years to come. We believe you should not waste either your time or your money. Allow us to offer you our services and experience our legendary belief in client satisfaction.

Repair: Don’t postpone for ages the repair and service of your garage door. Make use of our quick expert team that may come and inspect your needs at your place. We can fix everything be it fixing openers, stretched springs, frayed cables or getting doors back on their rail tracks, whatever your situation is, we can provide full support and assistance to you! We work only with top-quality tools and replacement components to deliver the best possible results.

Get Ready for Cutting Edge Garage Door Innovation

So, what are you waiting for? Fill out the above contact form or pick and dial our phone number located on your right side and get in touch with a member of our staff. Everybody will be pleased to answer all your inquiries and will get back to you the quickest possible with a solution. In short, as soon as we have learned all there is to know regarding your requests, we will send you a transparent quote comprising all the details of our proposal tailor made to your needs.

Garage Door Repair

If your garage doors aren’t working properly, then you should contact us to take action, as we are a specialized, tested and reliable business, with many years of experience. Our reputation precedes us when it comes to providing our customers with affordable pricing, along with serving our clients with the best attention possible. Santan Garage Door Services is happy to assist you solve any garage door related issue. Our skilled personnel is trained for any type of gate malfunction you might find yourself into, regardless of how complicated the situation might be. Every service offered by us, is accompanied with a 90-day warranty. We put special care into ensuring all your requirements are met, achieving full customer satisfaction, at all costs. At Santan Garage Door Services we supply detailed written quotes for all sorts of components and replacements, respectively justified.

Santan Garage Door Services have found out how malfunctioning garage doors can get if they were not well treated at the beginning. Among the many reasons for failure, which we have found ourselves fixing in numerous occasions, these are some of the most frequent::doors going off rails, defective springs or hinges, torn or frayed cables, etc. However, no matter what the source of your gate’s problem is, Santan Garage Door Services will take care of it, immediately after you contact us. Usually these kinds of problems cannot wait because it gives people a lot of stress or it gets valuable assets in unnecessary danger..So don’t take any false steps and do not risk the safety of your family, your valuable personal belongings or yourself. A simple call to the most proficient personnel in Santan, will bring at your doorstep a higly experienced team that will solve all your gate related problems and let you remain at a peaceful state of mind.

Santan Garage Door Services provides you with plenty repair alternatives. Our group of trained experts have all the capabilities to fix literally any garage door as a whole or a single component, ranging from springs, cables, rollers, openers, hinges, opener sensors to even all types of keypads. We are pleased to offer our services to anyone in need of all sorts of assistance regarding their garage doors. We serve every type of setup either it is residential, commercial or industrial..Santan Garage Door Services can also assist you in any of these scenarios: broken panels, broken torsion springs and cables, jammed emergency release, dead openers, warping and worn out motors and gears.

Santan Garage Door Services has a whole lot of components and replacement parts, to stand up for your every need. We offer repair services on the same day of your request, a preventive maintenance program that can be adjusted to your needs, along with a 24/7 emergency support line. All these are offered within the best prices in the region. We guarantee a flawless work and customer satisfaction.

Meet with the Experts

If you’re looking for a one-stop garage door repair company or a replacement part supplier, Santan Garage Door Services is precisely where you ought to go to. The solution to every possible problem regarding your garage gate, will be combined with the best customer service in the Santan area resulting in a great deal. Your requests will be completely fulfilled within the most reasonable prices. In order to serve you to the best level we have to learn exactly what your requirements are and what your garage door related problem is, and we will get to it as fast and efficiently as we can only to achieve the best possible performance. Here at Santan Garage Door Services we have managed to become the most

reliable business in the area over the last few years, due to our proficiently skilled team of experts, who are always enthusiastic in finding the best feasible alternative to your garage door needs.


Have you checked recently the condition of your garage doors overhead springs? The most probable answer is no since maybe you do not have the knowledge where to look, but did you know that a malfunctioning spring can get you in to great danger of injury (e.g. bruised fingers) and makes the overall behaviour of the door unpredicatble? This is not to scare you because after all you only need to do two things in advance; one is to observe a bit about things that just do not seem to operate in the  way they were supposed to and second you just give a call to and let the experts take the problem., Santan Garage Door Services has a vast variety of services available, which will allow you to get your  home garage, warehouse or underground parking structure door back in operation at no time at all. Fixing broken springs is just a fraction of the services that we can offer because normally it is not just a single problem that exists. Santan Garage Door Services values are professionalism, responsibility, security, quality of service and excellence therefore if we find a hidden problem that you were not able to discover in the first place we will not hide it from you and will solve it whatsoever. But lets us focus a bit on spring related problems.

Torsion Springs

One of the most frequent reason for spring problems we’ve seen in residential garage doors, has been the use of the cheap materials and components that are not suited for the specific garage door installation. One such type is torsion springs that are used to open and close the gate by contracting (and coming back to the ir initial position respectively). These inexpensive springs have a very limited lifespan. Meaning that they can only open and close a door a rather finite amount of times. With the normal use rate they tend to reach their life limit within the first two – three years and then they fail, break, jam or crack making the doors operation difficult.

And how are you supposed to know that a torsion spring is not doing very well? As soon as you realize when using your garage door, that it is becoming distorted, or it is suddenly stopping as it comes up, or perhaps it has begun making loud banging noises while opening the garage gate, or you hear small creaky noises from where the springs are; these are all signs that your springs may need repair or even replacement.In such situations the sooner the better! Even if only one of the springs has the problem, it is still strongly recommended to have them all checked, fixed or changed, since spring problems have the tendency to spill around. At Santan Garage Doors Services we wil provide you with some alternatives: either low cycle springs, which may last up to three years, or high cycle springs, which will guarantee that your gate will be running smoothly for several years of use. Do not rely on any company trying to sell you life-long springs because simply there is no such thing!. And let us repeat once more please do not try to fix springs yourself. Due to their contraction they will behave abruptly if not extracted correctly by  highly trained professionals and by use of the proper tools. Just call the expert team of Santan Garage Doors Services.

Extension Spring

These springs as shown in the above photo, are considerably larger and thus are capable of lasting longer than regular torsion springs. They are typically installed in smaller garage doors. Broken extension springs and damaged torsion springs can turn up in all sorts of problems. The same methodology applies here as to when these springs have to be repaired that is to observe when the door starts becoming distorted, or it is suddenly stopping as it comes up, or perhaps it has begun making loud banging noises while opening the garage gate, or you hear small creaky noises from where the springs are; these are all signs that your springs may need repair or even replacement. It is useful to keep in mind that this type of springs are replaced as a pair, and afterwards have to be thoroughly calibrated in order for both sides to function simultaneously. Needless to say that Santan Garage Door Services team of experts not only will replace your garage doors springs but also will fully calibrate and test the whole door before giving you again the joy of a brand new-looking door!

Broken Remotes

A garage door opener is a piece of equipment, that relies on a motor and is operated mainly through a remote controller or a switch and its main task is to provide the order and power to open and close the gate. Being able to operate this device reotely provides several advantages, the most prominent of which is great conveniency A typical scenario would be that you press the correct button from within your vehicle in order to allow your gate to open or close, and actually this trick can work even if you are some meters away from your parking ramp. Well, as everything in this life things do not always operate as they were intended to. Some times the remote control will hjust refuse to work or some other times it will act strangely. Santan Garage Door Services is capable of providing you with all the information and services you need so that you will never experience a remote control problem.

The Best Selection of Remotes for your Garage

Check out our online catalog and pick from our broad extension of selected remote control brands, including, but not limited to: SkyLink, Chamberlain, Genie, Drirect Drive, Insteon, Defiant, among others. Santan Garage Door Services will assist you in order to have your remote controller properly programmed and coupled with your specific garage door. Programming digital multi-button remote controls with internal set switches or digital remote transmitters with internal set switches, can be done by our team of experts at incredible ease.This process will be done either you decide to replace completely your existing remote, or you will be seeking to replace a lost remote. Maybe you even would like an extra “copy” of your existing remote control.If you have a picture of it, just let us see it, or send it to us,and we take care of the rest.If it is just the battery what you require, we provide an express delivery system as well. Anything you need, we have it.

Our prices are unbeatable! At out company we are known for offering the most reasonable prices in the region. In addition, at Santan Garage Door Services we provide a 24/7 emergency service covering all services, that you can useSantan Garage Door Services ranks in the top of the list of all the businesses of its kind in the area.The reason is that we offer unparallel service compared to others For example if you wish to open/close 2 different brands of garage door simultaneously, we can do it for you. Our versatile remote controls and switches provide a practical alternative for households which have several vehicles as well as more than one garage. So If you want every member of your family to have a remote control that will operate every single garage door in your house we can do this as well. The only limit to your needs is your imagination!

With Santan Garage Door Services you can feel assured, that any remote control issue that arises we can handle..We are continuously studying every single product or technology that comes out in the market so that we are always at the forefront of the market If your remotes present any kind of malfunction, Santan Garage Door Services you can choose from our extensive list of services, such as:

  • 24/7 emergency service
  • Delivery of any amount of extra remotes you require
  • Selection of a wide variety of brands, models, colors and sizes
  • Repair of your damaged remote controls
  • Re programming or total substitution

And it is not over yet! You additionally get:

  • A 1-year limited warranty
  • Multi garage door assignment (even if they are different brands)
  • Attachment for your remote control to your car visor
  • An extended-life lithium battery

All these are offered to you just after you call at Santan Garage Door Services and we agree about the solution that fits you the best.

New Openers

 Door openers are those mechanisms that will allow your door to open and close at your command. Imagine it like the muscles of the human body. Santan Garage Door Services has jan extensive range of alternatives for you to choose from. All of our solutions have to meet our quality criteria and literally we

can support every budget possible. Santan Garage Door Services can assist you in anything regarding door openers because we have been studying all the brands and models that exist and each technology that appears. Apart from new installations, we have the capacity to tune, adjust, repair and/or replace your garage door opener at anytime. Even if some components of your original device are needed Santan Garage Door Services will gladly find the solution which best fits your needs. One that you will be suitable for you as well as affordable. Our selection of garage door drives; namely: direct, chain, belt, screw, chain, rack and pinion, column-mounted swing gate, residential underground swing gate, DC chain or belt, just to name a few. As with all other services we provide we are always at the edge of technology, in order to provide our customers with as many valuable options as there are available in the market. Our goal being mainly to ensure a full customer satisfaction to their every special need.

Chain drive garage door opener

This garage opener as shown in the photo above, is considered to be the strongest, most reliable and long-lasting opener available in the market today, since its technical specifications promise a performance to last for decades.

Of course long lasting technical equipment depend a lot on the proper installation and the type of use and maintenance they get afterwards. According to the research department of Santan Garage Door Services  chain drive door openers might be a bit noisy sometimes but this disadvantage fully compensates for their ability to lift heavy wooden or steel doors without any problem. In addition, most of the models come with a great deal of first-class features. Most notably due to the release of high-security garage doors within the last few years, and their extensive weight, which makes door opening by hand a challenge, a power backup feature is almost a standard in order to deal with power failure situations.

Belt driven garage door opener

This type of garage door opener as shown in the picture above, is extremely quiet without loosing much in endurance. It is capable of lifting gates made of lighter materials, with the focus always on not producing any disturbing noises to the surrounding area. These door lifts come with a set of battery backups as well,and can be operated through a classic remote control or your smartphone..

Shaft driven garage door opener

These shaft driven openers shown above combine the best features from the previous two categories  being the quietest, most resistant and most reliable alternative designed to meet the needs of a broader demographic group. A solution based on this technology shall cover almost all residential installations, most of the commercial and maybe some industrial cases.

In any case Santan Garage Door Services, will propose to you the solution that will fit your needs the most. And taking advantage of our reputable and highly trained team we will make sure that all the tasks they’ve offered to you will be neatly and brilliantly done. Our installers use state-of-the-art, high

end tools and equipment, in order to deliver the best possible result in terms of time and quality.  . At Santan Garage door Services we like to outperform ourselves, getting only better and better, after every job we carry out, in order to raise the stakes higher and higher!

Give us a call or send us an e-mail, and we may respond! Just kidding of course!!!! We will arrange a telephone interview or a visit at your place by one member of our experts in order to discuss your needs and agree with you the best possible solution from the vast list that we can offer..Whether your problem includes installation, repair, accessory inquiry, parts and complements as well as other services we have a vast selection of top quality brands, to satisfy all your needs. We take our clients very seriously as they constitute the centerpiece of our business.Santan Garage Door Services, wants to become your number one garage-door supplier and gate-service destination.


If you’re currently experiencing problems with your warehouse overhead gate or your residence garage door, we can help you solve all these before it gets worse. At Santan Garage Door Services we’ve got a suitable solution to all kinds of garage door related problems and we offer a wide variety of alternatives service-wise. We can handle not only minor repairs such as damaged remotes or spring replacements, but also complicated cases such as complete transformations and reconstructions of your garage gate setup Common failures such as damaged springs and links, bent or flawed rollers, rusted, twisted, or wrongly aligned rails, are a simple task to fix for our very experienced team.

Santan Garage Door Services has been at the forefront of commercial garage door opener and residential garage door service since its humble beginnings. Come and see for yourself our team at Santan showroom! Browse through our new garage door brochures and ask for a free quote!


Even if you don’t choose us to service your garage doors please hear just this piece of advice. Do not try to fix any problem yourself unless you know very well what you are doing because there is a great chance of serious injury. Especially problems that involve springs (split or broken springs) should be left to the hands of experts due to the extensive hazards they have. The best way to deal with such problems is to call the experts. And who is better in this than Santan Garage Door Services!. Just call us and a team of experts will visit your garage door to fix the problem that has arised. Even if you are not in the position to describe yourself what is going wrong we can handle this as well. We will come over , inspect what is needed to inspect and then propose to you the proper action plan. Forget about further disturbances, or annoyed neighbors for the screaming hinges and whining sounds coming from the engine of the carport door. Say bye bye, to the unseen gap the sneaky unwelcome mice have been using to access the inside of your house, as from now on it will be permanently sealed.

Not everyone can manage to excel at every single task, and at Santan Garage Door Services we have been following a consistent strategy to become proficient in everything surrounding garage doors. Therefore we put a lot of effort in the education of our people, rstudying extensively every new product and technology that reaches the market and transferring this knowhow to our clients afterwards as a premium service level. Moreover our extensive experience in garage door repairs enables us to cover every faulty situation youu may come into..Whether you want to take advantage of this service quality is upt o you, the most probable outcome being that once you do you will start wondering what has kept you so long from contacting us!

Santan Garage Door Services not only has been one of the leading commercial garage door opener installers in Santan but has actually begun to receive recognition for their work from manufacturers of new garage doors worldwide!.

New Garage Doors

Santan Garage Door Services takes pride of its customized work. One feature that makes our services so unique is the ability to design from scratch a garage door solution that will be tailor made to your specific requests and needs. We use for this the best designers in the area and a vast selection of supplirs and spare parts. It is easier for us to build an exceptional garage door from scratch because all the details will be determined by us (following your needs of course) rather than trying to alter an already installed door. Whether your needs include material selection (e.g. steel, wood, fiber, etc) artistic welding, color matching, window fittings and master woodworkers, all our doors and materials are entirely manageable and customizable. Santan Garage Door Services hasn’t come to be the best in the field, by doing just what all the other businesses are doing. Instead, we’re always innovating and challenging ourselves, giving our customers an end result they can be proud of and would like everyone to see. We pay attention to the fitting of the components, styling and coloring, symmetry of shapes and hardware alternatives, so as to come up with a finish look that will become the envy of your neighbors, and consequently fulfill your expectations. All these are on top of our basic principle regarding quality, affordability and ease of use.

Materials for your garage doors

Santan Garage Door Services offers the following materials:

  • Wood, which is an attractive and versatile material, giving your garage door a classic and vintage look. It comes in many color combinations, and it can come to you pre-dyed or you can do it yourself.
  • Steel, accounts for a much safer alternative, in terms of time durability and strength.It is preffered in cases where security is of great importance.
  • Aluminum, albeit a lighter option than steel, it can still be a very enduring alternative, while being easily repairable. It is also more resistant to rust than steel doors.
  • Fiber glass, popular for its long-lasting capabilities as well as for its flexibility.
  • Plastic garage doors, which has been a very trendy preference over the last few years, given that it is by far the lightest choice on the market.

Santan Garage Door Services has plenty of alternatives for you to choose from. Just come in touch with us to match your specific needs with the advantages and disadvantages of each material.


 We believe that your garage door has to be appealing in terms of appearance. The problem that we occasionally get into is that many people have the tendency to focus on looks rather than functionality, forgetting for example how important gate security is. It’s completely pointless to design the best looking door but not ensuring its endurance for many years to come.  Would any customer be happy if just a short time after we deliver our magnificent looking garage door operational problems emerge? The profound answer to all the above is no but this is not the meaning of our rhetorical questions. What we want to stress is that it takes lots of skill and knowledge to design a garage door concurrently good looking and of high standards in all other very important features. Our customers are lucky enough to be covered by a  100% satisfaction rate  warranty apart from our exceptional designs At Santan Garage Door Services our reputation precedes us, and we take whatever action needed to keep this legacy. We will feel satisfied when our customers  feel the same as well. So stop postponing any further and get in touch with us today at Santan Garage Door Services, to get a complimentary quote of commercial and/or residential garage door installation, repairment, garage door opener budget, or garage door service plan.

Contact Us

Santan Garage Door Services technicians are always available on call 24/7 emergency contacts and round the clock garage door repair teams are there to help. Ask us also if you need assistance with insurance claims.

At Santan Garage Door Services, we are committed to provide the absolutely best level of services  in the entire region of Santan. Our clients comprise a mixed group, namely: residential owners, commercial and industrial establishments, insurance companies, retail outlets, supermarkets and even government agencies.

Santan Garage Door Services is a licensed company, awarded with the highest qualifications by Washington State’s terms and guidelines. If you’d like to learn more about us and our business, look us up as “Santan Garage Door Services” at the Better Business Bureau Search Engine. We operate at the field of garage doors, where we provide all sorts of related services (e.g. overhead services, garage door repair, garage door services, installation and maintenance of new commercial, residential and industrial garage gates and garage gate openers, split or broken springs, remote control replacements, etc). Moreover, our customer service policy which you can find in other section of the website stresses out our basic business principles and ethics as well as our commitments towards our customers. We fully believe and support full customer satisfaction. Give us a call now or contact us online through our dedicated form. At Santan Garage Door Services we are always eager to discuss with you about all your inquiries regarding all aspects of our business, our products, our services, past installations,  replacements, maintenance plans and designing options we provide. Do not forget to request your free of charge quote!

Santan Garage Door Services is the first choice for all residential garage door service needs in Santan and the surrounding areas. Your safety, security and overall satisfaction is our number 1 priority. It is no chance that we are deemed as Santan’s premiere garage door services company.

About Us

Santan Garage Door Services offers 24/7 emergency service in all the Santan area and its periphery. People say we are the best and unfortunately we cannot disagree with this, because we invest heavily in customer satisfaction by providing the most timely and professional garage door repair and new garage door installation in Santan.

At Santan Garage Door Services, we are dedicated to provide the best garage door services  the entire region of Santan and we mean it!. Our clients are mixed; some of them include: residential owners, commercial and industrial establishments, insurance companies, retail stores, groceries and even government buildings.

We are a fully licensed and fully certified company with excellent an professional team of experts, who are constantly being trained. Our quality standards are extremely high and this has resulted in a very rewarding customer retention rate. Since we feel obliged by all this response Santan Garage Door Services aims to maintain the highest degree of professionalism, quality of service and communication level with its clients, compared to all other garage-door whole service companies. We offer 100% workmanship guarantee for the whole range of what we do (installation of totally new garage doors,  repair of  broken remote controls, periodic check of  residential, commercial and industrial garage gate services etc),. We also do maintenance works either on a once-off or a contractual base.All customers that have chosen us for their first installation get a regular after sales inspection service for free regardless of whether they are in industrial, commercial or domestic premises. The purpose of that is to make sure that we honor your trust and we ensure the quality of your door (and our reputation naturally).

Our clients can contact our skillful installer team at Santan through our emergency call center (running 24/7) or online via our corporate site. We offer this service free of charge. We’re always ready to repair rollers, faulty door panels, dysfunctional springs, frayed or rusted cables, dirty opener sensors  and repairment, off-track doors (by far our most popular and frequent service), wireless remote controls, start/stop switches for your garage doors, and weird-acting remotes!

At Santan Garage Door Services we do our best to ensure the safety and quality of our work, so that when we finish, you have nothing to worry about.


Fixing the Problem before It’s Too Late

Unless your garage door is hidden in some backyard it is an important accessory of your home because it will influence the general appearance, it will add to the safety or it will increase the convenience of the users. Of course all these features can easily become the opposite if the wrong decisions are made. It is to the best interests of any customer to make the best informed decisions and choices possible during the stage of purchase and market research but it is equally important to ensure that your garage door is serviced and maintained in a proper manner. At Santan Garage Door Services we are experts in all jobs related to garage doors and we would be happy to listen to your specific requirements and assist you to find the best possible solution.

Our team of skillful professionals is highly trained with problem-solving expertise to quickly identify and therefore find the most feasible alternative for your specific scenario. To demonstrate an example of how our experience is being returned back to customers we have observed that the number of break ins has recently increased in Santan above the historical rates. After conducting some further research and coming in touch with local authorities we found out that most of the victims have had a specific garage door model installed, which had a coupl of serious security vulnerabilities. Unfortunately these were also known to thieves and they took full advantage of it. Do you want to feel completely comfortable and secure that your door is locking properly?, Do you want a validation that your garage door won’t be easy to get violated or manually forced-open without its corresponding remotes or switches? If the answer to the above is yes then call us at Santan Garage Door Services, and we’ll discusss with you every security related aspect. Our personeel is highly trained and the more important is that this is a never ending process. We will also introduce you to our wide variety of products and services, in order to find the most competent and feasible solution for your specific case, because as you may already know a garage door isn’t just only about security. And don’t forget to ask for a complimentary quote!

Ok let’s look at another typical scenario. You just have your newly installed garage door delivered, the installer left, he handed you over with the keys or the remote control and boom! There goes a first weird and unexpected noise. You call the company, they assure you that this is expected and you continue operating the device like nothing happened. Boom again ythe noise continous and out of a sudden the door stops in the middle of its path and you stand there speechless thinking of what you should do. Ask you money back? File an official complaint? Call another company? Break the door? Well let us show you the best choice you have, contact Santan Garage Door Services, talk with our people, let them know  some basic details and let the rest to us. You will soon realize why we are number 1 in the whole Santna area and why customers keep coming back to us even if it just for a simple question.

From repairs to replacements to complete commercial garage door installations, Santan Garage Door Services is the choice for every smart customer. Our years of experience and quality workmanship are your guarantee that your money will buy the best value they can in the whole area (and beyond!)

Remote Issues

What is wrong with this remote control, why isn’t it working properly? Have you just become aware that your clicker, or remote control has stopped working as it should?  Before you try anfix it yourself why don’t you give us a call at Santan Garage Door Services to help you solve this problem  immediately. We offer a broad range of remote controls, we repair old ones, we re-programmthemin case they have

gone mad or we can even instruct you remotely how to change the battery if this is the case. In other words whatever service is related to your garage door remote control we can offer..