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We are proud to present the most extensive online catalogue of garage doors, openers, remotes and accessories for your garage on the internet. Surprise Garage Door Services is glad that you visit our website just to find out more about our garage doors directed both for commercial and residential markets

Garage Doors

Making a garage door acquisition could cause you to spend money on the wrong items. We at Surprise Garage Door Services try to give our clients the best advice they can find before committing to a garage door that would represent a huge investment and a major change to the face of their property.

We Service Garage Doors

We also offer great repair services at Surprise Garage Door Services. If you call us anytime of the day, even during the weekends, we will be happy to assist you with any problem your garage door might be having. We can fix or service your garage door for a fraction of the cost others try to charge you.

Our team of specialists at Surprise Garage Doors are one of the most professional crews in Arizona. They are completely qualified to take on any jobs you might commission them to do. And we appreciate the work of our experts as well because it is them who have given us the excellent reputation we now enjoy.

We all are knowledgeable in the latest technologies that have appeared in the garage door market over the last few decades. When people plan to make any major change like a garage door replacement or addition, they should always consult the experts in the area in order to make informed decisions before making any decision.

You can trust Surprise Garage Door Services because they are prepared and know everything there is to know abbot the new materials, openers, and technical issues that could arise when installing a delicate piece of equipment.

Our services are completely tailored to the client´s needs. We do not believe in the one-size-fits-all philosophy. Every customer has specific needs and requirements and we´re bound to satisfy them.

We have forged great alliances with the most prestigious manufacturers and crafters both in Arizona and the whole United States. These alliances have allowed us to offer an almost infinite variety of styles, models, features and options. No one in the Surprise area can compete with us.

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New Door Installation

You are not limited by anything when you deal with us. You are able to find the best materials and styles of garage doors. Never feel again trapped in a few options. The sky is the limit for you. We will only start working on your garage door when you´re completely satisfied with your choice.

New Opener Installation

These functional and totally essential devices require the careful hand of an experienced and qualified technician. Get your new opener installed and running in no time. It does not matter if you want a chain opener or one that works with a shaft. We´ll set it up for you.

Garage Door Repair

It is known that garage doors get to get damaged at the most inconvenient times. Do not hesitate to contact us whenever you feel your garage door is about to break or just stops functioning properly. Our experts will be right there with you at any time of the day.

Much more than just a door

Do not believe a garage door is just another gate. They are a piece of technology as well as a means of protection for one of the most important parts of your house. One of the parts that most people tend to ignore is their insulation role and its importance for the efficiency in our houses. A good door must provide at least as much insulation as the walls. If not, it is completely useless. As the experts at Surprise Garage Door Services about the correct degree of insulation your door must have.

Materials: Although technology has changed the way we see and use materials nowadays, there are some classics that never get old. You might want a resistant steel door, a lightweight aluminum gate, or even a fiberglass door. But if you want style, you should get one of our custom made wooden doors.

Insulation: This is a feature that you never leave unattended. We offer doors with high degrees of insulation for the most exigent environments. As our experts about the insulation materials and degrees appropriate for your house.

Openers: You would not believe the variety of openers there are in the market. Here at Surprise Garage Door Services we only carry the best, the most reliable and the strongest openers. All of them come with different features and functions, so they adapt to your very specific requirements.

About us and value of our service content

Who we are

You might believe that a company as efficient and reliable as Garage Doors Surprise should be an impersonal corporation. However, we´re in fact a small company committed to its community. We are completely dedicated to serve our fellow citizens the best we can.

  • Affordable: Our products and services are all cost effective. We will always make sure you always get the best prices.
  • Reliable: We can count on us for any job related to garage doors. Our professionals will always finish their work on time.
  • Professional: We offer qualified and expert workmanship. We are highly skilled and certified technicians who will be able to answer all your questions.

Testimonial Content

1)            Geoff Stirling

We heard about Surprise Garage Door Services and we decided to give it a try a few years ago. We have not regretted it and we call them now every time we have a question about our garage doors.

2)            Sue Hunter

All the Garage door repairs I had done before were always defective. The techs I hired used to tell me it was because my opener and springs were getting old. When the guys at Surprise Garage Door checked my garage, they fixed it immediately and I have not had any problems with it in more than a year.

3)            Ryan Skulnick

I thought changing my garage door was going to cost me a whole ton of money. A friend told me to contact the guys at Surprise Garage Doors just to get a quick quote. They told me it would cost me a fraction of what I had imagined and it even included installation and servicing. I´m very happy I gave them a call.

Our basic services

Like any other garage door company, Surprise Garage Doors offers the basic services for your residence or your business no matter how big it is.

Installation: Although garage doors are complex devices, our experts are completely prepared to install any kind of door s and openers no matter how your garage is configured.

Service: Maintenance is an important part of any business. A well serviced door can last long years if done properly, and we want you to keep your door as good as new. Call us anytime you feel your doors need a little polishing or your openers need to be greased and tuned.

Repair: Never let a problem unattended. With garage doors, a minor glitch can turn into a major disaster if you open and close it a couple of times without calling a technician. We will go right where you are and check your doors and openers and bring them to working conditions in no time.

Garage Door Innovation at your disposal

But do not let our site speak for us. Give us a call today and find a lot more about the fantastic world of garage doors. Use the form located in this very page or dial the number right on the bottom to get a professional technician on the line anytime.

 Garage Door Repair

Our philosophy will tell you that one should always check a garage door if it makes any weird noises. You might have noticed some garage doors that are crooked or that they are uneven when they open or close. Those are problems that will always get worse if left unattended. People tend to ignore them, but if they continue using the door, it will certainly cause even more damage.

Surprise Garage Door Repair can deal with any problem you might be having with your doors. It does not matter how little or big your problem is, you must contact your trusted garage door technician immediately before it turns into a major disaster. Some people try to fix the problem themselves, making the situation worse, and even putting their lives at risk. The springs that hold your garage door and help your opener actually lift or release your door. Are in constant tension. If you try to fix them yourself you could get badly hurt.

This is why we offer a repair service that is fast, reliable and affordable. We want you to know you can cunt on us at any time of the day. Give us a call and sit back while we work on your garage door. We will have it up and running in no time, and you will not have to worry about a thing. The best part is that you won´t have to pay much for our services. We´re totally customer oriented and we want you to feel you did a great investment by calling us.

We guarantee the same quality for all kind of work. Residential garages require delicate equipment that is quiet enough to make sure your family and neighbors do not have to be disturbed every time you open or close the door. Commercial venues require bigger and heavier doors that let big trucks in and out, making it necessary to install the strongest and most reliable openers there are.

Surprise Garage Door can repair any malfunctioning piece of equipment while taking into consideration all these differences. You can call us anytime to have your doors and openers fixed. If your rails are

crooked, your door is misaligned, your opener snaps or makes weird noises or your springs have broken, give us a call immediately do we can have your door working and in perfect condition in no time.

Meet with the Experts

Our certified technicians will make sure you receive the best service in the area of Surprise. Never let anyone tamper with your garage door or anyone of its components. It could result in irreparable damage and you could end up paying much more than by calling a qualified expert.


Garage door springs are an essential part of your garage gate. They are the ones that help your opener actually lift your heavy doors. If they were not there, your opener would never have enough strength to even lift your door an inch. So when you see that your door is crooked or unleveled when it is opening or closing, it must certainly be a damaged or elongated spring. It always happens. Springs are resistant to tension and are really flexible, but they have a limited life. There are two kinds of springs in every garage door. The torsion springs and the extension springs. They all have different jobs and different lifetimes. However, we recommend to leave any work related to springs to the experts at Surprise Garage Doors.

Torsion Springs

Torsion springs are the most resistant and reliable springs, they also require less moving parts, reducing the possibility for problems. They do not extend their size, they actually turn when they are expanding and contracting. They provide a much more controlled movement of your garage door, and are also safer. They last approximately 15.000 cycles, so they can last about 7 years if you use your opener four times a day every day. Although they are safer than extension springs, torsion springs should never be tampered with. You risk a serious injury whenever you try to change your garage door sprigs. Here at Surprise Garage Door Service, we recommend that you leave this delicate work in the hands of real experts in the field.

Extension Spring

Extension springs are the ones that actually expand and return to their regular size as the door closes or opens. They can give a bit jerk when you first open your door, making it seem way more unstable. They also have a shorter lifespan. They will resist 10.000 cycles approximately, meaning that they will work for 5 years if you use your opener four times a day. Extension springs are also way more dangerous than torsion springs when they break. Never try to fix or change extension springs on your own, you can hurt yourself badly or even lose a finger or two. Always call an expert to do it for you. Surprise Garage Door Service will provide their expert hands in order to have your springs replaced in no time. Always replace all your springs at the same time even if only one is broken. Doors need equal tension on both sides to open properly.

Broken Remotes

Sometimes we´re just coming to our homes after a hard day of work, and the minute we´re trying to open our garage door from the driver´s seat, using our beloved remote, we notice that the door does not want to move. We sometimes believe that the opener just got busted and that we will have to spend an awful amount of dollars just to have it fixed or get a new one. However, more often than not this is just a problem with the remote. It might have run out of batteries, or it just went bust. No matter what the problem is, do not panic. Give us a call or come to our store to get your remote checked.

The Best Selection of Remotes for your Garage

We have an extensive and complete online catalog with all the latest models and brands at your disposition. From Skylink, to Chamberlain. From Insteon, to Defiant. The best brands are here and you only have to check the model that provides you with the best features for your home or business. If you feel there are too many brands and models to choose from, and you cannot make a really informed decision, consult any of our experts at Surprise Garage Door Services. They will assist you and provide all the information. They will make the right questions and find out the best remote option for your garage opener, based on the daily use you give to your garage door. Never be afraid of spending more money than you should on solutions that have features you will never use. We won´t try and sell you a remote with buttons you will never use, we are committed to serve your with the most cost efficient approach there is in our region.

There is even a twenty four hour emergency line that will help you out in case your remote breaks in the middle of the night. Give us a call and we will come right where you are and provide you with a spare remote, or spare batteries.

Your remote controller issues will always be solved on time. This is why Surprise garage Doors Services are the best and most reliable solution for solving issues that involve remote controllers in the area of Surprise. No other company will dedicate their time and resources to solve these small issues that are so important for our everyday lives. We offer many solutions to problems that involve remote controllers, their signals batteries and even replacements:

  • We can provide you with as many extra remotes as you need
  • We will be available twenty four hours a day.
  • We will reprogram your remote right on the spot.
  • We are familiar with all brands, making us able to repair them
  • We offer all necessary parts and replacements for any brand

But this is not all!

  • We can fit your remote to any vehicle, including cars and bikes
  • A fully covered 1 year warranty
  • An extra extended-life lithium battery (special promo)

New Openers

Garage door openers were invented in the 1920´s, but became extremely popular or common during the 1980´s. Nowadays, almost every garage has a reliable opener that makes our lives a lot easier and comfortable. Most people only think about their openers when they are overly loud or seem to be weaker. Surprise Garage Door services has the best selection of garage door openers, and also offer their service of maintenance to ensure your opener will continue working flawlessly for many years. We also can repair any opener no matter how damaged it is. There are three types of openers available in the market, and Surprise Garage Door Services has the best of the three kinds.

Chain drive garage door opener

These come from a long tradition of garage door openers. They drive their force through a chain that provides enough strength to lift the heaviest wooden doors. Their only downside is that they tend to be a lot noisier than other kinds of openers. However, the latest models have overcome the noise problem without compromising their renowned strength.

Belt drive garage door opener

These are very reliable and quiet openers. The newest models can be very strong, almost matching the power offered by the chain driven models. These can lift most standard gates but one must purchase the top line belt openers in order to be able to lift heavier wooden doors. They come with useful backup batteries that would let you use the garage opener a few times in the case you experience power shortages. You ca use a remote or even your smartphone to operate the most modern openers.

Shaft drive garage door opener

These are compact openers designed to fit in the most space compromised garages. Whenever space, or the lack of it, are an issue, the best way to solve your opener problems is to acquire a shaft driven opener. They are strong and sturdy and provide reliable service while being very quiet as well. The features include remote operation, noise reduction, backup batteries that will keep it running even when there is no power at all.

Surprise Garage Doors Service has all the models and features you are looking for in garage door openers. Most of them come with the usual characteristics we look for in openers. Variable horsepower, timer-to-close, backup power sources, manual locks, remote controls, keyless entry pads, control panels, motion detector lights, automatic reverse, infrared beams, and even rolling codes to prevent burglars to duplicate your code.

All these features are made to keep your home safer. It is more difficult for burglars to access your house, and there is less chance for your door to hurt someone that accidentally stays in the way of the gate. Our experts know exactly how to make these work, and will stay with you until you completely learn how to use each one of their features.


When you feel that your garage door is not working properly, you´re probably right. A garage door is a delicate piece of equipment that will surely tell you when something is wrong in many ways. They can start making weird noises, snap noises, strange jerks, or the door can look crooked as it goes up or down. If you see any of these signals, give us a call immediately. Once you describe the problem to us, we will know for sure what the problem is and we will soon be right there with the necessary tools and ready to get your garage door serviced in no time. However, Surprise Garage Doors service will try to see if the problem is serious or if is something normal, they will never charge you for just checking your door.

Surprise Garage Door Services Has helped people keep their doors in top conditions for many years. It is a pleasure for us to know that all the people in Surprise can rest assured that their doors are always working! Browse our gallery to check our serviced doors!


We believe that a door adequately serviced, prevents any further reparations or problems. It is true, normally, a door that starts giving your problems must be checked immediately. Maybe it is nothing that can´t be fixed in a couple of minutes, but that could become something bigger if you keep using your door without paying attention to it.

That´s why it is so important to service your garage doors often. People believe that they can fix their doors themselves. Some of our customers are eager to give their screwdrivers a try. But this is a dangerous feat to pull out. Garage doors are a delicate and precise instrument of engineering that must be treated with respect. That´s why we advise everyone to leave this matter in the hands of experts that are trained and qualified to deal with sophisticated equipment. Tampering with your garage door rails, springs or opener can be a dangerous thing. People do not realize that they risk a serious injury if their hands are in the wrong place when a spring breaks. Call Surprise Garage Doors and they will give you a top rated service and will make sure your garage doors work perfectly every time it opens and closes.

Surprise Garage Door Services has started to receive great attention lately due to their outstanding services. The community has never been more protected by this great service than now.

New Garage Doors

When people talk about customized garage doors they must be certainly be talking about Garage Doors Surprise. Our clients always are always satisfied with our work because we know how to craft and install the door they want. One of the secrets of this trade is to always listen to what your clients want. If a client does not get exactly what he has in mind is because someone did not take his time to really understand what the client was asking for. Here at Garage Doors Surprise, we always listen to what the client has to say. Our models are made to impress our clients and their neighbors alike, but they are also extremely functional and safe. But let us tell you a bit more about the materials we have available for you.

Materials for your garage doors

Garage Door Service Surprise can work with the following materials:

  • Wooden doors: These are remarkably strong and durable, and will give your garage door that coveted classic look only some can afford having. These are the heaviest doors, and require strong openers, but the finishes and styles have no match.
  • Steel: These are lighter but more resistant. But do not let the material fool you. Our steel doors are unparalleled in beauty. If maintained properly, these doors can last forever, and are also a good choice to keep rodents away.
  • Aluminum: Even lighter than steel, but as strong. Aluminum is flexible enough to withstand small bumps without losing its shape. And are very resistant to rust.
  • Fiber glass: This is the lightest of materials for garage doors. They are relatively economic, but there are models that are among the most beautiful.
  • Plastic: it has been the material of choice for the last few years. This versatile material allows to have smaller and quieter openers and can be dyed with ease.

Visit our store or give us a call to find out more about our materials and styles here at Surprise Garage Doors.


A garage door means a lot more than just a gate or a defense for your carport entryway. It is also part of the front of your house, the face of your home to the world. This makes having a great looking garage door so important. Here at Surprise Garage Doors we will provide you with the best materials and the best designs made by the top craftsmen in Arizona and the USA. Check out our models and styles in our website or pay us a visit and take a look at all the options and alternatives we have for you.

But that´s not all. Garage doors are also a way to keep your home energy efficiency. A properly insulated and installed door can do wonders in energy conservation for your home. Your garage door can save you thousands of dollars. Always call your experts at Garage Doors Surprise to find out more about the advantages of having a new Garage Door.

Contact Us

Surprise Garage Door Services has a team of technicians and experts that are always at your disposition. If you need our urgent assistance, you only have to give us a call and one of our experts will be right by your side helping you out with any problem you might have with your garage door.

There is nothing that we want more than to help you. We are the most qualified specialists in the area to deal with any kind of garage door malfunction or failure. Maybe your opener stopped working and you had to disconnect your door from the railing system in order to open and close it by hand. Or maybe the infrared beam has stopped working and you´re afraid the door might catch something beneath it. Sometimes the door comes off the rails or they get misaligned or crooked. We can repair any issue you´re having with your garage door or any of its accessories.

Surprise Garage Door Services can also install any door or system you want for your carport. If you want a new door, opener or remote, you only have to contact us and we will offer you a free consultation and estimate. Never make an uninformed decision again. Call our specialists to get all the information you need about the best options for garage doors, models, styles and systems. Our reputation precedes us. You only have to look us up on google or in the Arizona directory as Garage Doors Surprise, and you will find us and the great reviews given by our clients.

Surprise Garage Door Services is your best choice when it comes to installing, servicing or repairing all garage door related issues in the wider Surprise area.

 About Us

Surprise Garage Door Services is the most reliable service in all Surprise area. Our goal is to make every one of our clients happy and satisfied with our top of the line services and products.

One of the most important things that we value the most is to establish a standard of service that our community can be proud of. Here at Surprise Garage Doors we want to make sure all our neighbors can feel safe and protected when they are inside their homes, and can also enjoy the advantages of having an efficient garage. No one wants to have to lift a heavy door right after having breakfast or after coming from work.

Our main job is to fulfil your requests in the least possible amount of time. No more waiting one or two weeks for workers to do a small repair or a door installation. Here at Surprise Garage Door Repair, our experts know how to perform all kinds of installation or services without taking half of your extremely valuable day. Because our clients deserve the best service, our technicians stay side by side with our customers teaching how to use all the features included with their openers and remotes, and they never leave until you know how to correctly operate your door. Moreover, our contact lines remain open just in case you have more questions for us.

At Surprise Garage Door we are proud to serve our community and provide them with the best services and quality products in the Surprise area. There is no other company in Arizona that takes garage doors as seriously as us. Give us a call anytime you need to have a garage door installed or serviced. We will come within minutes and have your gate up and running in no time.


Should we get more insulation?

Nowadays everyone is obsessed with saving energy and any device that could increase the efficiency of our homes, and here at Surprise Garage Doors we want our clients to have the most up-to-date information concerning garage door efficiency. Garage doors are one of those devices that could help you save energy if they are properly installed, and they could help you save a lot of money both in winter and in summer.

During the winter, it is important to keep the hot air inside your house, and during the summer we better keep the hot weather out of our homes. However, insulation materials, the ones used to manufacture garage doors, does not always provide the correct level of protection. The saying “the more the better” is not so true when it comes to garage door insulation.

The first thing we have to take into account as a garage door insulation is as good as the insulation used for your garage walls. Indeed, most exterior walls have a standard insulation rate of R-13. A garage door that offers more than that is just a waste of money, unless you are planning on increasing the insulation rates of your walls.

One other thing you must take into account is that, while the garage is indeed a part of your house, it is separated from the rest of the house. That´s right. The walls, ceiling and doors that stand between the house and the garage are insulated as well. The reason for this is that every time you open your garage door, all the existent temperature difference between the inside of your garage and the exterior goes back to cero. It becomes really cold or really hot as soon as the air from the outside swooshes right into the garage. So, the interior door that leads to the garage must be insulated to protect your house from these sudden changes in temperature.

We see that many manufacturers want you to buy doors that have an insulation rate of R-20 which does not make any sense if your walls are only R—13. So, when you´re out trying to find the best door, do not try to buy the door with the most insulation rate. Instead try to buy one that matches the insulation rates of your walls, or try to upgrade the insulation of your walls first, before getting a highly insulated door.

Contact our experts at Surprise Garage Doors to learn more about garage door insulation and its benefits.