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The installation of Garage doors is easier than you would think!

We are proud to invite you to check our photo gallery at Garage Door Service Tempe so you can glimpse the different offers in terms of garage doors options and accessories for residences, commerce, industries and agriculture. When you visit the gallery you will get to know all of our door styles and windows, and our different patterns, colors, and all kinds of models.

Garage Doors

You want to make sure you get the ideal Garage door for you, since regretting buying a garage door will be though since they tend to be quite expensive, so you might as well acquire one that you will like. We have available here at Tempe Garage Doors; we can provide for your home all kinds of option and accessories that you can choose for your door. With all of our windows and door styles, models, dimension, hardware, you can make your own perfect garage door in case you don’t find one that fits your tastes.

We can upkeep your garage doors.

When the door you possess gets out of track or maybe it needs a new opener or it got jammed, you can hire the services of our employees here at Tempe Garage Doors so they can quickly fix all of your problems.

If you are in the Tempe area you can hire us if you are in need of a high-quality service, so don’t wait to contact our experts at Tempe Garage Doors so they can quickly elaborate you a budget and proceed to rapidly install and fix your garage door. In order to upkeep your garage door system we only count with the services of the most capacitated specialists in the area. You can look at all our products and services by just visiting. We are here to make your purchase process easier and significantly faster since we will provide you all the information you need. We can assure you the highest levels of comfort, privacy, and safety with our outstanding insulated garage doors and openers. Tempe Garage Doors has all the solutions for the security problems your garage door might experience as well as many kind of services. We are here to serve you with the best products and materials in the market.

Here Tempe Garage Doors, we can replace your door, repair that spring that has been causing you problems, service that faulty remote you possess as well as all different kinds of services to fulfill all of the demands and request you might present when acquiring our services..

Tempe Garage Doors is here to cover your back you can consult us and in our assessments we will provide you all the information and assistance you might need. We will never leave you in the middle of the process we will be there from the start till the end. We are mostly known for being able to satisfy even the most demanding customers. There is nothing we cannot do with the help of our technicians!

At Tempe Garage Doors has a variety of prices that will adapt to the financial situations you might have at the moment so you can choose based on your needs from all of the different and sturdy high quality materials and components we have in stock.

We now offer with our services a full warranty that covers everything including: installation and other problems, and is not affected by the time elapsed whatsoever.

We have teamed up with the best producers in the market to deliver a high quality service to all of our clients. Our products are diverse they can go to classical wooden doors with all kinds of different patterns to aluminum and steel doors which provide better flexibility and are light weighted for the opener.

We are now acquainted with all the minimum standards for insulated and thermal resistant garage doors. Our services now include the insulation service during the installation. We can give you a complete examination of your residence or commerce garage door so we can make the process of acquiring our services much easier by giving you all the information detailed.

New Door Installation

 By visiting our store  you can make your own dream garage door, because of the large selection of materials and components we have available in stock.

New Opener Installation

The employees we have at Tempe Garage Doors only work with the best modern openers available in the market for your garage door, from shafts to chains, and wireless access systems to remotes.

Garage Door Repair

We now cover all of the Tempe region with our 24/7 express emergency service. If any of your rails, openers, doors, access systems or remotes start having malfunctions don’t think twice before calling us.

Not just a plain and simple Door

Garage doors are not just a plain accessorie for your home they are much more than that. Regardless of the type they offer a great value for you home and family. A nice looking garage door will improve the look of your home, and will make it aesthetically appealing which will get you lots of compliments. That’s the reason we focus on giving the best patterns, services, doors, and hardwares so you can rise the security levels of your home and at the same time improve the looks of it. At Tempe Garage Doors, we will paciently explain to you all the advantages of acquiring our garage doors and all the benefits of our services.

Show All, Materials, Insulation, Openers.

Materials: We can install all desired preferred doors, weights, and styles that will satisfy all your demands since we work with the best quality materials available in the market.

Installation: We work with the recommended standards in thermal insulation and insulation materials so we can grant you the best thermal containment for your garage door.

Openers: If you happen to have a problem with any of your openers, we have all kinds of different openers from quiet belts to strong chains. The openers we possess can handle all the weight of the door while working properly,  but you will need power suppliers if a natural disaster or event were to cut electricity.

About the value of our service content and us

Who we are

Tempe Garage Door qualified technicians and employees are trained in all the different kinds of technologies for garage door so they have knowledge of the subject. We can get all jobs done since all of our technicians are highly capacitated. We will make of Tempe a better and secure city, and our objective is to make it in the less time possible.

  • Affordable: We only install what you need and for the best price possible.
  • Reliable: We understand how important your time is. We can be trusted to get there on time and solve your problems efficiently.
  • Professional: We only hire and train the most qualified experts for the job.


1)            Damian Wattson

I had a really old garage door, I didn’t bother changing it even though it was falling apart. It was only until a thief broke in from the garage door that I realised I couldn’t postpone the issue. I realise that I had to acquire a brand new garage door. My wife and I contacted Tempe and they made the whole process much easier and quick, they even hepled us fill our insurance claim. They performed an excellent job during the installation. They returned the sense of safety to our home and family.

2)            Gilbert Levy

I couldn’t be happier with their service, outstanding service, outstanding quality and utstanding technicians, I would recommend them blindfolded.

3)            Annie Goldberg

I had a really old door and I thought I would have to replace it, but Tempe qualified employees told what the real reason of the malfunction was and said it was fixable. They could have told I would need a new and expensive garage door but they instead repaired my garage door and now it works like a brand new one. Extremely recommended, great service.

Our basic services

Tempe Garage Doors provides all kinds of services for our clients. Our technicians are all professionals and  work with ethics, and they all do their job under the highest standards. Our Three Areas we mainly excel at are:

Installation: Depending on your needs and requirements we can supply and install the ideal garage door. You can choose from our wide selection of styles, systems, and materials. According to your needs we can install you adjustable garage doors, as well as photocells, and control systems.

Service: To prevent all upcoming damage and malfunctions we schedule with our technicians upkeep so we can prevent bigger problems. It is our objective to make your life easier, that’s why all of our services count with the highest quality available.

Repair: We can aid you as humanly possible with all the services we offer to solve all of your problems. We can fix damaged springs, broken openers and off track doors. We only work with the best tools on the market and all of our replacements are of the highest quality.

Get Ready for Cutting Edge Garage Door Innovation

You no longer have to wait. You can reach our technicians by just calling the number on the page above. We will provide you a budget for all of the services and problems your garage door might experience.

Garage Door Repair

You shouldn’t look further if you are in need of a repair service. Now at Garage Door Repair Tempe, we only hire the most efficient technicians and experts that will solve your problems efficaciously. Our objective is to provide an excellent service for our customers, with affordable prices and satisfaction. Garage Door Repair Tempe will vanish all of the problems you may have. Our experts are extremely well trained, that’s the reason why they can solve all the issues your garaged door might present.  We have a 90 day labor guarantee that covers all of our services. It doesn’t matter what the problem is, we can solve it. Tempe Garage Door Repair will give you the best replacement available in the market as well as high quality components.

Tempe Garage Door Repair knows the variety of reasons why your garage door starts malfunctioning. Even if the door goes off the hinges or off track, we can solve it extremely fast. Tempe Garage Door Repair has your back. You can threat your safety and well-being if you keep postponing the repairing of any malfunction. You should always hire the services of a certificated and qualified technician. Tempe Garage Door Repair can fix any door, no matter if it’s swinging or sliding, or the size of it.

Garage Door Service Tempe has a big amount of services and products where you can choose from. All of the mechanism and all keypads are easily repairable for our technicians. Everyone is capable of acquiring our services, no matter if it is a house, commerce, or an industrial property. Garage Door Repair Tempe can easily fix all kinds of frayed cables, broken panels and torsions.

Tempe Garage Door Repair can provide all the services you may need. We have a large stock available of openers, chains, hinges, rollers, and many other components depending on what you need. Garage Door Repair Tempe can offer you the best service in whole Tempe and its surroundings. All of our maintenance programs are performed in the same day for preventative issues, a 24/7 express emergency service, and the best prices in the market. All of our services come with a 100% satisfaction guarantee that will assure the quality we offer is the highest.


If you are tired of your door springs causing you all kinds of problems, Tempe Garage Door Repair can solve them all extremely fast. We can supply all of your garage door need with the wide extension of services we provide. Here Tempe Garage Door Repair, the service we provide is a synonym of quality, security and comfort.

Tempe Garage Door Repair has available all of the most recent technologies for all of our services. We can easily restructure the entirety of your garage door, or perform all kind of minor repairs extremely quick. You should know that if a specialist performs regular maintenance your products lifespan will elongate. We take of your back all of the spring repairs problems when you hire Tempe Garage Door Repair.

Torsion Springs

When garage door get installed most people tend to use the cheapest and lower quality materials. The torsion spring is also one material that gets affected by this, and since he is the one that does the heavy lifting and carries the entire weight of your garage door, his life cycle is shortened. It will normally wear out after a few openings and closing. This should start to happen after two or three years from the moment of installation.

Your springs will give you some signs when they start wearing out. It is important to change both of the torsion springs even if only one of them is damaged since they have both the same life cycle. Tempe Garage Doors Repair range of installation contains from low cycle to high cycle springs, and a range of prices that will adapt to the kind of investment you are planning on making. Most of the spring are affected by rust and will break. Lifetime guaranteed springs are just a trick some companies do, so don’t be fooled by them. If you suspect your garage door possesses a broken spring don’t start the mechanism. Since it could damage the opener and shorten its life. You should leave spring replacement only for experts. You should try to replace it yourself since it’s a dangerous task.

Extension Spring

Another option to replace torsion springs are extension springs. These kind of springs are better suited for smaller doors. But broken torsion springs and broken extension springs can cause the same problems.  With time these springs tend to stretch out, becoming less effective and slower over time. Contact the technicians of Tempe Garage Door Repair just when you suspect your spring will break. They offer the best and higher quality services when you are looking to service your spring in the whole Tempe area.

Broken Remotes

Garage door openers are devices operated by motor that emit signals to the garage door that activates a switch to start the opening or closing process. A Remote control eases the process of activating your garage door mechanism since it starts it from a distance. This simplifies the process of having to access your garage door, since you will no longer have to manually open the door. Garage Door Services Tempe will hand you all kinds of different options to solve everything regarding your remote. Everything you need will be accomplished easily with the help of our technicians.

The Best Selection of Remotes for your Garage

You can look at the large selection of brands we possess, if you check out our online gallery. Our brands include Insteon, SkyLink, Chamberlain, Direct Drive, Genie, Defiant, and they are just a few. Tempe Garage Door Services with their services they can program your remote and can provide an extra remote or replace your lost one. We can also provide you a new lithium battery, if the one you possess is faulty or damaged.

We possess a wide variety of smart prices that are all extremely affordable and reasonable. Garage Door Services Tempe is the best offer in the market. Garage Door Services Tempe has a 24/7 Express

Emergency Service so we can help you solve your problems immediately and then appear shortly after you call us.

Want your remote to be repaired, substituted or maybe get a new one? Tempe Garage Door Services is always reliable. We can supply you the best universal remotes that can operate several garage door openers at a time. These kinds of remotes are suited for families on the go who operate many cars, going from one family member to the other. Our remotes can be set up easily and they will only take from you a few minutes to be programmed for your garage door.

With Garage Door Services Tempe, you can lay down worriless since we will hand you all the options and choices we have to vanish your problems. Damaged controls? Tempe Garage Door Services provides many services including:

  • Substitution of old controls
  • Maintenance of damaged controls
  • Suggestion of all kinds of models, colors, brands, and sizes
  • Additional extra remotes
  • A service of emergency repairs that operates 24/7

With the upkeep of remote controls we offer, you can:

  • Manage 1 or 2 different brand garage doors or gates
  • A limited 1 year warranty
  • Attach to the visor a remote for better handling
  • Replace your old battery for a long-life lithium battery

We will always hand you out all kinds of options so you can get the one that suits you the best, always taking into account your needs and your budget. Contact Garage Door Services Tempe and we will hand you out everything you need to solve your problems.

New Openers

When you are making the choice of getting a garage door, you should always keep in mind that the garage door opener needs to be able to lift heavy-duty doors while functioning smoothly as possible. Your opener should be able to lift whatever door you have chosen to install no matter if it’s a steel, aluminum or large wooden door. It’s important to always keep functionality and security as a priority. Garage openers can be controlled by some switches or remotes; they are mostly electronic motorized devices depending on the system chosen for the door. Tempe Garage Door Service will give you advice so you can choose the best opener for your system. We will help you solve all of the problems you might

experience. Garage Door Service Tempe can fulfill the accessories and installing demand. Some of the services we offer are adjusting, calibrating, repairing, tuning, and/or replacing of your garage door opener anytime you are in need of it. Tempe Garage Door Service will find the opener of your garage door that will best suit you. We possess the biggest variety of chains, drives, belts, screws, directs, and racks for your garage door. We will meet all of the requirements you demand with all of our option and services.

Chain drive garage door opener

We have available some of the most durable garage openers, which consist on the best offers in the market nowadays. The chain openers can be counted with a trustworthy performance and that’s why it comes with a guarantee. The chain openers offer the highest levels of durability and strength that you will need for wood and steel doors that tend to be heavy, but it is also true that this kind of opener is really noisy but if you can mind the noise since it hasn’t been resolved it will be your best choice. For almost every heavy door, chain drivers openers are a must. Most people end up hurting themselves by trying to lift the garage door manually. Just ask us about the chain drive openers we possess and we fastly supply you with extra batteries for power suppliers so even if the power goes out they will work properly.

Belt drive garage door opener

The belt drive consist on a powerful option, even though it is silent. These belt drive garage door openers wont disturb your neighbors when they are outside since it will perform the heavy duty lifting quietly. All of the features of this opener can be operated via smartphone and it also comes with battery backups.

Shaft drive garage door opener

If you got a small space that requires heavy lifting this opener is for you, these shaft driven openers are really reliable, resistant, and offer a quiet solution for all homes. Shaft driven openers will save lots of storage spell and they are also power friendly.

Tempe Garage Door Service has under its services only the best and most capacitated technicians available. The technicians we dispose will only use the best tools available in the market and will be extra careful in the process. Garage Door Service Tempe will give you all the solutions you are looking for your problems, and if not we can provide you custom services. We can schedula an appointment and provide you budgets of our services with just a call to our offices or an e-mail. We will always offer the best products for our clients since they are our number one priority. We have a large amount of garage door services, some of them are repairs, installation, accessories, etc. Tempe Garage Door Service is now your most reliable choice.

Garage Door Service Covington

Is your door giving you lots of problems you can’t manage? Garage Door Repairs will fix the damage of your door as quick as possible with the help of the outstanding service we provide. Mostly what doors lack is proper maintenance and correct repairs and servicing. Tempe Garage Door Repair will correctly provide repairs and fixing with the best tools in the market.  Since our services are very diverse, we can handle any kind of need you might experience. You will never have to worry about your door again, since you are hiring a properly trained and capacitated technician to do the job.

Tempe Garage Door Repair has always been an example in the areas of commercial and residential garage door services. You can browse through our booklets and ask for budgets if you visit the Tempe showroom you will get to see all that we have to offer.

Repairs Done Correctly

We are sure you don’t want your fingers to get stuck, slapped, or snapped when trying to fix a spring. You will get horrible flashback in your head of the last time you tried it and got hurt. So why don’t you contact a capacitated employee from Tempe Garage Door Repair, instead of trying to fix it yourself. We will remedy your problems and make it disappear as soon as possible. The door that was off centered and creaking insanely loud will no longer be there. Just contact us at Tempe Garage Door Repair to get your door to work properly. You will be left thinking why you didn’t acquire Tempe Garage Door Repair services earlier.

You should always be sure that you are hiring the services of a properly capacitated professional. That’s why we ensure you as a company that at Tempe Garage Door Repair we count with professional and reliable technicians. Mostly when handymen or contractors are performing the job they skip many details and lots of building codes, but Tempe Garage Door Repair doesn’t. We count with highly trained individuals; we are familiars with all the aspects of the services and all the codes. From commercial installations to broken remotes, they all can be handled perfectly by the experts we possess. You should always count with the best and that is Tempe Garage Door Repair.

Tempe Garage Door Repair has not only been the leader in commerce and residences garage door installations, but Tempe has been receiving worldwide recognition from manufacturers! One installation at a time, we are making a name for our company.

New Garage Doors

We take at Tempe Garage Door Repair, the customization work in our products seriously. Here in the Tempe area most people get the materials from the same suppliers and manufacturers. But we have a higher level in designing and customization expertise in our services and products. We always make sure that our designs always match your requirements, that’s why we only count with the best designers and manufacturers available. We can fabricate your ideal garage door with the help of our well capacitated

manufacturers and designers. From artistic wood to steal, no matter the fitting or color, we can handle them all. Here at Tempe Garage Door Repair we don’t mimic the competition or use the same strategies. We always provide our customers with a final design that will satisfy them, by always following our high quality standards and going an extra mile for them. From hardware to size, all of our products are highly customizable so you end up being happy with the final product. That’s what really differences Tempe Garage Door Repair from all the other manufacturers and services providers in the entirety of Tempe and its surroundings.

Materials for your garage door

Garage Door Service Tempe has in stock the following materials:

  • Wood: Offers great versatility, endurance and the classical look you might be looking to recreate, it is also easy to stain it into different colors.
  • Steel: Offers a great protection for your home with a great durability.
  • Aluminum: Is dent and rust resistant, is flexible, offers a decent durability, and is also light weighted.
  • Fiber glass: One of the most flexible and durable options in the market.
  • Plastic: Is now recently being used in garage doors in the area and is considered the lightest material in the market

Tempe Garage Door Installation will provide you the best door and system that you require, since we have a big amount of options so you can choose the material and product that you would like.

Your New Look

A good-looking garage or gate door will surely get lots of attention. A well designed door can increase the appeal and value of your house. But often when companies focus on making your door look good they forget it needs to work properly. A door that doesn’t work, has no use even is the prettiest of garage doors. We possess 100% warranty and satisfaction guarantee, which is our guarantee that we will provide you the best service available. We won’t leave you until you approve the service we did and make sure you are satisfied with it. Contact us to get a free budget.

Contact Us

Tempe Garage Door Repair trained employees will be there for you when you need them. Thanks to the 24/7 Express Emergency Service we offer, they will be there waiting for you to call them. We will always be there to help you even if you need us to fill your insurance claim.

Here at Tempe Garage Door Repair, we put the weight in our backs of providing the best products and services in the Tempe area. The range of people we have as customers, include, but aren’t limited to: insurance companies, government agencies, retail outlets, homeowners and some more.

Whether it is a residential remote or a commercial overhead door, we will make the best work before, during and after the installation. We provide easy to follow instruction so anyone who tries to do the regular maintenance does it correctly. We offer scheduled maintenances at Tempe Garage Door Repair for mechanism and doors, no matter if it is commerce or a residence door our satisfaction and quality warranty will cover it entirely.

Tempe Garage Door Repair meets all of the standards and possesses all of the licenses granted to us by the Arizona State, that were based upon the guidelines and terms set. You can easily search us in the Better Business Bureau search engine as “Tempe Garage Door Repair”. Tempe Garage Door Repair will supply you with the best quality services in the area which include installation and maintenance. Adding our customer satisfaction policy, it makes us at Tempe Garage Door Repair a company with a high reputation and a continuously growing client list. Contact us via e-mail or by calling our offices numbers. Here, at Tempe Garage Door Repair, we will always lend you our helping hand. If you want counseling with one of the technicians, you can call or contact us in our website to receive your service immediately.

Tempe Garage Door Repair will fulfill all your residential garage door services needs in the entirety of Tempe and the areas surrounding it. We prioritize your satisfaction and security in our services. As Tempe’s highest quality company of garage door repair services, we always seek that our products will make you happy and satisfy your needs.

About Us

Tempe Garage Door Repair provides a 24/7 Express Emergency Services in the entirety of Tempe and its areas surrounding. We always go beyond for our customers, that’s why we are considered as the best service providers. You won’t find another company that excels in the installation and maintenance of garage doors in Tempe. We are your best choice.

Here at Tempe, we have dedicated ourselves to provide the best and highest quality installation services in the entire Tempe area. We provide our services and products to different kinds of commercial sites, homeowners, people, insurance companies, industrial sites, government agencies, supermarkets, and retail outlets.

Throughout many years, even though we operate as a small business, the services we provide are more efficient than the ones of larger companies. Instead of being spread through the city we can focus in our jobs to provide a better service. Our customers are really grateful of the quality service and concern we show them.  We have witnessed lots of garage doors that were installed poorly by major contractors. That’s why here at Tempe Garage Door Repair we assure during the installation the highest quality levels. For the Tempe area, our workmanship is ensured to be the best one available. We can guarantee you that here at Tempe Garage Door Repair our work will satisfy you.

By using your phone or mail in the Tempe you will be able to contact our technicians. This is just one of the services we provide in the area. We can also upkeep broken springs, rollers, damaged panels, opener cleaning, frayed or rusted cables, and much more, instead of just door installing. Tempe Garage Door Repair will suit all of your commercial needs since it’s the best option you can get in the area.

Tempe Garage Door Repair supplies unparalleled services, which are for different types of door installations and repairs. We increase our value to our customers by providing them an outstanding service. Tempe has always been known for its great reputation. Just contact us at Tempe Garage Door Repair to get our quality services. We will be waiting for you, to solve all of your problems.

At Tempe Garage Door Repair, we will take off the weight of your back with our amazing services and we will make sure that your final product resemblances the quality we possess. We know we will please your demands from warranties to our great service. So just call us at Tempe Garage Door Repair. We’re your best choice when you are in Tempe.


Fixing the Problem Before It’s Too Late

You should first find the proper garage door for you, before you plan on making the investment. This will make sure you don’t threaten not only your home security, but also your business and car. That’s why you should always keep your garage door well maintained, so that your security doesn’t get violated. When you are in need of a repair service, contact us at Tempe Garage Door Repair. We will service you extremely fast!

You should always prevent the minor problems from becoming bigger ones. That’s why you should know that by repairing them yourself you can generate bigger problems. You must leave the repairs to professionals. The number of break-ins has increased in the Tempe area. So you must ensure the correct functioning of your door to ensure that your wellbeing and security won’t be harassed. If you are looking through all of the mechanism, openers and devices and you can’t decide which one to acquire, contact us at Tempe Garage Door Repair so one of our trained employees can counsel you so you can make the best choice.

You sure want to avoid the situation of your garage door making noise and waking up your neighbors, because of malfunctions. Then you will be embarrassed by the howling of dogs and lights going on. But the least of your worries is the embarrassment. Because when the doors start squealing it’s often a sign that the mechanism is starting to malfunction. Contact us at Tempe Garage Door Repair for a rapid upkeep. At Tempe Garage Door Repair, we will supply you with all the information and procedures that will have to be followed so your door can function properly again. No matter what the circumstance is, Tempe Garage Door Repair will solve your problems like it always does.

Upkeep and substitutions, installations and all processes related, are all services we excel at providing. That’s why people keep recommending our services, thanks to our hard quality work we keep getting constant rotation of customers and words of mouth. Because of the recommendations we get from our customers we have been able to focus on the quality and experience of our services.

Remote Issues

Remotes and clickers randomly stop working most of the time. But when that happens, you need to repair it as soon as you can possible do it. Tempe Garage Door Repair can rapidly service any remote you possess. We can easily recalibrate the whole system, repair it or just substitute the battery of the remote.

No matter what the problem is, Tempe Garage Door Repair capacitated team of professionals can rapidly solve it. We can improve the lifespan of your door with the scheduled maintenance programs we possess. We are proud of being the providers of the highest quality services in the whole Tempe, so if you are ever in need of a repair contact us at Tempe Garage Door Repair, we will be waiting for your call so we can assist you.