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We install your garage doors with ease

What pattern of door do you fancy? What is your favorite color? Do you need the garage door for your house or industry? Whatever your requirements and desires, Garage door Service Sun Lakes’s online gallery has it all.

Garage Doors

You will spend money to get the perfect door. So you will need one that lasts long. Contact Sun Lakes Garage Doors and choose from our wide variety of patterns, styles, and materials. However, if you do not find what you are looking for, you can even design your own garage door with us!

We Service Garage Doors

Our specialists at Sun Lakes Garage Doors can repair all and any of your problem in no time.

Expertise service in a timely manner and affordable price is what we at Sun Lakes Garage Doors are best known for. We have the best technical team who can install and repair any kind of door. We also offer the best automated garage door systems at Sun Lakes garage doors.

Call Sun Lakes Garage Doors if you need to change your door styles or replace your rail system, or repair any broken spring or remote or cable.

You will get a full-fledged service at Sun Lakes Garage Doors that would begin with consultation and go up to installation and subsequent maintenance. We answer the most urgent demands too in an effective efficient manner.

All the materials available at Sun Lakes Garage Doors are durable, resilient and affordable so you are sure to find something to fit your budget and property needs.

All our services are insured so in case of any problem arising after we have checked, we will come back and resolve it, but free of charge!

Be it the classy wooden patterned door or light steel door, we have the best material for you.

Our doors can also be fitted with thermal insulation in compliance with the minimum insulation standards recommended for homes. Let our experts visit your area and tell you in detail so that you reach a reasoned decision.

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New Door Installation

Come to our store and see your envisioned door being brought to life.

New Opener Installation

The expert team at Sun Lakes Garage Doors can fit any kind of opener for your gate – driven by chain, belt or shaft, or accessed through wireless or remote.

Garage Door Repair

Our repair service is available 24/7.

Much more than just a door

A garage door is not just a place to store your vehicle and keep your valuables. If chosen and installed properly, it adds elegance to your well-kept house. Call Sun Lakes Garage Doors for procuring information regarding the benefits of our garage door models.

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Materials: All the latest materials are available with us in the market – wood, steel, aluminum, and fiber.

Insulation: all our doors can be attached with thermal insulation to ensure maximum thermal containment.

Openers: Choose from our range of openers – strong chain driven to inaudible belt driven. Our openers also come with power backup.

About us and value of our service content

Who we are

Sun Lakes Garage Doors experts possess all the technical knowledge regarding garage door and its accessories. No need to wait to fine tune or get adjusted to your new door.

  • Affordable: You only pay what you install.
  • Reliable: we are always on time.
  • Professional: We have only specialists working with us.

Testimonial Content

1)            Judith Spooner

I lost my remote. I frantically searched everywhere possible but in vain. I sent a picture of the same to Sun Lakes Garage Door Service, and I got the exact one back – same brand, same model, even the same color!

2)            Casey Hale

All I wanted were new batteries and an extra remote. I called Sun Lakes Garage Door Service and they delivered everything in no time.

3)            Philip Andrews

The spring of my garage broke right when I was about to lock the door and retire for the night. Thank God for the 24/7 emergency number. Sun Lakes Garage Door Service came within half hour and set right the spring.

Our basic services

Sun Lakes Garage Doors is a complete package of experience, professionalism and ethics. Our main works include:

Installation: Installing a new door is no problem with us. Choose your desired material, style and system, and we will take care of the rest.

Service: With us maintaining your doors, the same can never go awry. We keep note of your service schedule and you keep your peace of mind.

Repair: We repair every part of the garage door and we are known for our express service and advanced tools.

Get Ready for Cutting Edge Garage Door Innovation

You cannot afford to waste your time. By using the form we provide below, you can immediately get in touch with one of our expert technicians. You can trust us and give us all the details and specifications of the door you want. We will put all our knowledge and technology at your service until we can give you exactly what you desire.

Garage Door Repair

Any machine is subject to wear and tear, and will require repair over a period of time. That is why you need to contact experts at Garage Door Repair Sun Lakes. Our technicians can resolve all issues and all our work comes with 90 day guarantee on labor.

A garage door can become faulty for innumerable reasons – off track or broken spring or torn cable. But you do want to fix it immediately, as not able to shut your garage door properly can be dangerous, inviting not only pesky rodents but also burglars. That is why you need to get in touch with our professionals at Sun Lakes Garage Door Repair.

Garage Door Service Sun Lakes Repairs broken springs, rollers, openers, frayed or torn cables, broken hinges, opener sensors, and all sorts of keypads, as well as broken panels, dead openers, broken torsion springs and cables, jammed emergency release, warping and worn out motors and gears.

We at Sun Lakes Garage Door Repair also replace springs, rollers, hinges, openers, chains, pulleys etc. We tender same day repair, preventive maintenance program and 24/7 emergency service – all in the lowest prices in the area.

Meet with the Experts

At Sun Lakes Garage Door Repair you will meet only experts in the field of garage door repair. We know what you and your garage door require and we work accordingly. We in Garage Door Repair Sun Lakes have earned your trust and we aspire to keep it up with the help of our advanced technicians.


The smallest of problems in your garage door is broken spring, but if left untreated it can be the cause of innumerable major problems. But with Sun Lakes Garage Door Repair repairing broken springs is specialty. You don’t have to bother about pinched hurt fingers. Sun Lakes Garage Door Repair is equivalent with quality and timely service.

At Sun Lakes Garage Door Repair we not only repair broken spring but also refurbish your garage door. And please keep in mind that broken spring can lead to bowed or broken rollers, and twisted, rusted or misaligned tracks. Call us today before a simple broken spring causes bigger problems.

Torsion Springs

The torsion spring is the strongest part of the garage door as it takes the entire weight of the garage door when the same is opening or closing. However due to this function of the torsion spring, it has a limited life which is usually 2-3 years.

If you hear loud bangs when the door is opening or it looks crooked, you know you have to replace the torsion spring. But do not trust anyone who says they can provide you with torsion springs that would serve you a lifetime because there exists no such thing. The only option is provided by Sun Lakes Garage Doors Repair. We provide you with low cycle torsion spring that lasts 2-3 years and high cycle torsion spring that lasts a few more years. In addition, never attempt to fix the spring yourself. Though small, it is dangerous and requires experience and expertise.

Extension Spring

These are longer and more durable than torsion spring, and generally fitted with smaller garage door, they too cause the same problem as torsion spring when broken. Call Sun Lakes Garage Door Repair and have both the extension spring replaced at the same time so that the doors open and shut simultaneously.

Broken Remotes

The openers of garage doors are automated devices and require a remote to open them. Garage Door Services Sun Lakes will provide you with the best remote so you neither have to get out of your vehicle or physically lift the heavy door.

The Best Selection of Remotes for your Garage

Our remotes conform to brands such as SkyLink, Genie, Insteon, Chamberlain, Direct Drive etc. Sun Lakes Garage Door Services proposes control remote programming and will replace your lost remote giving you the exact remote if you just send us a picture. We can program digital remote transmitters with internal set switches or multi-button digital remotes with internal set switches. You can even call us for just the battery and we shall deliver.

Garage Door Services Sun Lakes is available for you 24/7 and at the most affordable price in the area.

Your foremost choice for repairing, establishing or replacing remotes is Sun Lakes Garage Door Services. Our specialty is providing universal remotes compatible with garage doors of differing models. This is found especially useful by families who have many cars. All our remotes are available in compact designs so you don’t have to carry heavy bulgy remotes. They are operated by a simple coin cell battery and are simplest to program.

If your remote is broken, just call Sun Lakes Garage Door Services and you can:

  • Fix your broken remote control
  • Replace it for a new one
  • Get as many extra remotes as you wish
  • Avail of our 24/7 emergency service
  • Operate 1 or 2 garage doors/gates, (even if they belong to different brands)
  • Attach your remote to your visor
  • Obtain a long-life lithium battery
  • Get a 1-year limited warranty

Garage Door Services Sun Lakes will also provide you with remotes of different brands, models, colors and sizes.

New Openers

Deal with Garage door Service Sun Lakes and you are sure to always find your garage door open smoothly, thanks to our opener. Openers are mechanical devices that help in sending signals to the motor inside the garage door to open or shut, as the case be. No one offers greater choices than Sun Lakes Garage Door Service: column-mounted swing gate, direct, chain, belt, swing gate…and the list is endless. So call Garage door Service Sun Lakes and choose the opener of your choice and need.

Chain drive garage door opener

The sturdiest of all openers, they are your perfect choice if you have those extra heavy wooden garage door. They are noisy though, but come packed with battery backup to use in case of power shortage.

Belt drive garage door opener

Inaudible yet as powerful as chain driven openers, not only do these come with battery backup but also enable you to control them with your smartphone!

Shaft drive garage door opener

This is perfect for small garage doors as they not only save power but space too, and are as reliable and resilient as any other opener.

Every technician employed with Sun Lakes Garage Door Service is highly trained and authorized. They work effectively, efficiently and affordably, with the most advanced tools. Contact us through phone or email. You are our foremost priority and we give you nothing but the best in everything from installing to repairing and maintaining to replacing.


Garage doors can begin causing problems anytime driving you nuts. Avail of the plethora of services offered by Sun Lakes Garage Door Repair and we shall set right the issue at hand – minor or major. We can fix broken links and springs, twisted, rusted or misaligned tracks, and bowed or broken rollers. We are experts in our field and do perfect work.

Sun Lakes Garage Door Repair has been at the helm of commercial garage door opener and residential garage door service since its establishment. Meet us and ask for a free estimate.


Broken springs can not only hurt you if you endeavour to set it right yourself but can also cause long term problems to your garage door if not fixed in time. So do not hurt yourself or face major problems. Instead pick up you phone and call Sun Lakes Garage Door Repair. Call over your friend for a game of football while we fix the spring. Once we are through there would be no need to worry about the loud bangs that would wake up and annoy your neighbour.

Sun Lakes Garage Door Repair is a group of experts and all our people know everything about garage doors and its parts. If you see or hear any damage in your door or any of its accessory, do not sit down to repair it yourself. Rather call the experts at Sun Lakes Garage Door Repair. Hire the best, and get the best.

Sun Lakes Garage Door Repair leads the way in garage door service and is recognised as the best amongst the leading garage door manufacturers in the country.

New Garage Doors

We at Sun Lakes Garage Door Repair trade with the same suppliers as other service providers in the area yet we are more sought after than others because of our expertise and ability to bring dreams to life. Our dedicated team of designers, quality technicians and manufacturers come together to give you the perfect look. We do not do what everyone else does and that is what sets us apart. We do not leave your premises till you are not satisfied. Moreover with Sun Lakes Garage Door Repair you decide your look!

Materials for your garage doors

Garage Door Service Sun Lakes offers the following materials:

  • Wood: easy to stain and hence available in many hues making them attractive, and one of the most versatile substances.
  • Steel: perfect for keeping unwelcomed guests away, they are strong and durable.
  • Aluminum: resistant to rust and dent, they are your ideal choice for lightweight door. Moreover these doors can be insulated.
  • Fiber glass: well-known for its durability and flexibility.
  • Plastic: the most recent and lightest of all materials available.

No one offers more options and greater range of services than Sun Lakes Garage Door installation. We make sure you get the door and system that best suit your needs and requirements.


We are confident you would detest it if after spending money and installing a beautiful door, it refuses to budge. But this will never be the case with Sun Lakes Garage Door Repair. All our services are not only 100% quality assured and certified guaranteed, we have not earned our reputation for nothing. We never leave any of our customers till they are not satisfied. We may be ten feet away from you or you may be calling us for the first time, our quality and efficiency will be the same. So do not put off calling us and ring Sun Lakes Garage Door Repair today.

Contact Us

Specialists’ team of Sun Lakes Garage Door Repair are available for you 24/7; we also help with insurance claims.

Sun Lakes Garage Door Repair provides the best service as regards garage door and we deal with home owners, insurance companies, retail outlets, supermarkets, commercial and industrial sites, and government agencies.

Repairing doors and remotes to servicing garage doors, all of Sun Lakes Garage Door Repair’s work is certified and 100% guaranteed. We also provide you with easy to follow instructions to help in upkeep of the garage door.

Sun Lakes Garage Door Repair is a registered licensed company working in line with the standards of Arizona State’s terms and guidelines. The Better Business Bureau Search Engine would provide you with good results if you look us up therein. Services offered by Sun Lakes Garage Door Repair includes overhead and garage door repair, installation and maintenance, garage door service, new commercial and residential garage door openers and spring and broken remote repair, amongst many others. Our clientele has constantly expanded since we opened, and we would love to have you join our family. Contact us via the phone or net and speak with one of dedicated staff.

At Sun Lakes Garage Door Repair we are committed to your safety and privacy, and that is why we are the first choice for all residential garage door service jobs in Sun Lakes and the outlying areas.

 About Us

Sun Lakes Garage Door Repair offers 24/7 emergency service in the area with unmatched service.

Sun Lakes Garage Door Repair is the best because we insist on being the best and providing quality service to all our clients’ garage door, be it at their home, industry, supermarket or government agency.

Even though we are a small business, our satisfactory rate is lot higher than our bigger counterparts. This is because we focus solely on one job and one customer at a time so as to give our best and avoid any miscommunication, or worse, lack of communication. Sun Lakes Garage Door Repair is known for its professionalism and ethical work. Installing, repairing, servicing and replacing, Sun Lakes Garage Door Repair does it all with 100% certified labor guarantee.

Our commercial professional installers are available for contact round the clock via our emergency number. Our services include repairing broken springs, rollers, damaged door panels, cables (rusted or frayed), wireless door controls, remotes, opener sensor and off track door, amongst others. Sun Lakes Garage Door Repair is the first choice of many for all commercial garage door opener installation and repair services.

In addition, Sun Lakes Garage Door Repair provides unparalleled services for overhead and garage door repair, installation and maintenance, new openers, new residential garage doors, broken spring and broken remote and new commercial garage door openers and servicing. So don’t wait. Just give us a call and Sun Lakes Garage Door Repair would be at your service.

Sun Lakes Garage Door Repair is as much concerned about your safety, security and privacy, and we know once you call Sun Lakes Garage Door Repair you would keep calling us. That’s our reputation.


Fixing the Problem before It’s Too Late

An all time and long-standing venture – that’s what a garage door is. So obviously an investment of this kind would definitely require maintenance. After all you would not want your garage door to no longer work, or worse, dysfunction such that you are left stranded! If you call Sun Lakes Garage Door Repair such a travesty would never occur.

The biggest lookout while servicing your garage is to detect prospective problems, and our experts at Sun Lakes Garage Door Repair are the best in the field for doing so. We are sure you do not want to become another victim of a break in just because you did not nip the problem in the bud.

Another common issue at hand faced by us all is when our doors begin to squeal, and we know something has gone wrong or is about to. Moreover we dread the annoyed looks we get from our neighbours. Call Sun Lakes Garage Door Repair before the entire system gets jammed. The problem may be a simple case of lubing the works but let our technician at Sun Lakes Garage Door Repair take a look at it.

Sun Lakes Garage Door Repair is on the top of the heap and takes care of everything from repair to replacement, with our vast expertise and quality of service which has brought us our reputation such that we do not need to advertise anymore.

Remote Issues

What would you do if your remote gave way and you were unable to operate the garage door with it? Do not let this happen to you and get in contact with Sun Lakes Garage Door Repair. Just give us a call or jump into our store and let us take a look at your garage door remote.

Be assured that regardless of the problem Sun Lakes Garage Door Repair would decipher it for you, resolving the same in no time and at affordable costs. Our quality of service is renowned and we are the best in the Sun Lakes area. So call Sun Lakes Garage Door Repair now.